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  1. Correct. I believe that I purchased the last competition stock for sale from Mississippi Auto Arms. Out of curiosity, round abouts how many competition stocks were produced?
  2. Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  3. Any advice for grinding off the old hard plastic from the Tromix Competition Stock in order to put the limbsaver pad on it? My gunsmith was unwilling to try to grind it off. He said I need to do it myself or find someone who can grind it off. I don't have the tools to grind it off. So I guess what I'm really asking is what should I tell someone to keep in mind when they grind it off? And any ideas on where I could go to find someone who can do it? I already have the limbsaver pad. Thanks!
  4. wesleyowen


    I'm contemplating which sort of optics I want and which type rail would work, so my question centers around: 1. Which type of rail will work best for what I'm trying to do 2. Ideas on back up iron sights 3. Ideas on brands/models of optics (red dot type). Currently I have a Tromix Competition Stock and I have not yet installed any sort of top rails. I'd like back up iron sights to go along with the red dot sight. I noticed the HK Rear Sight Base with Extended Picatinny Rail. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/index.p...products_id=449 For those of you who have one, is t
  5. Also +1 for FBMG. They have mine right now for a conversion. They are honest people and do good work.
  6. My gunsmith says he has an Ultimak rail that somehow works with the S-12 gas tube. That's all I know about that at the momment. Once it gets done and have it in my possession I'll know a bit more. I decided I'm going to use flip up front and rear sights.
  7. Thank you and glad to hear it straight from the horses' mouth. This is about what I figured from everything I could read about it. Your device is exactly what I was looking for. Until I learned about it I wondered why no one had made one device that accomplished all three of those purposes. I'm more interested in maximizing functionality than maximizing the sexiness or scariness of the device. Sometime in the next few months I'll get one and then see how it does, but I don't have any other breacher or muzzle break or flash hider for the S-12 to compare it to. That is interesting th
  8. If you have experience with the KA-1212BR, please share your opinion on it. The description makes it sound intriguing. They say it is a flash suppressor, a muzzle brake, and a breacher. I'm considering getting one. "The KA-1212BR brake/breacher unit is designed to fit most models of 12ga smoothbore shotguns (muzzle OD will be needed to order correct unit). This product offers all of the features of the standard KA-1212 but with some design modifications to facilitate door/lock breaching. KA's proven '6/45' port arrangement, in addition to its usual benefits, also reduces the amount
  9. I knew that the Tromix weld-on trigger guard existed and today I learned of the Saigatech trigger guard. If you have firsthand experience with both of them I'd love to hear your comparison of them. If you have firsthand experience with the Saigatech, please tell me about it. It sounds like the Tromix weld-on is proven, but I've not heard much about this Saigatech. So in other words, if you ignore cost, is there any reason why one is better than the other? My observations from looking at the descriptions and photos: It seems to me that the benefit of the Saigatech is that it doesn
  10. Please tell me about the optics mount. Which type of optics mount is it? Does it work out OK having the HK sights and the optics? Thanks.
  11. Call FBMG. I'm up for their next batch of conversions. They have a lot of experience doing Saiga conversions. You can find their number at http://www.fbmginc.com/
  12. Someone just emailed me an answer. The verdict is yes you need a folding mechanism, but you need either the adapter or the receiver back plate. Cheaper to get the receiver back plate.
  13. I'm setting my gun up for optics. I am installing an Ultimak gas tube optic mount. I want to be able to use optics and down the road be able to also use HK sights without having the optics interfere with the sights. I've met someone a while back who did this on their gun and I can't remember how they did it. They had an Ultimak gas tube optic mount and some other thing so that the optic didn't interfere with the sights. Anyone have any recommendations? Or is setting it up for both optics and sights a bad idea? Opinions with supporting rational is welcome.
  14. My new Tromix Competition Folding Stock will arrive this week. I know that it needs a folding mechanism and an adapter, but do I need to get a Tromix "Receiver Back Plate" in order to best install the Tromix folding stock? If so, would it be immediately obvious to any gunsmith to know what to do with it?
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