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    This can be true for some but going to a good school can give novice a better perspective and teach them that the only thing that ruins a gun is a Dremel. I have fixed guns since I was 12 years old but understanding how each gun works and what you can do with them has always involved study and the right tools and how to use them. I still remember threading my first barrel I was a wreck but after it was over, then you think to yourself " that was it ?" that was years ago. Only Botched 2 jobs in my life a AR trigger because I was in a hurry and a cold blue job (never again) on a shot gun because I wanted to try it. I do it as a hobby but have though about opening a shop but my Other job I just retired from took all my time and life. I do It for friends and have made a lot of Kel Tec pistols work perfect not to mention High points, cheap 1911s, cheap micro 1911s, botched ak builds . Just finished a Beretta 84 that a woman dropped off that she bought years ago and never fired it. Have a old Rem 721 30.06 that has been neglected next and then 2 shot guns and a 22 target pistol. The only way to do something that you have not done before is to start
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    If his own wife can't trust him, why should we? That's my stripped down view of it.
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    How do you keep a security clearance when you are having an affair? This is PROOF of mendacity, and SHOULD result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL and firing ON THE SPOT! For all of us mere mortals, who have had to behave to keep our clearances, and many have lost them for just this reason - can someone explain why the rules only apply to minions , and are completely flaunted by those who deem themselves as our masters (and call themselves 'public SERVANTS?).
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    Netpackrat expresses my sentiments better. I understand the cost/economic arguments some posters have submitted, but my idea is meant to be a fun educational exercise. Also, they seem to assume such a gun already exists on the market. As far as I know, no mainstream manufacturer makes bull barreled .30 caliber rifles (why not?). What they call a "heavy barrel" is not nearly as thick as what I've seen on custom rifles at the gun range. A Varmint barrel is thicker than a "heavy barrel" on many factory stock rifles. I dream about building a rifle from scratch, but I figure it's smarter to begin with aftermarket components and put them together. I wouldn't do it all at once due to the total cost. One part at a time. I mention using the services of a gunsmith simply because I do not have the skills or tools of a gunsmith to do things like change a barrel, replace a trigger, or glass bed a gunstock, blueprint an action, etc. I just know about them and their importance. I simply have an extra Rem 700 long action I want to do something with in order to learn more about this fascinating craft, and get rid of the skinny barrel (a sporter barrel?) my rifle currently has. I might do the same for a .308 rifle build one day. All in all ... I'm intrigued by how one can build a bolt rifle from components. If only Howa offered barreled actions with bull barrels. If only MacMillan gunstocks weren't so expensive. If only the stork would leave a NightForce scope at my door. :-) I think I need to attend that gunsmithing school I've heard about in Colorado. I had an idea for a .50 caliber bolt rifle when I was in middle school. Well ... some guy in Tennessee named Barrett beat me to it. Darn. I have a 20 gauge side-by-side double barrel shotgun my grandfather made himself - including a walnut stock he carved. I wish I knew how to do that. Unfortunately, they don't teach "Gunsmithing 101" in college. It seems silly to have gotten an engineering degree, but not know the first thing about building a rifle - let alone a match grade barrel. Like Clint Eastwood said in one of his movies: "A man has to know his limits." I have a fun idea. I'll defer to others' expertise to help make it become a reality.
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    Actively working to steal an election= participating in an attempted coup d'état...... This guy and his trollop need a dirt nap.
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    Two words... Bill Clinton. Still DC's "Golden Boy" party-animal, invited to all the big political gatherings. That's what getting Impeached counts for these days... 😎
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    In 21 years of service, I've seen many go down the route of adultery and loose their careers over it, rightfully so. Male and female. Same rules should apply for ALL that serve the American People.
