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© Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication


Inner Demons Vertical Charging Handle

Now available from Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication

$199.99 installed & shipped


© Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication

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Oh no I just sent you my bolt carrier today not aware of this option. I was slated for the basic ice rack with vertical charger for $200.00

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Those are the Yorick Stainless Steel Skull Beads right?

Yup, and a bit of precision machining, welding, heat forming, refinishing.... And some real gems of some surprises that you'll see really soon. :D

But the true beauty is the mount and reinforced, widened base all the way to the carrier, done not just to Inner Demons, but now to all VCH mounts. Here it is on mounts that are set outward fron the carrier and slightly canted, for use with Quad rails & optics;





There are no weak links in these installs.

Processes have been perfected. It's not simply "welding on a VCH" It's replacing the handle with another with a well engineered system fabricated out of the very best heat treatable ordinance grade materials for long term reliability/durability.


You don't admire the welds... You look for them. ^_^


With people having brain farts and firing 3" magnum with the gas wide open on overgassed weapons, this is the insurance policy.


Same when mounting a left side charger. We shouldn't just work with what's there, For optimal performance putting what needs to be there, there, then making it look like it's supposed to be there, is the way to go in my experience.



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