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    Good God, there is life after death. I started lurking here late 2005 but didn't post until after I had converted my Saiga late 2008. The old days were exciting, All the mud slinging member to member, (Fight Club) and cut em up from the vendors, when the shipping boxes were too big. I thought all you had to do was remove and replace a few parts with USA made stuff to pass back then. The more I added to it, the worse it got, until I really started READING what all you guys were saying back then. HOW TO TUNE and CUSTOMIZE your Saiga. It is now my favorite shotgun I own. I have several. But nothing eats shells of whatever I put down it like my Saiga has. It gives a whole new definition of what a fun gun can be. Best of all, kinda like Burger King, I have it my way. It never would have gotten as far as it has without the expert tips, help, and parts from members, and vendors of this forum, I THANK YOU ALL for your contributions. Over the last year I am truly back from the dead, heart attack, colon removal, shingles, what a rough year it's been, but I still get a grin coming back here. I left the hospital in January and a week later I put a 5 round mag of 3" slugs in my Saiga to see if I could still shoot 5 in less than 3 sec. It sat me on my ass, but I got up with a giant hell yea, and a grin. I had lost about 65lbs, from 180 down to 123 lbs. Steadily getting back to normal, and hope to be well, and completely healed by this time next year. Cheers to all!!!!!
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    Wow the ancient ones being summoned huh? Howdy old brothers! I'm still around and still doing top quality work on S-12, Vepr, and AK action components. I check PMs and lurk occasionally, sometimes make a comment or reply.... Hell I figured I'd lay off posting for awhile since even though I haven't much in years, my post count is still thousands above the next runner up I think...lol. Was last time I checked anyway. Yup still alive and well...somehow...
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    I joined in 2006, this place was buzzing back then... I was 18 back then. Only person that chimed in recently that was here longer is GOB.. Thing that drives me buggy is that all the activity that was here evaporated while other forums remain fairly active. One of the things that damaged this forum was several shady companies.. There was and likely still is an attitude of not allowing bad press, but that allows companies to really screw up. Once a source of information can't be trusted the viewership will drop like a rock.. It seems today like bringing up product issues would be more accepted, but back around 2012 it was basically how you got permabanned.. Also this place is/was so laser focused on Saigas only, that it basically wrote off anything else.. These days most of my saiga-12 mag sales are for Lynx and Cheetah shotguns.. And JTS-12 mags sell about as well.. Because you can actually buy one of those guns off the shelf. We really need to condense several of the forum sections and make new sections for more active content, such as the new import shotguns. And maybe send out a few mass emails to try to get some people back in here.
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    So, who remains, from those distant times when we were young, wore the skins of dead animals and used our trusty Saigas to kill dinosaurs? I am curious! Yell out, if you are an old one who is still alive!
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    Nobody's dirt napped me yet, mostly lurk these days to see what guys are turning out. If you ever want to have some fun, start searching ancient posts. After the sunset of the AWB I found the platform and this place. I was drawn in by conversions that Shannon and Dinzag had done. Bvamp was probably the only mod at the time and was fond of killing snow men, not cleaning his shotgun, and trading punches with a jackass named McUzi. Good times! Maybe one day The U.S. and Russia will kiss and make up and allow trade to resume, although supply has always been sketchy through the year. And drama, oh yes the drama. We managed to run off AGP, Red Jacket used to be a no name good guy, the drum mag wars with Mike D and another jackass that owned AA. Cameron (Chaos) got the shit kicked out of him when he first came on the scene for no good reason and had integrity to hang in there and build his business, Tony Rumore built a huge following around this platform and has since stepped back due to dwindling supply leaving Lonestar and Evl to fill the void for quality builders. Last, I'll leave you with the crazy old mofo from the past who's name escapes me for one of the most entertaining picture threads I ever ran across years ago. Azrial, if you still have the same profession, watch your 6 and keep the bad guys at bay. Thanks for posting this, I'd like to see who else checks in.
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    He never did stand up for conservative issues, because he wasn't. He was big on defense, and that was the one point of intersection. I never liked or trusted him, but I hope I'm wrong about his ultimate destination.
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    Still here. Still posting. Still a good site. I enjoy people who speak their mind...when they have one. There's a good bunch on here mostly, and the few 'tards that sneak in are swiftly dealt with either by mods or heckled without mercy by members.
