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  1. I don't know about you, but, I would not take any chances knowing an unelected BScrat might get to decide my fate.
  2. One common theme heard around these parts was "I wish the water would go down so I can clean this place up and get on with my life." btw, this was in the "500 year flood plain. I always found these terms funny because the news media NEVER tells who decided the difference between a 500 year flood and a 100 year one.
  3. If you look closely at the bottom edge of the safety lever right behind the rear of the bolt there is a open spot into the weapon's internals. Not a functional thing, just for looks
  4. It does the same thing on mine too. I have a couple of ideas rattling around my skull, I have been thinking of building the back protion of the disconnector up using an epoxy or somthing. It is nor a wear area to the best of my knoweldge, but I am not a gunsmith. I will talk with a local AK gunsmith and see if he has any anwsers.
  5. LOL @ bench grinder. I do this in my 3rd story apt. No bench grinders! I usually use my dremel but I didn't have it so i just sat down, watched two movies and filed away by hand. The problem with the G2 disconnector is this: The Rear portion of it (where the selector stop would hit on FA causeing the disconnect to not engage the hammer) is gone. Instead of a small plateau, there is just the drop off. What this has done is allow my safety to rotate UPward past the intended stop location because the safety doesn't engage the disconnect until it is much higher than the normal safety pos
  6. you have two options, a full conversion with a new fire control group, or a pistol grip/ collapsable stock combo that goes on in place of the factory one. It really depends on which way you want to go.
  7. Did you buy the shotgun spicific plate? I had wondered the same thing about the saftey, I just installed the FCG and checked safety operation with the selector in the proper position. while the trigger did travel more than with the stock FCG, it would not allow the sear to disengage from the hammer. I haven't read of safety problems on the 12's before, but there can always be a first. the s308's have had safety issues when converted without a convereted 308 FCG.
  8. WOW, I'm done with my conversion. A little over 2 hours from start to finish. Tromix FCG, sharkbrake, DIY triggerguard, TAPCO buttstock and saw grip, with a front sight block from the e-store. I never would have dreamed that this trigger guard would make the process this easy. I found the myself wanting a little more in the directions, but I am POSITIVE that is just me. This thing ROCKS Tony! If I could ever figure out how to put a pic up, I would. I am so very happy with this product and the time and ulcer it saved me.
  9. I got mine today. Hopefully, my conversion goes quick. At least the PG won't slow me down. This thing is GREAT!!!
  10. here are some threads http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...&hl=buttpad http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...&hl=buttpad I hope these help. BTW the search button on the upper right corner of the page is a real help with the number of threads in this forum.
  11. Does anyone have a pic of the '74 style brake? What about slightly increasing the length to increase the chamber area? I do like the idea of the flexibility inherent in just having a threaded end. It would be hard to guage demand though.
  12. Did he say when they would be up on the website?
  13. zone1935


    Sure, you can use the t-6 for the AK. Make sure to post some pics when your done.
  14. zone1935


    You don't have to put a folder on if you don't want to. You can get a Tapco or K-var standard AK stock. The k-var stock appears to be made a little sturdier than the Tapco. Here is link. k-var Tapco comparison http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=23998
  15. Become a contributor, then you can post in the for sale section. here you go http://forum.saiga-12.com/donations/
  16. I'm sure your right 1911. You just don't hear the good things that people do anymore, I guess it must not get good enough "ratings." I guess I can only take so much news before I get jaded.
  17. This may be of some help http://www.veriforcetactical.com/tactical_accessories/638/ Thanks old salt and cobra76two, I just need to dig out my mic and decide which will work best for me.
  18. Yep, It seems that it might be a midwest mindset. The town of Parkersburg, Iowa got hit directly with an EF5 tornado right before all this @%$^&^ WATER. It is just west of Cedar Falls. People are trying to help those poor souls out in their time of need. There was a vid from an ATM that taped a house getting flattened. My thoughts and prayers have been going out to those in need. The authorites actually caught one guy looting houses that were still standing. I think he's pretty lucky that the cops got him before the townsfolk got ahold of that POS.
  19. Did he happen to mention price range? How about a 5.56 one?
  20. AWSOME, My saiga is waiting for this last part for it's conversion. Tromix FCG, Sharkbrake, and now the DIY trigger guard. Plus a raised front sight, tapco saw and standard buttstock. It is simple, but it's gonna be my baby. If this thing works even half as good as it looks I'm gonna have a hard time wiping the smile off my face. Innovative.....check functional.......check looks good.....check must be a TROMIX
  21. the front web page has a few photos now, just not enough "gun porn" for my taste. It does say "in it's final stages before production." From what i've read on the post, these guys got the high hard one from WM, just like alot of people.
  22. At this stage of things I really can't go into Chaos product info because I don't want to seem to be pushing Chaos here until the proper things have been done. On the other hand I will be shedding light very shortly on the birth of Chaos and the surrounding events. Thanks for your comment on the rail thats why I put the work I do into my products, to hear those kind of responses. Ok, thought I would ask. If I need to wait, I wait.
  23. One of "problems" with a pump shotgun in a charged situation is "short stroking" i.e. failing to travel the slide fully back or fully foward. Alot of motion, no boom. It happens, I have done it. There you go, I admit it. I have had a problem stroking my gun.
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