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  1. So far I have killed 3 with my S-12 and 2 with my S-308, both are fine hunting guns. Deer, unlike democrats, don't seem to care what the gun the bullets came out of looks like. Word to the wise, for hunting get the Polychoke without the muzzle brake. Saturday a couple of weeks ago I shot a total of 9 times and my ears are still ringing.
  2. I watched this a couple of times and it looks to me like a squib load. You cant see it but you can hear the rifle click. He removes the mag, racks the charging handle and ejects something and I think he picks up the same mag and puts it back in. The next round hits the bullet from the dud that's still in the chamber and won't let the bolt go into battery. He racks it again and this time gets it in far enough for the rifle to go kaboom. That's just my theory but if you ever have a round that pops, fizzes or just doesn't feel right and you have to eject it manually make sure the bullet isn't stu
  3. G-ray

    Saftey stop

    Here's the pic I think
  4. G-ray

    Saftey stop

    You can do this. Really cheap and invisible.
  5. Oh, that's camo? What's it for, hiding in a candy shop? You may need to adjust your monitor. I've never been to Hungary but in this country the trees are gray and brown and the leaves are green. (hahahaHAha) Yeah? And what's the blue and peach for? lol Seriously? I thought you were just kidding around but there must really be something wrong. The stock is gray, brown, and green. The metal is parkerized dark gray, original finish. It has some wear but not much. The gas cylinder is stainless and the original black finish is gone so it's a lighter gray than the rest. There's not
  6. Even with 6" chopped off the barrel it still weighs 10 1/2 lbs so the recoil is not that bad but 30-06 coming out of an 18" barrel does make allot of noise.
  7. Oh, that's camo? What's it for, hiding in a candy shop? You may need to adjust your monitor. I've never been to Hungary but in this country the trees are gray and brown and the leaves are green. (hahahaHAha)
  8. Federal Tru-Ball. I use a scope for slugs because in my gun at 50 yds. slugs hit about three feet higher then buckshot so I can't use the sights.
  9. Not a good idea to use sabot slugs in a gun with a choke, they were designed for rifled barrels. You can use Foster style "pumpkin ball" slugs in just about any shotgun except some like the Mossberg 835/935 because the barrel is too big or with some extra full turkey chokes and buckshot chokes like the Patternmaster. Foster style slugs are shaped like a cup and are smaller than the inside of the barrel. When fired the gases push on the inside of the cup and make it expand to fit the barrel but since it's hollow it can deform to fit through the choke. These slugs were designed before screw in c
  10. Don't be hatin' cause nobody makes a camo laminated stock for an AK lol
  11. The metal needs to be refinished but I had to stop somewhere. Maybe someday I will tackle parkerizing, I have several guns that need it. The scope has to stay. I built this gun to hunt with. The deer around here move the most just before dark. In the woods I lose almost a half hour of prime time because I can't see the sights.
  12. I was browsing Numrich's website and ran across a M-1 Garand tanker kit, 18" bbl. I soon realized I really needed one so I decided to build it myself. This is the first and so far the only gun I have built from scratch. I jumped through all the hoops and ordered a receiver from CMP, got the kit from Numrich, and the stock and other miscellaneous parts from Fulton Armory. I had to buy an action wrench, barrel vice, a jig to put the barrel on straight so the front sight/gas cylinder wouldn't be canted, chamber reamers, and headspace gauges. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. I
  13. I used a carbide burr in a die grinder to grind those spotwelds real thin and pried up on the plate and it popped right off.
  14. I painted my 308 with some kind of high temp grill paint, don't remember what brand. It looked really good, then I found out WD-40 washed it right off. I think it was Rustoleum.
  15. G-ray

    My S-12

    Here's a pic of my selector stop. I used a longer bolt in the PG, cut a piece of 3/16 flatbar to size, put a spacer under it and trimmed it so the safety hits it just as the dimple in the lever clears the bottom of the receiver.
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