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    Hope this hasn't been covered... I am always debating the balance between having a firearm safe, and a firearm ready. It is particularly difficult with the S 12, as we all know about "top shell deformation" if we leave a magazine locked in under a closed bolt. Even with my bolt relieved so I can load a full mag on a closed bolt, my mags will deform a shell to the point where it will not chamber in under a day, even when I load down 1 shell. I don't believe it is safe to leave a full mag in and the bolt locked back if it is not in my hands, and I have experimented with different trigger locks, but have been unhappy with the results. What I am doing now is loading 9 shells in a 10-round magazine, and the top "shell" is one of those high-quality aluminum 'snap-caps', and the mag loaded on a closed bolt.I feel comfortable leaving the firearm in this condition for instance, in my bedroom at night, or in the gun rack when I am home alone and working around the house and grounds. If I feel I need to transition to condition orange, (zombies, terrorists, aggressive mice) I need only rack the operating handle... TWICE. It appears one can leave the firearm indefinitely in this condition without deforming the second shell. I can also easily make it more secure by removing the mag, or putting a trigger lock on. Obviously, the drawback is that under stress one might not remember to rack the action twice... or not at all. Then one has a failure to fire with the first needed shot. Hmmm... everything in firearms is a compromise. Thoughts? Alternatives? Solutions so we can live in a society where one does not want a shotgun at the ready?
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    We just got one of these in, basically it is a giant AR-15. I don't think anything on the shotgun is really cross compatible with the AR-15, and likely not the AR-10 either. I'm going to do more of a review and I have someplace to be in half an hour so I'll update it when I get home later tonight. The photos are not exactly awesome, I had my phone in my pocket and ended up sweat damaging my camera... I have a video that I did taking the gun apart just talking about the parts.. I'll try to add that tomorrow since I'm trying to edit in some still shots into it. The Shotgun as it comes. Showing the lower vs a normal AR-15. The lower one is the JTS-M12AR Comparing the uppers, the lower one is the JTS-M12AR Buffer and spring.. Lower one is the JTS-M12AR. The buffer is two parts with a large coil spring inside, like an extra shock absorber of sorts. Showing the stock tube, the lack of additional holes makes use of an AR-15 stock non adjustable.. If the tube is not standard to an AR-10, maybe the better option would be to remove the stock tube and mill it to match the AR-15 pattern. But at best you are going to have a two or three point adjustment, because longer than A2 length would not really fit anyone, and any shorter and the tube will stick out the back.. As is factory stock is not terrible, the recoil pad is nearly 1" of rubber, firm enough to give some support with magnum slugs.. And the stock is pretty much as short as you are going to get since the tube runs the whole length. An AR-15 stock does fit over the tube but there is only one position roughly 3/4" from the end of the tube. Stock seemed to fit very tightly. It is roughly equal to an AR-15 fully extended, so not super long. This is the spring loaded catch that stops the buffer from popping out.. Ar-15s have the same thing but in the center. Not sure why this one is different. The shotgun has two chokes, they are REM chokes. You get a plain Modified that fits flush and a Cylinder bore with muzzle brake.. Bolt carrier group compared with an AR-15, the AR-15 is obviously smaller. Showing the gas piston system.. An advantage this system has is that there are no threads, it is toolless for cleaning just rotate to the top and pull and the whole gas system comes out the front.. Showing the receiver compared to a normal AR-15
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    Krebs safety. On safe, bolt open, no shell deformation, no stupid "racking it twice". Take it off safe and it will put the s12 into battery automatically. Same concept as the factory BHO, except you get safe position.
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    I just leave the bolt open using the BHO... slam her home if I'm gonna have myself a donnybrook.. 8 round russian inserted.. sneaky bag with three more 8 rounders and three 5 round with Slugs. No kids at home..
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    Grip looks standard.. Selector is a maybe. Trigger is likely not standard maybe it is ar10 pattern? The hammer is longer to reach the firing pin on higher bore center. The front stock is aluminum looks like M-lok.. But I don't have anything M-lok to test with it..
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    I had just finished hauling out the garbage. And finished breakfast when someone called to turn on the TV.. The trash guys just stopped and went home, everything pretty much stopped moving for the whole day and most of the next day.. I recall that Solo cups pretty much went out of stock until February.. And that pretty much every night there was a news report of someone getting killed putting a flag pole into power lines.. My sisters co workers all got decontaminated by Hazmat after a box exploded in the back stockroom covering 50+ people at the store in white powder... One of the people at the distribution center apparently thought it would be a great prank, ended up that the morning before the box was opened that a person 20 miles away tested positive for anthrax.. So the entire area was on high alert for any white powders on mail or boxes... So the panic of being sprayed by white powder resulted in one of the co-workers having a heart attack and another couple to have asthma attacks, which stressed out several other people who started throwing up.. So when Hazmat arrived they had all the signs of a terrorist attack and responded accordingly.. Which just sent the whole situation from an solid 9 on a scale of 1-10 straight to 11...... The box blew up at 11 pm and by 2 am over 100 emergency responders five government helicopters, a half dozen news helicopters, a couple armored vehicles and about 20 FBI guys where there... It was quite the event.. I think the prankster is probably still in prison.. Lots of crazy stuff happened right after 9/11, honestly the world changed and never went back to how it was.
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    Finally got a chance to try these out. The magazines function flawlessly. As for Remington shells, the Express Long Range worked almost perfectly, with one stovepipe out of 50 shots. The Remington Game Loads stovepipe every time, just like any Federal 2-3/4" shell. So, I think there is something to csspecs' theory about hull weight, but it isn't the only factor, as both types of Remington shells appear to have the same amount of plastic. My gun has not had any additional drilling done to the barrel, just a polished bolt. Anyway, I'm pretty exited to have these magazines and shells that work with them.
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    Here is a concept I made. 23rds. This one can also load on a closed bolt, activate the last round bolt hold open and doesn’t bust like a melon or damage the internal sprocket if dropped fully loaded let alone empty. The pic makes it look like the tower area is longer but it does fit flush to the magwell... I was totally scratching my head the first time I saw the 25rd drum. Crazy how much bigger it is for just 2 more rounds. A perfect example on the difference design can make in a product...
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    I was in college, seen the second plane hit on tv, said we are going to war, and went back to class. Sad i felt we were going back to the middle east without knowing who did the attack.