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    Soro's is no longer able to just hide in the shadows. His efforts to derail our democracy are well known now, at least to those that give a shit. He can't hide any longer. Sure, he still has money, but his time is coming to a close. He is starting to look more and more like Supreme Chancellor Palpatine! I watched some news last night. Didn't feel very good after doing so. Seems they are toning down the 'tough' stance, using open ended sentences, and admitting that 'some' will make it into our country. Very disappointing. There needs to be ZERO tolerance for this, or we will PAY A HEAVY price from now on.
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    Me and my daughter went to the grocery store last night and we witnessed a pretty long military convoy heading south. I will make a guess that it was part of the build up for the border. My daughter asked why, and I explained to her it was President Trumps order to reinforce the border to keep illegal people from coming into the United States (talked about the 'caravan/invasion force coming). All she said was 'You go President Trump!' She is 10 and understands what is going on. Very proud of her.
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    'If a barely-trained civilian like me can figure that out, I sure hope our military leaders are already prepared for it!' Its not the military leaders that haven't figured it out...it's the damned politicians. The politicians are the ones that we should worry about making the right decision.
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    I saw an interesting news story recently, listing the members of the Invasion as known gang members of MS-13, other South and Central American gangs, ISIS members from all over the place. They claimed it's being funded by Cartels and the President of Venezuela?! 🤔 It is already set up as in Invasion, with the women and children up front where the cameras are, and the rear 2/3's are all males aged 18-30. I believe this is how it will hit our borders, too, with the women and children front and center, and the fighters flanking around the sides. If a barely-trained civilian like me can figure that out, I sure hope our military leaders are already prepared for it!
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    Just remember we beat Mexico prior to the war of the north and south , then gave it back to them after keeping the land we wanted. Which we paid for. This thing is coming to an end. MAGA
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    Call me crazy, but after ten years of ownership, I felt like the Tromix S-17 in my safe was a little dated. Adding insult to injury, none of my other Russian shotguns even used the rock and lock magazines anymore. I thought about selling it a few times but could never bring myself to actually listing it anywhere. Slowly but surely, the idea crept into my mind to modify the old style shotgun to except Russian mag-well magazines. Over the last two years I’ve been accumulating parts to male it happen and today I finally got it done. The whole idea was to make the S17 look more like a Krink/Suchka and more AK-ish. This was a lot of work, folks. 😃 I haven’t settled on a muzzle device yet. I’ve got an idea or two rattling around in my head so we’ll see what happens.
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    I live near San Antonio. I'm sick of the local paper (Express News) discussing "Democrat this" or "Democrat that" all the time, and always sympathetic to the "plight" of illegal immigrants. A lot of folks here literally think Texas should belong to Mexico again. That's no joke. Perhaps that's one reason why Mexico isn't helping. I fear something's going to happen if Democrats/Progressives keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing their "agenda." Having visited gun ranges around here, I take comfort in knowing there are folks like DLT in Texas who have guns and know how to use them. I know for a fact many are current or former operators. I feel like I need to hurry and get Shilen barrels to make a couple of barrels for me and finish a couple of rifle projects. Honestly ... it seems like some folks on the political left should be charged with treason. They know not what they do. They think they do, but they don't.
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    The wife and I did discuss evac last night, but both concluded that this is our home and property. Its the only thing we got. We have both worked too long and hard for this, and we are not leaving it behind because of fear.
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    They are idiots. They are well aware of what they are voting for, but the repeated stupid excuse is usually something along the lines of "I don't like the way he looks". They all basically vote by the look of the cover, and not on substance.
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    The left media is crowing that deploying US military forces to the border is "political stunt". It isn't. Make no mistake, hostile incursions by foreign nationals are an act of war. These aren't "caravans", they are will financed, organized columns of foreign nationals hostile to our rule of law, and to our very sovereignty,, seeking to undermine the very foundations of our system, and ultimately to overthrow our duly elected government. Along with our troops, I fully expect to see armed predator drones, Blackhawks, and Apache attack helicopters at the ready to deal with invaders, criminal cartels, criminal aliens, and drug traffickers. This is the 'wall' we really need. One of true resolve, and one which the above mentioned invaders, criminals, and subversives dare not attempt to overrun.
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    What do we need? Nothing really. But thank you for the offer. I spoke with the chief of police earlier and he seems thrilled that they will be laying down razor wire soon. Also, we feel much better knowing our troops are coming. I think we are gtg.
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    I am sad to say I sold "Betty Bucker" our, (my) 9.22r legal Saiga 12. Had over $1500 bucks in it plus the fun of converting. Lots of mags and drums. New Eoteck. (sp) Sold her for $1000 bucks and was happy to get that. I would take what I could get. Just me. Respectfully. Edited by HB
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    Glad to know folks like sjgusmc21 are in my area. I was referring to ranges like Dietz's near New Braunfels. Folks are always bringing interesting toys there. Anyway ... this open immigration/open borders/globalism stuff is all part of the left's effort to "Balkanize" our country folks. I don't know why they want to do that, I've never heard a motive, but multiculturalism doesn't work. So remain vigilant guys. This might sound naïve, but I think the only solution is for democrats to start going to jail. Why none of these folks like Billary haven't served time is beyond my comprehension. A lot of our problems exist simply because the lefties never face any consequences for their actions.
