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  1. In Texas, we have no restrictions on means or method used for hog. Doing my part to keep them in check. Got this barrow hog in Nov. We estimate him in the 350lb range.
  2. a few years ago, i started a list of importers of the saiga line. the earliest i had found was 1993-94 Big Bear Arms of Dallas, Tx. Have it noted, only known to have imported 7.62x39.
  3. i have 2. probably around 500 rounds over each and both look good. just some scuffing. i got my first guide in 09. is holding up fine. your mags may sit lower in the front than mine. might be causing a harder impact with the guide. you could try to buff it smooth if you feel it is impeding the action.
  4. ITS A SAD DAY WHEN YOU HAVE TO WORK BK TO PICK UP JOHNS [LOL] . DON'T THEY HAVE ANY BARS AROUND THERE lmao, yeah very sad, and no, this town was in a dry county until 4 years ago. it now has around 8 restaraunts that serve beer or liquor. convience stores and wal mart can now sell it.
  5. from what i have seen going through that area known as "old town" beaumont, there are four or five houses like this that could be shut down with that many arrests. beaumont is the city next the town i live in. one of the ladies busted for prostitution during this, is known locally through a facebook page about this town where she is lovingly referred to as the BK hooker due to her extensive time working the burger king lobby for johns. lol
  6. saw this in the news a few days ago. pretty impressive work. http://www.12newsnow.com/story/30317293/beaumont
  7. 1995 accura integra, 265k. had a few other high mileage but thats the highest.
  8. i like the waterbrick containers a lot, so far. made in USA. very thick polymer. 3.5 gallon capacity. handles (steel & plastic) go on and off with little effort. inside the screw on cap is a thick rubber gasket. they are still empty but in stacks of 4 tall, they stack lock together with just enough room to not wiggle or be too snug to lift off the stack. also had 2 spigot lids with it. both seem to be good build quality too. the foodbricks and ammobrick both have a snug fitting tupperware type lids with a black, silicone type gasket. foodbrick has a similar build to the waterbrick but
  9. you know me, didnt need it, probably why i won it. i dont even mind that i just finished saving around 20 gallons worth of bottles about a week before i heard i won. these are good quality items im glad to replace other things with. our deer lease will have some new upgrades too.
  10. GunFun, I have only heard of a couple other people winning contests online. i even called their place to verify the email was real. lol. i just dont trust the internet. Chile, thanks Elvis Christ, It was 4 large containers. they over-nighted them too.
  11. 7.62x39 335$ 2011 S12 450$ 2012 both factory, both were below average price at that current time.
  12. "i won an internet contest" normally is the sign of a scam but in this case, its true! i won a facebook contest from brownells for an emergency and survival gear giveaway. The boxes came in today. woot woot (picture should be attached). contains, The Runner "CR" (Critical Response) kit, esg water filtration kit, food, H20, and ammo containers, shooting bag, SOG & Buck knives, and some hats. super thrilled.
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