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Saw something comming towards me down the dirt path.  A coyote with it's back arched, legs moving as if they didn't have joints, and head canted to one side about 15 yards from me.  Shit!  No slugs in the mags!  Had to take him with target loads.  At round 5 he dropped, and I pumped the rest of the mag into him.  Quick change to the next 10 round mag, and pumped that into him as well!  Pumped another mag into him....Not moving!  Grabbed the ammo can and quickly loaded 10 of OO buck, and then went closer to check the carcass....Dead! 


Went and grabbed the target board and used it to make signs warning people to stay away from the rabid carcass.


Rest of the shoot went OK.

S12 #1 is now a HD worthy gun.

S12 #2 is a piece of junk!  Shears shell rims completely off, won't cycle 3" on #1, extractor spring too strong, locking lug jams at rear of front trunnion, jams on the top finger of the hood, and hard rubbing of the ejector.

S12 #3 cycles 3" only on #1 setting. Won't handle bulk on #2.  Hard rubbing of the ejector.

S12 #4 TOTALY AWESOME!!!!!  Cycles 2 3/4 dram loads out of the box!!!  Every S12 should come this way!!!

S12 #5 cycles 3" and 2 3/4" slugs on #1.  Won't handle bulk on #2.  Extractor spring too strong.


S12's #2-5 were just out of the box.  So now I got some work to do!


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There's lots of cattle (Black Angus) in the area.  Hope he didn't pass it to any of them!  


The coyote was a good surprize stress shooting drill!!!!  Was rocking and locking on a closed bolt with no fumbling, and kept every round on target.  Can't ask for better!  Except for buckshot!

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