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Saiga M Takedown Buttstock

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Got the rifle back today. It doesn't wobble, so that's good. I'll be shooting it this weekend at 100/200 yards just to test function - if it shoots at or under 3MOA, I'll be happy.

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Yes, we are working on getting the Ak-100 series folders onto the Saiga-M models. Hopefully they will be for sale within the next few months. Here is a prototype that we had built. This is quite a labor intensive process. Also notice the picattiny rear sight. We have a few samples from a new manufacturer in Russia. The way that they mount allows them to hold zero under any conditions.

attachicon.gifPic 1.jpg


I dont like the picatinny rear sight, its too high.  Why not order them from the factory with a rear sight like on the Vepr 12/Saiga 12, with built in hinge for a railed top cover?  I think that would sell quite well and obviate the need for aftermarket parts etc.


The folding stock is quite nice though.


Regardless its good to know you are working on developing new products!

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There is also a low mount version available. I was using the rifle to showcase how the rail would look. We will not be using the rails in our standard Saiga-M conversion, but they will be available as a separate part to purchase. We got this one batch of Saiga-M's and we decided to use them to install the Ak-100 folders seeing as how they already have the holes for the folder mechanism in the back of the receiver.

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