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    Thank you all for the support and prayers. Starting to notice a slight uptick of DPS activity. Also been hearing the BP airboats early in the morning with more frequency. I still have a few friends in different agencies who can't share their plans, but apparently a few contingencies are in the works. I just dont buy the whole walking to California story on the part of the organizers when its 1000 miles shorter trip this way. Anyway, been adding ammo to the inventory and topping off the truck every evening. Also been talking to others here with the same frame of mind. Many more people than I previously thought are getting ready.
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    I live on 281 North, near Bulverde. So a San Anton-ion, I am. With the likes of the Castro Brothers, nothing else should be expected. The city gov is very liberal, but nothing compared to Austin. Screw that city. As stated previously, I was born and raised in Lubbock. When it was time to leave Northern VA, I just couldn't bring my two little girls back to Lubbock. Dust, allergies, and the job market there. Not to mention I am retired Marine, so the bases here offer certain advantages for me and my family. Growing up, my Uncles, Grandfather and Dad would always say how the Mexicans were pissed and they believe Texas truly belonged to Mexico. They would take it back in time. Fast forward 35+ years....and their wisdom is echoing to me from their graves. But it is still Texas, and there is no other place I would rather be....well, Hawaii, but certainly can't afford that either! DLT, you and yours are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay vigilant and stay calm. Hopefully, if it gets to that point, you will see our military patrolling your area. Hoping for the best of a possible bad outcome.
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    The really foolish thing about it is that most of their reasons are emotional and not rational at all. The democrat party is the party of the mentally unstable. Look at the politicians all of the way down to the commentators, activists (aka 'journalists'), and supporters, all nutty. Most of their positions make no good sense. Don't kill the most wicked of society who have been proven in a court of law to be guilty, but by all means kill the child. Demonize hardworking citizens, but bend over backwards for illegal aliens. All of the while, aside from these emotional issues, many democrat voters are very conservative in the ways that affect their own wallet, assuming they actually work or worked for a living at one point.
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    Stay safe DLT. I really have no good advice to give you, but damn if I would evac either. I haven't a clue as to what the ending of this 'invasion' will be. I do hope the POTUS sticks by his words and militarizes the border.
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    There are no sights on this weapon, at all. Front sight is a faded memory, the rear sight dovetail is too, and it looks like they never happened. Watch the target at 1:52. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_68wZDsoTE
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    This will be worth following for sure! If you haven't done so, this would probably be a good time to mic various dimensions of parts that take pressure or impact to be able to measure any deformation. It might be worth putting a couple punch marks or scribes in to measure from on some of the wonkier shapes on the bolt head, and trunion.
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    I would suggest trying a different round just to be sure.. I have had three warranty emails very close together where the shell used was Federal slugs.. Maybe there is a bad batch floating around? Normally the above malfunction is caused by the front lip of the shell getting damaged. Try pulling the malfunction and seeing where the damage is on the shell... Also check dropping a few shells fresh out of the box into the chamber. What magazines are you using?
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    Did another tour, lost my gal of 12 years, got very sick, was cured, and am living on the lake with my new wife! Life is good! I hope the same for you!
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    Been here since June 2011. Don't post as much as I used to, but will always hold this site in high regard. I would have never attempted full conversions without this site, and the information I gained was priceless.
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    So far I’m really liking the Lynx. SDS is insisting on quality. Hammer forged bolts and every one is x-rayed for flaws. In my opinion they are better made than the Saiga-12. Don’t let the $500 price tag scare you away. It is an absolute steal at that price!!!! They do have a factory buffer which I think should be removed. Those were almost always trouble in a Saiga-12. The gas system could have a better plug and piston but the plug is definitely better than the factory Saiga plug. Some seem to have a break in period for low power ammo. They seem to be better out of the box than the later Saigas though. I have been trying to give SDS a few pointers on how to make them all run right out of the box. Wouldn’t really add anything to their production costs. They seem receptive so far and I hope they make the changes. They truly have a chance to squash the Saiga stigma and I hope they take it. As popular as the Saiga-12 once was it never reached a fraction of it’s potential over the flaws and stigma to follow. I told SDS all this and that if they collaborated with a couple respected Saiga gurus on improvements and screamed it from the roof tops that it was just another cheap copy of an already troubled platform that they could turn the tables. As far as it being a Chinese made gun... China is completely capable of building good stuff. They build what you ask them to build. If you ask them to build you a POS named the Catamount Fury they will. If you ask them build you quality, like the Lynx, they will... Think Norinco and PolyTech... From my talks with SDS I trust they want quality and demand it. One of their guys is constantly going over to China to check on things. SDS immediately put me in touch with their top US engineer and top Chinese factory engineer. One of the major owners of SDS even came and spent a few hours at my house! They have a lot on their plate with other projects but I’m trying to stay on them about the Lynx improvements. I told them how they could make the gas plug that I wished I could have made for the Saiga-12. The V-Plug is by far the best there is and all the copies missed why I did what I did and changed stuff. Even then the V-Plug design was limited to host weapon. They Lynx can change that. It can be a super clean system that doesn’t need the gas block and components cleaned every 500 to 1000 rounds. Just a bunch of stuff and a ton of potential! On a side note I tried to talk to K-USA about their gun but they just weren’t interested in my ideas. It’s not like I was trying to charge them or anything. Free advice and free designs. Oh well, that’s on K-USA!
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    Still waiting on the springs. I only have one spring left from testing. But I was able to take a few pictures. 8 Round 10 Round 12 Round Floor plate