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    My beautiful daughter is now 5 and we had a baby boy (Raymond James) two days ago. Healthy as can be. 8lbs-6oz ginger headed badass. I delivered him, in our dining room, in a birthing pool. We had two midwives present, but everything went so smooth, they were pretty much just the support team behind us. It was awesome and complete surprise when i saw he was a boy. We were both anticipating a girl the whole time and bam....little boy it is. Momma and baby are healthy and doing great.
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    Well this is pretty dramatic. Seems the caravan really wants to avoid south Texas and North East Mexico because they haved pissed off the cartels. The cartels are mad that due to them, now border enforcement on the areas they control has been stepped up. They are threatening the caravan. Wow...can't make this shit up.
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    I suppose I'm going to find out soon if things settle down in the next few weeks. I'll get some pics if I am successful.
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    Awesome News, Congratulations to All! A son is one of the greatest joys for a Father.
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    Well the election crap is over for about a week then it will get stupid again. Never the less on to the important things in life. 1. After almost dying in Jan I am off all meds ,dropped 30 lbs, have been walking 3 miles on tread mill for an hour every day, doing 20 laps in pool and feel great. 2 My big brother in MN just bought me a super black eagle3. 3. We leave for MN at 1:00pm to day. 4. Will be in the fields Sunday with the best bird dogs in MN, Manny and Carlos 5. 2 weeks of hunting Pheasants in MN (yes) and then head to Nebraska. I love retirement, I just Love it, Wish me luck and you all have a great Nov. I will
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    Who'd have thought we'd EVER see the day the cartels would do a good deed, even if it's for the wrong reason? Hopefully they'll "take care" of the problem for us.
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    Congratulations! I started to get chocked up when I seen that first pic. Be Blessed!
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    I was looking for an intermediate range deer rifle and the Ruger American Ranch in 7.62x39 really caught my interest. Recoil magazine had an article on it where they claimed sub MOA with Federal ammunition and an average of 1.5 MOA with cheap steel case ammo such as Wolf white box. Quite frankly I did not buy into it, but after handling the rifle, I found it to be light, have a very smooth action, and a threaded barrel in 5/8x24 for my .30 can. The caliber also appealed to me because of my love for AK's and the multiple 1000s of rounds I have stored for feeding that addiction. I ended up picking up the rifle for $434.00 out the door. The rifle is a bolt action that takes Mini thirty magazines and comes with a 5 rounder that operated well. Insertion and removal was smooth. The mag release clip is pretty much straight AK, but there is no need to "rock and lock" as the mag inserts and locks straight up. The safety is located on the neck of the rifle (where I like it) for seamless intuitive engaging and disengaging. The trigger is very good straight out of the box. It has virtually no take up once the safety trigger bar is engaged, no over travel, and it breaks very cleanly and predictably. It is adjustable from 3.0-5.5 pounds (although you must remove the action from the stock to adjust it). I tuned mine to 3.25 lbs, and I won't be replacing the trigger, it is that good out of the box. (when replacing the action to the stock , I tightened it to 80 inch pounds per the Ruger specs of 60-80) Before going to the range, I outfitted the rifle with Vortex rings off Amazon, a Nikon P223 3x9 scope (from my parts bin), and my YHM Phantom Ti .30 Can. I brought (2) different types of ammo: Tulammo, and Golden Tiger. I will hunt with Hornady SST's but did not have a chance to pick some up. Plus I really wanted to see if this rifle lived up to the hype and could turn in close to 1 inch groups with ammo we are used to seeing turn in 3-4" groups in our AK variant rifles. It lived up to the hype: Tulammo: The best group turned in a 5 shot 1.27" group at 100 yards Golden Tiger: Turned in a best group of 0.967" The first shot was lower and opened up the group. The next 4 shots made a large ragged hole at 0.4 MOA. No kidding. I haven't been posting much, but I was so impressed with every aspect of this rifle, that I really wanted to share with the forum, what a terrific performer and value this rifle is. I do not know how the pics will turn out, as I had to lower the resolution to get them to upload, and can't figure out for the life of me how to get them to post between text like the old days. Bottom line: Great bolt action rifle. Buy one if you want a great shooter. ETA: Ruger also makes the American Ranch in .223, 300BLK, and .450 Bushmaster as well as 7.62x39.
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    It's more to do with slavery, but with California bringing in as many as they can, big time tax should be due from the state and late fines for not collecting the tax due. Might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Plus, we might be able to get names and addresses for making ICE's job easier.
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    A spine shot like that doesn't really tell much.
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    HUGE congrats! Wish I wasn't so old, I'd have another. Super happy for all of you!
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    Congrats! Future shooter there. I am sure you will raise him with the right ideas.
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    Congratulations on a son and a beautiful family MM!
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    Congratulations, brother! He's beautiful!!! Mike
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    Mazel Tov Mullet Man! Best wishes for you and your family!
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    I ordered 2 -12 round ones today 👍🏻
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    So far I’m really liking the Lynx. SDS is insisting on quality. Hammer forged bolts and every one is x-rayed for flaws. In my opinion they are better made than the Saiga-12. Don’t let the $500 price tag scare you away. It is an absolute steal at that price!!!! They do have a factory buffer which I think should be removed. Those were almost always trouble in a Saiga-12. The gas system could have a better plug and piston but the plug is definitely better than the factory Saiga plug. Some seem to have a break in period for low power ammo. They seem to be better out of the box than the later Saigas though. I have been trying to give SDS a few pointers on how to make them all run right out of the box. Wouldn’t really add anything to their production costs. They seem receptive so far and I hope they make the changes. They truly have a chance to squash the Saiga stigma and I hope they take it. As popular as the Saiga-12 once was it never reached a fraction of it’s potential over the flaws and stigma to follow. I told SDS all this and that if they collaborated with a couple respected Saiga gurus on improvements and screamed it from the roof tops that it was just another cheap copy of an already troubled platform that they could turn the tables. As far as it being a Chinese made gun... China is completely capable of building good stuff. They build what you ask them to build. If you ask them to build you a POS named the Catamount Fury they will. If you ask them build you quality, like the Lynx, they will... Think Norinco and PolyTech... From my talks with SDS I trust they want quality and demand it. One of their guys is constantly going over to China to check on things. SDS immediately put me in touch with their top US engineer and top Chinese factory engineer. One of the major owners of SDS even came and spent a few hours at my house! They have a lot on their plate with other projects but I’m trying to stay on them about the Lynx improvements. I told them how they could make the gas plug that I wished I could have made for the Saiga-12. The V-Plug is by far the best there is and all the copies missed why I did what I did and changed stuff. Even then the V-Plug design was limited to host weapon. They Lynx can change that. It can be a super clean system that doesn’t need the gas block and components cleaned every 500 to 1000 rounds. Just a bunch of stuff and a ton of potential! On a side note I tried to talk to K-USA about their gun but they just weren’t interested in my ideas. It’s not like I was trying to charge them or anything. Free advice and free designs. Oh well, that’s on K-USA!
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    Still waiting on the springs. I only have one spring left from testing. But I was able to take a few pictures. 8 Round 10 Round 12 Round Floor plate