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  1. +1 on the 5.56. I've shot SS109 and M193 no probs with either. My Saiga likes the SS109, but I rarely shoot it. Gotta keep the good stuff for a rainy day.
  2. Im with you on the T6. I have 2 rifles with it and if they made one for my shotgun (non Saiga Ithaca clone) I'd have one on it too. Theres just so much more possibilities with it. Anyone can adjust it to their comfortable length of pull and collapse it all the way for transportability.
  3. 1. No more parts than a 223 or x39 2. Will DRAMATICALLY improve trigger pull because it will be straight back rather than up into the reciever 3. I already have a pistol grip. The "saiga skeleton stock". I have NO desire to put a standard AK Pistol Grip on a 22 inch barrel rifle. I am not rigging anything. No rubber bands, paperclips, or old chevy parts thank you. Smart Ass remarks like this is are why forums get bad reputations. This thread was started to see if anyone had done this conversion or at least attempted it. And to let folks know I am going to attempt it. Not to have sm
  4. Kinda still leaves the whole part I'm trying to get rid of. Still leaves an upward pull. And I have ZERO interest in moving the group on this rifle. As far as I can tell, there is no reason NOT to do the conversion I'm going to attempt.
  5. Porogress (lack of) update. Got a promotion at work and been out of town for a couple weeks for classes/training. Getting back to work on the trigger conversion. Having difficulty locating new axis pins for the trigger and wishbone. They are actually flat head semi tubular rivets. But nobody seems to have them in the size I need. 3/16 diameter x 1 3/8 or 1 7/16 will work as well. Cant get an answer at RAAC for some reason. Any thoughts on acquiring these pieces?
  6. The 223 and x39 have a "wishbone" actuated linkage trigger. Its 3 pieces, the trigger itself which pivots on a pin, the "wishbone" which also pivots on another pin, and the main group. The trigger rocks the wishbone which pulls up on the release. But, now the 308 has the traditional trigger group in the traditional place with a very NON traditional extended trigger lever that forces an upward trigger pull. 223 and x39 have a more normal straight back pull. As far as I know yes the tapco group will work in a conversion.
  7. Why you say that? For those of us who dont want to move the trigger group, we need another option. Everyone is quick to say "just move your trigger group". To me it looks like about the same amount of work and I like the stock I have.
  8. I have the 21.8" bbl 308 with Saiganov stock and 8x42 POSP. As for sighting in, easy as pie. as long as its tight on the mount shouldn't have any zero problems. The only thing that keeeps my groups large is the trigger pull. How can you go wrong with a POSP? Used on PSL, TIGR, SVD, and other Dragunov Variants. Granted many used the PSO-1 which is very similar to POSP. From a sniper/hunter/overwatch standpoint the built in rangefinder makes it worthwhile if you know how to use it. Less gear to carry. Eye relief is great with my stock but I can see how the standard stock would be rough to use th
  9. Well, been talking to a friend that is a gunsmith and we are going to start on this project around the 13th of this month. I got a s223 trigger assembly and have been measuring recievers and micing parts and as far as i can tell its a go. I will keep posted if anyone is interested to see if we succeed or fail miserably.
  10. I agree with XXasdf about the crappy trigger pull. I own a 21.8" barrel S308. I put the Saiga "skeletonized" stock on mine. Think Dragunov. I did not move my trigger group. And personally I dont want to. I like the length of pull as is. The kind of setup you are going for should dictate which stock to use and whether to move the trigger group. Looks like you are going the "tactical" route. With those stocks you mention, you will have to move the trigger group. I may get flamed for this, but the 21" 308 is no lightweight and it is quite front heavy. In my opinion better suited to tracking a
  11. Looking to attempt a project. I need an entire factory trigger setup. All pieces even the pins. I figure if anyone has done a Pistol grip conversion you may have one laying around. Needs to be from 223 or x39. Not from 308. PM if anyone has anything.
  12. Just curious about something. I have been contemplating ideas to help the 308 nearly vertical trigger pull. And I DO NOT want to move the group. I was comparing my Saiga 223 and 308 and am just wondering if anyone has ever used a S223 style trigger linkage on a 308? It has a kind of 2 stage linkage but keeps the pull straight back. Obviously it would require drilling a couple holes that are not there, but I believe it would be worthwhile. Hence, if I can come across a group from a rifle that someone has moved the group on, I intend to attempt this. Ill need the entire group and pins. Anything
  13. Got the stock on and did some iron sight shooting. I like the thing quite a bit. My cheekpiece is padded. I think I've decided on the 8x42 posp. Id like to find one in a black finish but not gonna be too picky.
  14. On my Saiga 223 I had same problem. I got lucky and got a metal 30 rounder that fits perfectl. i got 2 Surefire 30 rounders at the same time, one fit pretty well, the other wouldnt lock in. Therefore I filed on the locking tab just a bit. It doesnt take much. I was afraid that if a ground on the locking lever on the gun, the good fitting mags wouldn fit good anymore.
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