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  1. All I can say for sure is my experience with them. I had a couple of questions after I had ordered, and they immediately answered them for me. Got the sweet 2-6 x 24 right here in my hot little hands...
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you all know about my recent purchase from Kalinka. I know there have been mixed reviews in the past about them floating around the internet. After reading these I was a bit sceptical about ordering from them.... Well all I can say is if you are thinking about ordering russian optics, get it from Kalinka. They personally answered all my emails within 24hrs. They shipped my package the next business day (monday), and it got to me on wed.. I'm very happy with the transaction, so I thought I would spread the word. Anyway, hope that helps if you guys
  3. Hey guys, 'm looking for one of these. Thanks
  4. Hey thanks for the information. I didn't know it was illegal to modify the mag? well ya learn something new every day(hopefully) I went ahead and reeinstalled the ramp, as well as reversed the modifications I made to the mags to restore them to there original state. thanks again for straightening me out. I definately want to keep everything 100% legal .
  5. :wub: very very very nice! I have your $$ right here in my sweaty hand... please keep us updated as far as testing goes, and put me on "the list" for when you are ready to relese them. thanks, r :exciting:
  6. Do you have a pic of an unmodified mag so I can see the difference. Where on the mag did you weld the lip? I can't seem to tell from the picture. thanks sure,here you go r I tapped and added a ramp, as well. its easy too. cant go wrong either way. out here in cali though, we can only use 10 round mags so it's easier for me to just use my saiga mag which unless you modify cant be used with the ramp. so I took out the ramp, and welded up the lips. Its your choice.. whichever you prefer :)
  7. yeah I sure would like to get a cetme, or a fal, or a AK kit, but they are all out of my price range. Ah it sucks competing against illegal aliens for wages..maybe next year for the FAL. I guess for now I'll stash another saiga just incase things go badly with the new Pres. and we can't get 'em anymore...
  8. How much are they there? **get the saiga get the saiga get the saiga $375 at the gun show, and $425 at the store. get the saiga get the saiga get the saiga heheh funny that is exactly what keeps going through my head
  9. nice shootin! I would have to give the advantage to the saiga 223. not only is it accurate, but it can eat all the cheap russian ammo you have, and only get cleaned once a year. the AR only likes the expensive stuff, and needs to be broken down every couple hundred rounds to be cleaned . SHTF? I'm takin my saiga! case closed
  10. I've seen the other beryl mounts. they look cool, but you have to unscrew them to clean the gun,and you have to remove the rear iron sight. this is the beryl I'm talking about this is not yet released, but should be any day now. It's a quick release fold up, and lets you keep /use stock iron sights as well, just like the real deal. I'm not sure, but this looks like the best thing going at this point. I wonder if we could get DPH to comment on it?
  11. Thanks for the response guys I was reading on another board that this would be acceptable for an ar15 with irons?! that does not say much for the highly touted, highly priced AR that we all hear is so much better than our cheap innaccurate sheetmetal "toy" guns. Come on folks post your range pics! I know you guys are a lot better shot than me. let's show them what our cheap commie cr#p can do! this can be the thread that we refer them to when they start telling those fish tales!
  12. A Saiga Rifle in factory configuration has 14 parts. A Saiga shotgun threaded for chokes has 14 parts. A Saiga shotgun not threaded for chokes has 13 parts. (parts on a factory config saiga are in bold) (1) Receiver (2) Barrels (3) Barrel extensions (4) Mounting blocks, trunnion (rifles only) (5) Muzzle attachments (shotguns w/ threaded barrels only) (6) Bolts (7) Bolt carriers (8) Operating rods (9) Gas pistons (10) Trigger housings (11) Triggers (12) Hammers (13) Sears (14) Disconnectors (15) Buttstock (16) Pistol grips (17) Forearms, handguards (18) Magazine bodie
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