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  1. I love my WASR its a 85 and goes bang every time I jst wish century hadnt made the mag well so big would like to have it redone with a NoDak spud reciver
  2. A CF hand gaurd with bonded threaded inserts would be the best answer to any aluminum rail system good info Uzi, the only part of the BC that would have isues would be where the BC slams into the trunion not sure if it could take it, but how do U know unless U try see to me this is the type of forward thinking the AK industry needs. now we need someone to build one Im gonna send emails to NoDak Spud, AK builder and Firing line see if anyone bites
  3. so bushmasters AR is like ATI's stocks..... interesting 2nd have you tried making a pistol grip or stock? i jst watched some carbon fibre vids and it dosent look hard jst involved
  4. Blazer76


    mine was acutually really acurate but the hand gaurds are a real frustrating so I dumped it
  5. thats awsome, is that layed over a steel reciver? it would be cool to see handgards and but stocks made out of carbon fiber. It would be interesting to see if caron fiber could take the stress but I dont see y it couldnt Bushmaster makes a carbon fiber AR reciver
  6. but thats the point is to speed things up, the smaller gas port is no problem cause I have a adjustable gas block (currently my gun has less recoil than a AR) so I shaved the sholders on each side and took quite a bit of weight off my BC, wich added more recoil no matter how much I turned the gas down so I had a Wolf extra power recoil spring, and that was the trick, now she cycles about 15% faster with less gas which stays behind the bullet, the hammer on my G2 was way to heavy so I took some weight off it too
  7. ok anyone here that would be willing to mill me a titanium gas piston and a 6061 bolt carrier
  8. what FCG and ak do you have? no thers no special measurements, I did mine all by pushing the bolt and carrier back and forth by hand, and pulling the trigger with my eyes closed so i could feel the the trigger better
  9. mine comes from a blazer i used to have it was a 79 when I think of that rig i think of preserverance: To remain steadfast aginst all odds, and 76 is close to my b-day year
  10. I like the looks of the RR LAR-47 definitly heading in the right direction can any one cut a bolt carrier out 7075 or 6061? Im also wanting a gas tube/ hand gaurd system made what I basicly want is a ultimak style gas tube with the factory gas tube reatainer so it doesnt have to use the bands the lower hand gaurd would be like this http://store.carolin...rearm-Ar/Detail but made to attach to the gas tube so that the front hand gaurd retainer would not be used and could be removed oh and by the way Rock River is working on a poly 1911
  11. the plastic is kinda cool but wood uh No lol, so are they yours? I think the plastic would'nt do well in Military trials though, maybe if it had a steel or aluminum skeleton
  12. GOB that gas system sounds comlicated, how would it draw in the clean air? 3rdgear my ruger 10/22 steel bolt hasnt worn through the reciver yet and it has around 5,000 rounds throught it and there are many guns now that have steel bolts in aluminum recivers
  13. If I had a PSL I would get a DEZ Arms adjustable gas block it will tame most of the recoil by reducing the diamiter of the gas port and keep more gas behind the bullet, I did it to my WASR and shaved a pound off the carrier and also have a Wolf extra power spring and I have less recoil than a AR
  14. ok ive finished my wish list First off I would have it chambered in 6.5 Grendal, the receiver would be drop forged and CnC milled out of 7075 or 6061 T-6 aluminum like the Sako 95, but with a saiga shot gun style straight in mag well with a AR style mag release, the rear of the receiver would be tapped for Ace or similar stock attachments, A Cadiz last round bolt hold open and ambidextrous button bolt release would be used and fitted, and Nickel Boron or Ceramic coated. The trigger guard would be part of the receiver and shaped like the Sako 95. The Bolt carrier would be milled out of 7075
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