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    i still do drive bys. machine gun shoot sept 1st hernando sportsmans club 9am sharp if anyone's interested. bring ammo. edit to add - ive been here since pretty much the beginning and walked through all of what could possibly be a good part of my life through this forum. for some years i was angry and felt violated and cheated at times, but all in all it was a good experience, and i can say to myself that i did that. there are a LOT of good people here, old and new. this always was and still is, a different type of forum/community/. very personable. even when we hate each other we are still there and will still help out. even when cobra and i were at each other's throats, i could still call him or he me, for help, and end the conversation with "go fuck yourself". I have met a number of you, and worked on a great many member's guns as well. i never left? i just got burnt out i guess......
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    Well, at least it is not how it used to be. I had my part in the brutality. I was very hard on Pauly and Jack when they came at me, but it was not without warrant. I knew they were sleezebags but no one wanted to hear it, lol. We see how both of them conducted themselves on their way out. Pauly instigated a lot of stuff when things were rolling around here and Jack could not resist participating and even starting his own crap from time to time. I was hard on Fuller over some work that should have never seen the light of day. I got banned for that, stating the obvious, lol. Whatever. I am different person now in so many ways. If someone does crap work or screws people, I will be slow to speak and just let it come out as it will. It always will. Then there is the generally grumpy crowd. I got a lot of laughs out of much of that back and forth. I think the general arguing would have melted away were the participants face to face with a coffee or beer in front of them. Most of us are on the same team. I like it here now better than before. I don't miss the 'I bought the Gunfixer plug and my gun still doesn't run...' threads. Let the past be the past and enjoy the peace here.
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    Well at least there's one less on this one.
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    Just read he died!
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    I've been here a while... Can't recall how long... Still here... My favorite place!!
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    It is only metal. You just have to take away the metal that doesn't look like a reliable weapon I can't help but wonder if there is room for improvement in places other than the ports. It is a fairly odd looking thing, but I'd like to have a close look at one.
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    It also makes me wonder if he may have been more politically satisfying to his constituents had this not happened and he still had that same fire within him to stand up for conservative issues with the same zeal at which he did for liberal issues. He seemed to be a pretty good guy publicly in regards to worldly standards. I voted for him in '08, but that warrants no explanation given the circumstances. Well, it was meant to be and I am actually glad obama beat him. I think we needed to experience the liberal/socialist/communist boogeyman. Citizens know the reality of hardcore liberalism now and hopefully they will not forget for a very long time. If obama had a stronger work ethic and more courage the damage would have been much worse. The depth of obama's lies paints the picture of his fear of us.
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    I will say nothing, as there is nothing good to say. He is gone.
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    In all respects, we should let this be until he is in the ground. He served, lets give him the respect that's due. you guys have a great day
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    I still pop in n out from time to time. Good to see some of you guys still here.
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    Looks like drums will become unwieldy at around 25 rounds, and impractical under about 10 rounds. 10 round double stacks would go well with that drum.
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    I'm fortunate enough to not lay on my death bed wishing I would have. It makes all of the things about the business that I hate worth it (paperwork, sales tax reports, the occasional customer who refuses to read and follow instructions and it leads to some sort of shipping debacle, etc.). I'm definitely not doing it for the money, lol.
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    What the mods do with a stuffed animal, a box of condoms and a pack of hand-warmers is their own business.
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    This I didn't really grasp this statement at first, but I get it now. I think back about bouncing from forum to forum through the night. I think movie streaming services may have taken the place for me that fb would have for others. I'm a sucker for a documentary.
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    When they were cheap there was always someone buyying one and coming here to learn about it. Now, unless you find someone who doesn't know what they are selling for now, you can't get into the game for less than $800. The Chinese copies aren't quite up to par and the Kalashnikov USA KS-12 copy is over $800. The rules have changed. When I first came around, you could find Saiga 12s for $500 easily.
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    Better to ask forgiveness, than to ask permission. Cook her a nice dinner, nap through a chick flick and then make her moan like a porn star... All will be cool again. Or maybe not. when it comes down to spending major money I always had a conversation with my wife. They were not always pleasant but the subject was out in the open for her to consider my desires. Most of the time she gave in because she wanted me to be happy. We never sweat the small stuff if we want something that is not major then okay. When it comes to the big stuff it's a majority vote or it does not happen. After turning the key of my vehicle over to the person assuming my duties I started looking for a car. She asked me why? So I tabled it until the real need became apparent . I think you were being humorous and hope you enjoy all that you got. In my house what's mine is hers' but then again what's hers' is hers' also. ha ha.
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    Stamp for pistol can arrived.