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    China must pay. I don't know how, but they must pay for this.
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    I'm pretty sure I had this crap in December. I ran a fever off and on for a few days. That coupled with some other issues was really clobbering me. I had a dry cough for weeks and never thought much about it. A lot of people around here are saying they had a similar experience before this stuff got sensationalized.
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    Highpockets... Someone spent a bit of money to put it together that way from the original factory configuration. Change anything you don't like, and keep what you do. If it's the way you like it...then you scored a great find!! You didn't have to mess with it to get what you wanted! It's only more desirable to someone who wants their rifle set up that way. If you're happy with it... It sure beats having to source all the aftermarket parts and do the work yourself... You get the benefit without the hassle!!😁😁😁
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    A quality adapter won't be cheap, I'd check with JMac Customs, Stormwerkz, Bonesteel Arms and of course Carolina Shooters Supply to put together what you need for starters...
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    The fair starting price is $1,600
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    Patriot, you are correct. We NEVER HOARD and damn if it almost didn't bone us this time. I have 8 and 12 year old girls (recent bdays for both) and as I said, luckily we had enough of what we needed. But fuck hoarders and I hope they choke on the shit. But that's just me.... Tried to post a pic, but could not. Don't get it. ???
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    Fuck him and his entire commie country. I hope they all die screaming.
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    Did you do this with a full mag? Try downloading the mag. Start with ONE shell in the mag and see if it loads right, then work your way up from there. You could just have issues with a stiff mag spring.
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    A brand name only impresses snobs. I've shot many guns others have brought to the range, name brand, off-brand, and homebrew. Stars and clunkers both in most of them. Look how people used to turn up their noses at a Savage Tactical, but spent $$$ for a (insert high speed low drag name here) that shot the same give or take a very small margin. ...bless their little hearts.
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    Been a long time.... Ended up chopping down my LAC rail was a little too long.. Magpul CTR StockAce Folding Stock AdapterMagpul Grip Tapco G2 Arhipov's Lever HK Sights (Tritium Inserts) Russian Mags Leykom Armory Customs VEPR Hand Guard (modified and chopped) CSS Piston and regulator BCM Covers Magpul Sling Mount Magpul Sling Surefire Scout Weapon Light BoneSteel Firestorm (permanently attached) Accuracy International Dark Earth Cerakote
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    Looks like a working tool. Doesn't need to be anything else.
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    There's nothing wrong with a " frankengun" I'm saying that because it's a hodge podge of all kinds of different parts put together. It's hard to answer the question of "what do I have?" when you have 6 Brands of parts put together. If it does what the OP desires, he's lucky to have scored it already the way he likes it!! Not downing it in any way!!
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    Dinzag is very much in business, and a reliable source for parts. The owner has a day job, and it can take a couple of days for him to respond. I use Dinzag parts, and tools. They're always top notch, and work as advertised. Brian a dedicated enthusiast, a real professional, is one of the original vendors on the forum, and helped 'write the book' on Saiga upgrades and performance work. We're lucky to have him.
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    I finally took a new picture with the modified safety lever, Thanks to GunFun so long ago. Sorry for the delay.
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    Was just at Costco yesterday, and they have trillions of hotdogs, but not much in meat otherwise. I may run back and pick up more brats for the freezer. In WI, you got to have beer, brats, and cheese curds! But otherwise, I'm just stocking up to go about 2 months before restocking again, since I have to do the shopping, as I have the only mask. Been spending most of my time rebuilding mom's garden after a few years of neglect due to her knees and cataracts. I'm rebuilding to all raised beds. Got half the garden rebuilt so far, and will be starting the rest next week. Wanted to go to Alaska prospecting this summer, but so much for that! I ain't spending 9-12 hours in a plane to get up there. Can't drive it due to the fucked up gun laws in Canuckistan.
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