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Shooting the vepr

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So went out today to do some shooting with my super veprs, but didnt get a chance to do so. First the weather in seattle area is super wet and rainy. Normally I am not afraid of we because I get my popup gazebo and voila, dry as can be. I get up to the mountains, set up my gear, shooting bench, tent, get out my case and bam! Wind takes my tent 50 yards out. I managed to get the tent but in the process its destroyed and worthless. As I stand there contemplating what to do, tough it out or go home, some dudes roll up and inform me they are hunting in the area and would appreciate if I dont target shoot. I decided to pack up and go. Let them hunt, do their thing and not get too wet in the process.

The other reason that tipped the scales is my scope needs to be mounted and sighted in to do any shooting and I usually like to have my gear dry when I do that, leveling the scope and screws and stuff, I dont like it to be wet. So with no tent and some hunters around I went home without firing a shot. Good luck to those dudes and will try next time.

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Yay for shooting on public lands in WA. Rights not exercised are lost.


BTW, pay attention to the "commissioner of public lands" election. We've got a director of 'futurewise' vs a gun enthusiast. Guess which one I think is worth voting for.

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