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MKA-1919 10 round mags

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What Happened to the MKA. For the most part I think the MKA 1919 was the next best generation of semi auto 12 gauge shotguns to hit the market. I'm sorry for all those Saiga-12 owners but the MKA 1919 beats the Saiga hands down. But the MKA industry is killing a fine firearm, point Mags costs are outrageous, No company has made a Hi-cap drum mag. Every firearm has gone thru a change for the better in the last 100 years except for the 12 gauge shotgun. I believe  most of the problem lies in the design of the 12 gauge round. The thin rim makes it difficult to feed in drum mags. The new RAS-12 is the first great breakthrough in AR style 12 gauge shotguns. They solved the feeding problems but you have to use the RAS-12 shells. This 12 gauge is built on a AR-10 platform. The only thing that will kill this great Idea is the ammo. If RAS does not open the pattern for other ammo companies then they will crush it under greed. This is an outrage to us the people who buy into these firearms only to be let down by manufacturing defects and the greed on upgrade pricing. I was going to buy a Mag clip so I could clip two MKA-1919 10 round mags together. Well I almost had a heart attack when I saw how much they wanted for a set. So I made my own out of 6061 aluminum and Cerakote them and started to sell them. I am going to make some sets for the Salem6 mag extensions since I bought some. If anyone is interested in some 10 round mag clips drop me a line at maddtazz53@yahoo.com

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I figured something inflammatory would bring you out of lurking.


So what's the projected timeline for the drum?


I have dollars and no drum and would like to convert that situation to less dollars and more drum.

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I could be selling them right now if I wanted to

I have been quite busy with other things.

When I get dies to modify the MKA mag that I use as a feed stack or get a company to make it stand alone, I will start shipping them out.


I have 50 sets of all the machined parts ready to go.

Poking me over parts I patented and scum copied does not get you on my good list.


and some day all will be set right

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In what "everyday use" would an MKA be practical outside of competition? I don't consider it an "everyday" gun. Don't get me wrong, I love my MKA. But I don't really see it as a personal defense weapon or typical hunting SG. Drums are awesome. Extended mags are awesome. MKAs are awesome. They all have pros and cons. I just don't understand your point.

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