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  1. If you do a new stock, forearms, pistol grip, and trigger assy., that should give you enough parts. You can always skip one of those and just use American made mags also.
  2. I was in the same situation. Ended up getting a AK74 rear trunion from AKbuilder.com. Grinding/drilling the old rivets out was a real pain. Ended up scarring up my receiver. Looks OK now with the Russian Red wood, but I really wish I had never cut that tang.
  3. DPH "screw-on-clip" Phantom muzzle brake. Fits uncoverted Saiga 7.62x39 rifles. This was made by DPH a for a while. The clip fits over the front sight and creates a half thread around the muzzle. Then the muzzle brake screws on over this. I've had this on my gun for several years and hundreds of rounds. No issues at all. I've included a couple of washers that I used so it would tighten down before bottoming out. Looks good on the gun and works great. $50 money order or PayPal. Thanks for looking.
  4. I put a thread gauge on it. I was wrong about the 36 threads. (Should have taken notes and not gone from memory.) It's 1/2-32. Looks like one option is a shoulderless adapter from Precision Armament. Would convert from 1/2-32 to 5/8-24 and then I could put a .308 flash hider on it. I don't want a giant brake on here, was actually hoping to put a slant brake on it. May just get a thread protector. Really more hassle than I was looking for. Not sure why someone picked that particular thread.
  5. Bought a rough looking Mak90 and started making it 922r compliant. When I bought it, the barrel was threaded for a muzzle brake, which I thought was a plus at the time. Bought a Tapco slant brake, but it slips right on. Tried an AR15 flash hider. It will start on there, but it appears to have 36 threads per inch, RH. I tried a 1/2x36 flash hider for a 9mm AR pistol. It will make it almost two turns then stop. It's not 1/2x28, it's not 1/2x36, and it's too small for a 14x1LH slant brake. At this point, I'm considering silver soldering or welding a brake on. Any ideas?
  6. Well..... I figured I should post a pic so you could see what I was talking about. It had been a while since I had looked at the guide, but I remember thinking "It has wear on it." Either I don't remember stuff too well, or someone snuck in during the night and replaced my bullet guide. When I went to take a picture, there was hardly any wear at all!! Guess my memory is slipping. Big surprise. And I'm not having any feed issues at all.
  7. Hey guys, Years ago I used this site to convert my Saiga. I've been very pleased with the results. Over 1800 rounds through the gun with no issues, but I have a question about the bullet guide. I got one from Dinzag when he was just starting out. Now, I'm surprised at how much wear the guide is showing. I assumed it was made from pretty hard steel, but it's wearing like aluminum. If you used a Dinzag bullet guide, how many rounds have you shot through the gun? Has yours worn significantly? Any feed issues? Thanks.
  8. Doh! I hit the wrong "reply" button. What I was trying to ask was, "How soon will the 7.62 flash hiders be in stock?"
  9. Do a search over at ar15.com, in the Refinishing section. One guy took a Duracoated K-var handguard, and used over a dozen different solvents on it, and the Duracoat held up. Seems like one of the best options according to the guys over there.
  10. Scott, I really like this idea. Are any in stock now (if I placed an order by 3/1)?
  11. Is the MP5 forearm U.S. made? That was my problem. I didn't have enough compliance parts without using U.S. made forearms. There are a lot of neat parts out there, including the UTG, but I couldn't use them. If I had added a piston, it would have given me more leeway.
  12. Ordered my "clamp on" on Thursday. Got an email today (Tuesday) saying it was on backorder. So, I cancelled the order. I've got a regular flash hider on order now. Looks like I'm threading.
  13. Real interested also, DPH. Please keep us informed.
  14. I've got a folding stock on mine, so it meets all the length requirements. But, I've never fired it folded, for two reasons: 1. Regardless of what you see on TV and the movies, it's just about impossible to hit anything with any weapon, if you're not actually using the sights. 2. Ammo is too expensive to waste like that. The reason for a folding stock is to make it easy to transport the weapon. There are AK pistols, but I believe to have any kind of accuracy with them, you extend them out in front of you, keeping pressure on the sling, and use the sights. So, you end up shooting
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