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    I'll reply when get settled this evening. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of what might work.
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    Saiga-12 is 1.5mm too. The bulged receiver (around the trunnion) is the main design difference in the V12 and S12 receivers. Saiga rifles had 1.0 thick receivers as well as most rifle varants.. OP, I haven't handled any of the JTS product yet, but it looks to have the same front handguard retainer width as an AKM. You should email me. I will send measurements of a couple of handguards and you can compare it with what you have to shed some light on your options. evlutionz@yahoo.com
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    Poly, AGP Steel, CSSpecs
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    These 1/6 scale trucks are fast and way more force is exerted on these than would be seen on a magazine. They sell and they hold up better than the factory A arms. People raise hell with them.
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    Reading the description on the JTS M12, it was built on the RPK receiver. That is a 1.5mm receiver, so it would be closer to the VEPR not the Saiga-12 which is on the 1.0mm receiver. /sarcasm on now where's my flamethrower....
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    I know someone who is printing A arms for RC trucks and some of these polymer formulas are extremely durable. His last longer than the factory injection molded ones. I am sure that whatever he is using would make a usable mag.
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    Saiga-9, one of a dozen or so potential dealer samples that made it into the US. Sure do wish it was mine.
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    I'm impressed as hell with their KP-9. I wish their KR103 was a true to form folding stock. That should enter the market soon. On a side note, there was a guy a few weeks ago showing off one of the only dozen or so Saiga9 rifles that made it into the US as Importer/FFL samples before the Ban. I was drooling hard over it... What a shame, fuck Obama and the Feds.
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    I didn't like any of the Braces and finally filed an eForm 1 for an SBR. Took 22 days to come back. Next is manufacturing a Suppressor on an eForm 1.
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