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  1. Could someone please tell me the dimensions of the screws that keep the dust cover in place for the MD arms Saiga drum. Thank you
  2. Sir, I have a Drum I purchased from your company, great product I need the screws that hold the cover plate in place. could you direct me to where I can purchase them, Thank you carlos
  3. Just wanted to give ya follow up on my previous TOPIC 20 rd drum "is this fixable"... I got beat up a little bit ha LOL but took your advise and contacted Mr. Davidson he promptly replied to my e-mail.He explained to me what i could've or might've done wrong in a very professional manner and what i needed to do for the "A" fitting, and replaced it and gave me a follow up e-mail to make sure everything was OK.. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE, COMPANY!!!!!! Thanks Mr. Davidson
  4. Hey Mr. Taylor, Mr. Davidson replied to my e-mail, told me to send it to him he'll see what he can do..... Thank ,You!!!!
  5. ..i was just thinking with the vast knowledge of SAIGA"S owners here if i used some type of epoxy, glue,Duct tape would it work... No, not really. I do know that this type of material can be "welded" but that takes special equipment. thank you.....
  6. Gentlemen...Thank you for answering or giving advice LMAO,not trying to get beat up for asking a question.. it's a great product, not questioning it's durability,the craftmanship, wrote Mr. Davidson, not asking for a handout, don't want anything for free and no biggie i'll purchase a new one.....i was just thinking with the vast knowledge of SAIGA"S owners here if i used some type of epoxy, glue,Duct tape would it work... Thank You
  7. i'm thinking it would've been better to just purchase a new one, then ask for some advice WOW.....
  8. It's a great product,i contacted Mr. Davidson have no problem purchasing another drum ....maybe it can be fixed Thank you
  9. Saiga GURU'S At the range today was careless and dropped my MD 20rd Drum, i looked it over and just noticed a few scratches. when i started to shoot the top piece came apart (pics enclosed)...is this fixable, or am i Poop out of luck!?... any advice would be appreciated THANK YOU!!!![/b]
  10. Sir, i have a saiga 12 that i would like too have the barrel cut down to atleast 18in (reading some post this is the legal length right?) trying to find someone to get the work done and not wait 6months to a year . thank you for your quick response!
  11. Cadiz Gun works is in Florida. Being as they are the only official warranty repair shop for these, They would be my first pick if I were you. Definitely use them if you're cutting a 22" down, as they understand the porting issues therein. Call them. They're business members here. EDIT: You were rather vauge... This is a Saiga-12 right? (that's what I assume) How long is the barrel & how short are you going? Are you bringing the barrel below 18" & permanently affixing a brake to compensate for length? (remember a flash hider won't legally bring it to length, only a break. The direction of the slits makes a big legal difference from what I understand) Are you going SBS? These are all things to consider for various operating & legal reasons. There's more to cutting these down than most traditional pump & break action shotties. Yes...reading my post VERY vauge i apologize for that!. i have a saiga 12, with a 22in barrel. i'm looking to have it cut it down to atleast 18in, i was hoping to find someone local thank you for the quick response
  12. Good morning all..... i've been searching the website for a gunsmith or anyone reliable to cut down my BARREL.....could someone assist me please...i live in ORLANDO, FLORIDA any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You
  13. thank you all..i took it back to the person who did the original Conversion....we'll see how it works the next time i take it out to te range!....
  14. Mine did the same thing a couple of times attributed to the BHO having some slop in the trigger axis pin between the trigger and BHO. It wobbles and it is allowed to be pushed up in the receiver. My BHO spring is not slipping off btw. I've been advised to try and shim it with a washer. Haven't tried that yet. I will try it but if it continues, it'll be one less feature on the weapon to make it more reliable. Thank you for the quick response.....i'm trying to visualize the washer method, is there a tutuorial in the site?... looking into the trigger housing it looks like it'llhappen again. i was thinking of bending it slightly would that damage it? i apologize fo all the questions just trying to learn and gain some experience from you all !! Thank You.
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