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    I never went to school for gunsmithing. I think some people just don't need it and, on the other hand, I have known people who went to gunsmithing school and still didn't have enough natural mechanical ability to get by as a semi-decent gunsmith. One even went to Colorado School of Trades, IIRC. There is something that can't be measured or taught that is required to be more than one dimensional when it comes to this stuff. I studied machining 20+ years ago and just completed CNC programming and fabrication school. I get by with that, research when I don't already know something, ignoring what most others do (my greatest asset, lol), and some natural ability. A solid machining program at a community college would likely get you where you want to go if you have an above average understanding of firearm function and are a good researcher. If you already have machining experience and have a good understanding of that, start researching bolt rifle building and tool up. Searching 'Build your own bolt action rifle' yields some good hits. You never know, you might unearth something noteworthy that others would pay you for. Post pics
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    Half black "president". lets not forget hes cousins with george bush, dick chenney and brad pit among others leading back to british royalty. Believe it, theres a reason why he was placed into the position. We lucked out with Trump because hes rich, well known and popular enough to completely expose how they control elections. If they would have stole the election from him it would have been obnoxiously obvious and there is no doubt Trump would would have used all his resources to prove it and completely expose their scam. Ultimately if that would have happened it most likely would have initiated the complete breakdown of American government and society as we know it.
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    He looked like a spoiled child to me. In many ways, he still is. For all we know there could be a very intricate and well crafted plan in place. If you take a step back, ignore the failures of justice from '08-'16 and look at the bigger picture, you can see the potential there. They have sewn a treasure trove of evil seeds to be reaped. Vengeance belongs to God, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate His efforts when it happens Higher ways...
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    I liked Gowdy wiping that smirk of his face during that, though
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    Sorta. He settled the case with a binding and public settlement. I think he had to win it if it ever made it to trial. The expectation of DOJ/ BATFE is that no one would be willing to put themselves in legal jeopardy, so that they can always punt on standing if the court or facts aren't stacked in their favor. The big takeaways are 1) the government admits that: a- information is not a good subject to export treaties. b- information as political speech, which this plainly was is at least protected by the 1st amendment, and maybe by the second if it relates to arms. 2) they've been trying to use a backdoor doctrine that we can be bound by treaties that 'slightly' conflict with the constitution or US statutes, if approved by the proper treaty method. Under the reasoning that one part of the constitution authorizes the treaty process, and if that is in conflict with another, then there is room to resolve the discrepancy. ---- This has always been a shaky doctrine, since it doesn't take much sense to realize that you can say that it is unconstitutional to use any government powers to violate the constitution, i.e. congress cannot use constitutional process to pass a bill and have it signed into law to quarter troops in your house. For the same reason, everyone has known that this doctrine was unconstitutional, and has to fall if it ever challenged with anything in obvious conflict of a clear constitutional procedure or right. So they are avoiding letting it get directly in the way. They might sign onto treaties that make trade or importation or export of arms more expensive or difficult, and get away with that, but one that prohibits political speech is too clear of a conflict to survive review in court.
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    Forum software is upgraded and moved to a new faster server! If you guys find any issues with functionality - please let me know
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    Spare dust cover & RDS-25 & new RS mounts. NO shims needed!
