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This Weekends Buy S&W Model 10

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S&W model 10 in 38 Spl. made in 1969 serial number D95,XXX. Shows very very little use, not a lot of rounds ever went down the tube. By and large the finish is great there were a couple of spots on the backstrap and the bottom of the trigger guard that pretty much cleaned up with a little metal polish. Paid $400 seem like a good deal so time will tell. I'm getting closer to going all revolvers on the pistols other than will more than likely keep 1 Glock.


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Not one thing wrong with having or wanting a good six shooter, unless it's a five shot like Ruger's SP101. Your Smith is definitely in good shape and glad it's got an owner that will appreciate it. I will always have a special place in my heart for the older ones, cause they're old like me. My 1917 reminds me of me. Not a spec of rust, just the blue worn, but I stay on top of that and mechanically sound. I wanted to have it refinished, but the proofs and wear have a story to tell that S&W can't figure out.


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I want a 1917 and a S&W 22 caliber revolver like a kit gun or model 17 but everyone of them I've found where priced out of my range. I parted company with my last 1911 the other day but still have a lot of 45 ACP stuff in the hope that some day a 1917 will fall into my lap. This 38 may prove to be my new 22 seeing how I can't find a gun in that caliber at a price I want and 22 ammo is still hard to find and pricey if you do find it. I've got a 5 gal bucket of 38 brass so a little time needed at the reloading press and I have a plinker. Nice pistol you've got there.

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Thanks. It came out of a local pawn shop back in the 90s and I paid about $350. Last gun show in January, here, there were a couple with the finish ok, but the bores on both were disgraceful. Pitted and rusted like they got put away without seeing any cleaning or oil. One was priced at $995 and the other had a dog chewed 1917 holster with it for $1195. Neither dealer would dicker on the price. I wouldn't have paid half, just wanted to see how serious they were. I guess the gun show mantra seems to be "if it looks ok outside, then it's good to go". Some of those guys have no intention of selling certain pieces, so why display them? Quit teasing people and get real on the price. The S&W Victory model is another one that I've wanted, but find them in the same shape. A few shows back in '14, saw one that looked like it was Dura Coated, only they forgot to do the inside of the barrel. When the dealer won't cut the wire tie for me to check the action, I say thanks for letting me look and walk. I hope you find yours, Doc.

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