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    Some people have said he is legit, and some have had problems. Also, stuff from russia can take months to get. So you just have to wait and hope. Also, you will have no recourse if there is a problem. That's why it is always better to pay with a credit card
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    KUSA KP9 Kalashnikov USA clone of the Russian Vityaz-SN aka pp-19-01. The closest we can get to owning a Vityaz-SN, PP-19 Bizon or Saiga 9. Damn don't I wish we'd gotten in the Saiga 9's... Sad. Purchased this from Atlantic Firearms on the 17th, arrived the 22nd. Went and picked it up from my FFL/range today. Gave it a going over, clean and lube, function check and loaded one round... BANG! Load the mag... BANG!BANG!BANG!... X's 30. Put 150 rounds through it, smooth as silk sheets. Overall fit and finish are first rate, no complaints... Yet. This gun absolutely begs to be SBR'd. I've a KUSA/SB Tactical 5.5mm Triangle Brace on order, as well as five more 30rd magazines.
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    USA. I need to adjust my notifications. Not getting notified of reply’s. I ended up ordering a military kit. Just have to wait a month, hopefully, for it to come in.
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    At work we're having trouble getting parts from suppliers (Defense). I'd think Shannon's in the same boat as the rest of us, maybe more so, as he's just a little guy, not a huge .gov contractor. He's a stand-up guy. He'll do you right.
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    Ya know the ol'saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well KUSA was gracious enough to send some swag with my order in the form of a KUSA KP9/KR9 Backpack. I have to say that gesture is quite appreciated, over the top customer service. Now the least I can do is post some pics and review it. The KUSA Backpack seems well built, the fabric, straps, MOLLE, zippers and sewing all seem decent materials for the price point. It secures the weapon well, plenty of room for most gear, eyes, ears, mags, ammo, tools, trauma kit and whatever else. I can easily tote all the above, with up to 500rds of ammo. Four internal mag pouches, room for more stored loose, and MOLLE pouches can be attached. I have the bag loaded with the KP9, 6 loaded mags, six 50rd boxes ammo, eyes/ears, holstered XD9 w/ extra mag, twenty 8" targets, notepad/pen and a trauma kit. And there is room for more gear. Initially I give it 4:5 stars. There are a couple of points internally where exposed stitching causes me concern, possible lack of durability due to abrasion. Small Top Pouch Ammo, trauma kit, eyes or other misc. Outermost Pocket Data books, pens, ammo, eyes/ears or other misc. Middle Pocket 4 magazine pouches and room for lots of other gear. Inner Pocket Weapon Securement and room for lots of other gear. Opposing side has a large mesh pouch that nicely fits round 6"-8" Shoot-N-C targets, should fit 10" too. Notebooks and other misc. Backside, there is an internal pouch that could be used for such as extra padding or even a ballistic plate.
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