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    He was resorting to pawning people's guns and basically crashed and burned in regards to doing business. Apparently, he was not in good condition and may have died already. I doubt the company is still in business unless he made arrangements for someone else to take it over. I never was a fan of his snake oil parts (springs and guide rod). The factory stuff works fine if you know what you are doing, lol. He did have a few things that were cool and somewhat innovative long ago, magwell, etc. It still sucked to see him go out like that as he was once an asset to the community.
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    Problem soveld 😁 it was the too small puck.
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    i vote saiga.... psa guns can be built for 300.... if you looking for that "x factor" though... no more imports!! gettem while public sleeps!
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    Ain't that the truth! AKs cost more than ARs?! Wish I'd bought ten of them when they were $200-$300.
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    The key to the black ace patent is using an elongated receiver and that it takes all original parts of the gun in stock condition with the exception of the mentioned modified parts like the slide and bolt... The elongated receiver was needed to make room for a thicker polymer magazine. All those previous mentioned guns used a standard length receiver and thin walled metal mags. Like the new 870DM. The mag walls are thin enough that an elongated receiver wasn’t required. The 590M has an elongated receiver like stated in the above patent. It also has the mentioned modified parts. It takes all the stock parts as well with the exception of the barrels. The barrel from a 590 will not fot a 590M. There is a shell sweep on the 590M’s bolt and a clearance channel is required in the barrel for it to lock. The barrel of the 590M not being a standard 590 barrel is why the 590M is not infringing on the above patent.
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    Leave the trunnion, change the angle of the stock. Make it WARSAW length and get rid of that nonsensical cheek rest. It has been done and is an improvement.
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    But if the supremes say “strict scrutiny “ on anything gun related will that help??
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    Now just gotta work on springs and buffers. And choosing a vepr or saiga to put it on
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    I don't understand how such a basic concept like making the comb of a stock inline with the bore is so hard to understand for these manufacturers. One thing that I like about ARs is there isn't much chance to goof up the comb angle, lol.
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    Yes, the Spets is a Title I firearm as it is out of the box, but it is quite long at 28.5". I may be offering AOW service for these with 8" barrel for a final length of 23.5".
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    it never occurred to me how thin that area may be, until i saw these voids. positive note is that they gonna warranty it, even though i been working on it... its kind of a big, main component, and if it shattered and blew shrapnel all over, i suppose they would have potential liability on their hands... as far as technique goes, i shall try that in the future, that stock wasnt actually mounted to trunnion at all. and the angle of it is kinda wrong.
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    are you looking for a spring and rod ? https://4range.com/product/jte-shotgun-performance-guide-rod-14731.html
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    You might want to get cracking on that. Since you first teased the idea you lost four states to sell to.. With 8 of 50 states not able to benefit from the magazines anymore.. We are on pace to have that number go up to 12-14 in the next year or so unless the SCOTUS steps in on the gun bans. The viability of the product greatly depends on people being allowed to own it.
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    I had to create a new accout. 😂 but my old one was captain hero.
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    I think that would run perfectly if you change your technique slightly. Get more mass behind the weapon. With the shoulders angled and the butt in the 'pocket', there just isn't much mass behind the weapon. I know it may sound nuts, but I put the butt on the collar bone (almost directly below the side of the chin) with the shoulders very close to square to the weapon. Lean your entire torso forward until you feel the butt flat on the collar bone and pull the weapon in tight (looks like you are doing a good job of that part already). There is also less flesh there, which reduces soreness and bruising if you are doing it right. You may have seen it already, but I have a video on youtube with 'Long Gun Shooting Technique' in the title. Have a look if you haven't already or if you could use a refresher. That carrier situation is interesting. I would be concerned about cracking in the areas around that milled out area that initiates bolt lockup. It would be interesting to see how long it lasts or if it cracks elsewhere as a result of deficient material in that area. That area isn't very thick in the Russian guns, but I am sure that it adds some level of durability.
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    If a new tower is made it will actually infringe on two different patents. The only way to do it is to modify the existing tower of the mag. The notches in the receiver aren’t patented. They are suppose to be for recoil mitigation but really they aren’t even needed. If anything they just make the receiver weaker. The real forces on the magazine aren’t front to back but are downward forces on the front and rear mag catch. That means the notches aren’t really doing anything at all.
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    For others here, I would worry that they might start posting pictures even if no one asked the questions.
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    You know with some of the people here, I would be asking questions if they used a phrase like "My mom and girlfriend"....
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    I had to add these two targets. I bought a single box of Eley Match .22 ammo for $19.95 to see if I could get better performance at 200 yards. The left target below was shot with my CZ 455 Tacticool and Nightforce F1 3.5 to 15 scope. The right target was shot with the Win 52 and Unertl 14 power scope from the previous post. Black bull is 1” and outer ring is 2.25”. Not bad for a gun that’s over 80 years old!
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    Here is my Win 52 with Unertl 14 power scope mounted and ready to shoot. Below are my first four 5 shot groups at 50 yards with Norma Match .22 LR ammo.
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    Just closed on roughly 40 acres of land with my wonderful wife. It is firearms related haha. I finally have my own place to shoot!
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    Nope. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/forum/189-evlutionz-llc/ He'll see this thread I'm sure.
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    Max gas port size? How short can you go without mods? SBS and Top Cover SBS and piston rod length SBS and handguard length