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  1. ditto the double stack for me. i live in alaska and i dont pick a gun for what i am hunting i pick a gun for what is going to be hunting me. i sleep really well knowing i have 3 20 round drums in my tent. so hell yes for me. seems like a clever person could make a kit to mod the md-20 to run two layers like the 75 round ak drums. more is better for me
  2. i have thre of the md 20 drums and they were all a snug fit the firsst few times i used them,,,,, filing would be a last resort. ditto calling them maybe they can walk you through fitting them. just sayin mine had to be gently convinced to fit! good luck
  3. i have a primary arms 1x4.5 with a red dot on the cross hairs,,,,,, does this mean i get to have my cake and eat it too? i think iwas like 150$
  4. a little more north and waest ,,, moose pass alaska
  5. my xmass tree this year was a tripod of saigas with lights on it,,, this is making me think i should do a full size 50 stars version great idea i love it
  6. here is my girl friends bike,,,,,, hoping to camo mine this summer,,, and a scabbard of course
  7. the bho is a pita (my dogs mane also ) after allot of cussing and beer the dental floss trick works best for me and i really like the bho on the range. as a note i did the rsa fcg and love the 4 lb pull but,,,, i did adjust it wrong the first time and had to have a gunsmith show me what i i did wrong. and when i adjust the pistol grip screw it changes my fcg settings. i was getting triple taps and had a few 10 round full autos before i figured i better get help. bottom line get help at some point we all need it. allot of good info here but some times you have to bite the bullet and get a pro.
  8. since i dont see alaska as a option i am voting for the republic of alaska. but i have to note if it come to that we will already have lost. the battle will be to take back the constitution and restore our god given rights and get rid of the entitlements,,,,,, ok your right ill just stick with alaska. really hope it dosent come to that
  9. i use rail road tie plates ,,, they go under the track between the rail and the tie. they are 9 x 16 i use one for 200 to 300 and weld 2 together for farther out. no you cant take them right off the tracks but a walk around a rail yard or recently worked on tracks may turn some up,,,, nothing like dinging a 600 yard gong!
  10. how about some posts of best groups at 50 and 100 yards? please include a pic of the gun and the ammo use so we can see if it is iron sight,scope,ect. id like to hear from some re loaders too i am getting 1.5 inch groups from a load i worked up shooting 125 grain frangible .308 diameter and 23.7 gr of imr 4198 in my 7.62 x 39. this is a 100 yd bench rest group. should be interesting to see what you guys are getting from factory ammo and if the last year of learning to reload was worth it. god bless obama without him i wouldn't have the new guns, reloading press, x number of rounds stock piled,
  11. cool good to see some groups posted,,, i haven't been on in a while. i am loading .308 diameter frangible 125 grain into a 7.62x39 with 23.7 gr of imr 4198. took me a year to work up this load because of the newbie factor and the learning curve but i am finally getting the desired results, this is my best 100 yard group so far with that round. 3x9 bushnell with a full conversion saiga
  12. Cool! I was looking at that mount too. Let us know how you like it when you get one. i am counting my dimes as we speak!
  13. looks like the texas system is the way to go. i hesitate to spend 35$ on another side mount that may or may not work. it will be worth 135$ to have a rock solid mount even if i have to move it to clean the thing!
  14. i am getting 8" groups at best at 100 yd and sadly not in the black,,,, when i do get the scope sighted i do allot better so thanks for telling me what is working for you guys,,,, here is a link to where we went deer hunting on jet skis last weekend with the saiga http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=60.72233,-147.92765&ll=60.72233,-147.92765&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1
  15. thanks guys,,, what does utg stand for and what vendor did you get them from?,,,, i wonder if i can drill and tap mine? good info
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