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  1. Best. Post. Here. All you need are the Shoty-Saiga's and you'd win my undying loyalty as a fan.
  2. On UTG Rails, BE CAREFUL. Do NOT, repeat, DO NOT tighten those screws after they give the slightest resistance! I burned a UTG side rail last year, completely stripped the threading on one hole (not the screw, the rail). It never held zero after that. If you want an undoubtable rail-system for the AK platform, Texas Weapon Systems is what you are looking for. However, for one of those you could buy either a SKS or put a hefty payment toward another Saiga. So depending on the level of certainty your looking for, either take good care of the UTG rail or be prepared to cry when your writing t
  3. Maybe I forgot, but I just read here in the "DSA for Saiga .308" thread that Izhmash was going bankrupt! This kind of shocked me. Really, Izhmash, the factory of Mikhail, birthplace of the AK-pattern rifle, BANKRUPT?! Then I found this: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/10/08/breaking-news-izhmash-is-not-insolvent-and-operations-will-continue-as-normal/ If I'm reading this right, a creditor to Izhmash went bust, and tried to recover it's loses by closing Izhmash down or something. But apparently it's not going tits up. EDIT: Translating this website into English go
  4. I assume Izhmash made the Saiga... I thought they made all of them. Magazines are 20 round capacity. He says it's the 20" barrel, although he's never measured it that's what the store he bought it from said. No modification. Was supposed to be a project and just never happened.
  5. I've got a line on a .308. Need to know this: Is $500 to much for a .308? The guy selling his factory-stock .308 has five and wants to get rid of them with the rifle. So he raised the price overall. I've shopped around and apparently these are roughly forty each. That means it's roughly $200 for the magazines. Therefor, his Saiga itself is $500. He's asking $650 for all of it. So am I getting a deal or can you find Saiga .308's cheaper than $500 somewhere?
  6. I could have sworn there was a picture in either this or the .223 picture(s) thread that had someone who bought a US-made Galil style front sight. Thanks for the ACE tip. I completely forgot about them.
  7. I did away with that .308 I posted a couple of months ago. I went ahead and measured it's barrel to find that the guy had actually shortened it to 18". I wanted a 22", for the extra muzzle velocity. So now I've got a line on another, this time FACTORY STOCK, Saiga .308. I've decided I want to convert it to a Galil-style rifle. You know with the front sight on the gas-block and such. I'll use a Texas Weapons Systems scope mount and attach a rear peep sight. Problem is I've been to KVAR and to Tapco, and I can't find what I'm looking for! Converison parts, yes. Galil sights and gas block
  8. Damn some of you for having more money than me... Grr... Nice rilfe SenatorCongressman.
  9. Vermiform, please re-post your picture but much, much smaller.
  10. Well if accuracy is an issue, then I'd take the M1A. I know, I have ancestors who made the claim, that the M14 easily put rounds within a palm sized area. Meanwhile, so many people bag on the Saiga for it's accuracy that I'm kind of curious what will happen when I finally pick up that .308 and take it to the range.
  11. Desert Dog (member here), claims to have made an MOA accurate Saiga .308. When you see the work he put into one (check pictures post), you start to wonder if it could be possible. He put a lot of work into that thing.
  12. SCORE!!!!!!!!! After telling him that I wouldn't buy it if the muzzle brake was really welded to it, he promised to remove it before I buy it! He's going to heat it up and remove it tonight. He also is going to sand off the paint on the gas piston to at least make it more uniform, for ten bucks I can put a decent coat of something on it. I think. What exactly do they paint firearms with? Would it cost more than twenty bucks? I'm just looking to re-do the gas piston mind you, the rest will come later. What do you guys think I should do with it once I pick it up? He's had it for near
  13. He said it's welded. But looking at it, and once I felt it, it's hard to tell if it wasn't just threaded on there. It does not feel welded, and it doesn't look welded. Therefor, could it just be some bad threads? Either way I have till Friday to buy it or he sells it to the next guy in line.
  14. Update here: I managed to get some pictures of the insides. I took them myself when I told him I wanted an expert to look at them. Of course I don't actually know a real-life Saiga expert, so I'm going to let you guys be the judge here. Below will be 12 (yes, 12) pictures of the rifle in question. The insides. The insides without the recoil spring. Here is something disturbing. The gas piston is missing a lot of paint. He said that he painted it and that it's come off since then. Not a good sign. Finally the whole rifle. So what do you guys think?
  15. You can _try_ to grind it off, but this falls back to the problem of how badly did the dbag who's selling it to you already fuck up the rifle. I'd rather spend the money on something I know isn't an absolute piece of shit and build it out myself. I understand that you're getting some compliance parts, but honestly, it sounds like you're buying a Ford Pinto with some fancy rims and spray paint. If you're really considering buying that rifle, I'd HIGHLY recommend taking it to a gunsmith before hand and having it inspected. If the seller won't allow it, tell him to shove off. All good
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