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    Hello. My apologies for my absense. I am by no means a businessman. I'm a diagnosed High Functioning Autistic with a Panic Disorder & OCD who just so happened to take a special interest in the S-12 to the point of mastery. "Special Interests" for people like myself are pretty much all consuming obsessions. I ran my small business by the seat of my pants. No education, business plan, etc. Parts would come in, I'd use the money to upgrade supplies to make production more efficient, complete the work then ship it out. I had no foresight whatsoever about slow periods or catastrophes. Long story short, I got buried to the point I had to stop taking orders. I lived off selling the vast majority of my guns, ammo stocks, safe, etc... for a year while turning out parts at a slower pace. I don't want to play "the retard card" but between fighting for our 2A rights at the city halls, the capitol, in the streets, etc..., Trying to continue my work, and caring for my best friend who was a recovering heroin addict who I moved from Portland to Salem to get him away from his situation, I was also taken out of my own situation, routines, support structure, business contacts/suppliers, everything and everyone I've ever known, etc... and I lost my fucking mind. Reading this forum only added to it. I never intentionally lied. I always had the best of intentions, but I failed left and right. It got to the point that the same questions were constantly being asked and I had no answer so rather than mentally losing my shit I just turned email off. Then I got into it with a moderator who attacked me for calling my workmanship "The Best" and I said "fuck it all". That was a consistent issue here. One can work their ass off and produce the highest quality the world has ever seen, or will ever see again on a platform, but once you say you're the best, behind the scenes you get a pack of no talent assclown jackles and their friends attacking you. You people wouldn't believe the crap that people pass of as professional in the firearms community. I've seen it all, from "respected" builders doing nothing other than drilling the hell out of the ports, to chester the molester welding on vertical charging handles with a Harbor Freight Flux core wirefeed welder, leaving porosity and flux pockets that he covered up with bondo. Not to mention the guy who would use locktite to secure gas pistons. But I was crucified behind the scenes for mentioning any of this. Everything got to be too much. There was drinking involved to numb the pain of failure, but that wasn't the main contributing factor. I had hundreds of threatening emails & PMs, emails encouraging me to eat a bullet (which I almost did several times), People threatening my family and even going to my parent's house which resulted in one guy staring down the barrel of my father's .38 & almost getting a bullet between the eyes on his doorstep after acting threatening. I was trying to catch up, but after all that then becoming homeless, I panicked and completely shut down. I just couldn't handle it anymore. Reading this forum made me contemplate suicide, and while I wouldn't personally mind going, that would just kill my parents, and being as the act is telling God that you have no faith in him, I believe that would land me straight into hell. Previously I had to sell my milling machine & a bunch of vital tools to pay rent and get a POS car just to live in and look for work. I used my then-limited welding skill to land a 11.00 per hour job and bought a 1986 34' class motorhome to live in. When the lady from the Dept of Justice contacted me, she saw my living situation and thought it would be a good idea to keep the parts for safe-keeping, and not knowing how I was going to catch up with no shop, I relented. Likely a good thing, because if you're living in an RV and it gets towed, you lose EVERYTHING that was in it. I kept several sets of Steve Rosenburg's ("lifeguard") because he had filed a police report and I must figure out how to complete them to fulfill our contract or get the arrest warrant dropped first. I kept another set of parts from a guy who filed with Salem PD for the same reason. Additionally I found 7 sets where all the profiling was completed and only the polishing is left in a blaster and the work-chest that I used to work out of. In my homelessness I stored many of my tools that I had left over including the chest with the parts at a friend's parent's house in their shed, but then he was incarcerated for a few years so I had no access to them until he just got out recently. The way his folks saw it they weren't going to let their son's friends loot his shit while he was away. Anyhow, I now have access to them, so if the DOJ didn't have your parts, I probably still do. Tomorrow I will be heading out and collecting all parts and organizing them the best I can then trying to get in contact with the owners. I assure people, no parts have EVER been sold, stolen or misplaced other than 1 time when Fed-Ex lost a set and I purchased a brand new S-12 to part out to replace them with. As for getting people's money back, I estimate I owe a combined 8 grand or so which I do intend on eventually paying. It's just going to take a lot of work to raise the money and a bit of time to figure out who I owe. I have some paperwork left over, but some is lost as well. There's really not much I can say other than that. If I'm a piece of shit. I'm sorry. I never meant anybody any harm and it really hurts to think about my failure. If lack of contact makes me a bad person, well I guess I'm bad in people's eyes. I just couldn't handle it anymore. I lost my shit and was admitted to the VA psych ward in a state of psychosis for a while where they put me on Risperidone so I wasn't constantly freaking out, panicking and isolating from the world when overwhelmed. Anyhow, my posts are under mod preview and I can't post in this sub-forum, so I'll try to see if the last several sets can be worked out here. Anyhow, I really am sorry for the clusterfuck this has all been. I never expected to go bankrupt or for the business to go under. I always did have the best of intentions. Peace and grace. Paul