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  1. someone needs to pony up and cut an AES 10B down to about 18 inches and slap it in one.....the heavy barrel on the RPK should be PRETTY close to the 12.... would make for a beast mode room broom
  2. on second thought, I'll just politely wish you the best of luck with that.............................................................
  3. on this forum somewhere awhile back a guy had one with REALLY BAD reviews.... something about it beating itself apart in a few mags worth of ammo or something.... should be pretty easy to find the post, I've never been interested in one after reading it
  4. sold out in under an hour, only had 20
  5. not my gun, not my brake, only pic I could find on the net real quick that didnt have a websights logo on it..... it looks a bit odd from this angle but you should be able to get the idea..... sorry, easier to add a file pic than dig out the camra and shoot it and download and save and add and..... yea, mine is just like this one but brand new
  6. ***** SPF***** I got one of the last batch that came in, Put it on my 12 for about 10 minuts, decided reguardless of function I couldn't make myself like the look and took it back off. I'm asking 135.00 on it shipped to your door. never shot, still in Russian paper wrap... USPS MO only.... first " I'll take it " followed by PM to confirm mailing address. As I'm trying to fund a PSOP scope for my new 7.62x39 DMR project I'm going to have to request no trades on this one. Thx for looking Datrowl Cross posted, time stamp rules apply
  7. dude, all I said was don't fail to take into account the overlap, no where did I say what length he should or should NOT cut the barrel to, I don't know the man, I don't know his Licensing status. Ya know what diude, take your all red capslock and shove it straight up your fuckin ass.... I'm fucking done with you Don't bother to ban me, I won't be back.... gimp bitch
  8. Go die in fire, slowly and alone! ( read as .... just back from hospital where I had chest x-rays cause I was caughing up blood this AM.... have a serious case of Pnumonia going and other than that its been a pretty average day )
  9. Vltor tube with magpul MoE stock and 1/2 inch cheek riser.... you'll be hard pressed to find a better set up unless the looks just kill it for ya
  10. by origional AK stock you mean wood stock or Poly? cause if its wood, your still in buisness. Get you a wood stock, cut the double L shaped lip off the front, this is the portion that should go inside the gun itself... once you do that, you'll have a flat mounting surface, open your folding mechanism, use it to mark where the screws should sit, drill you some small pilot holes, use some course threaded wood screws and screw the wood stock to the folding unit.... you now have a traditional looking AK stock.... which can still fold if needed for space. Use an internal block on the gun to hold t
  11. Steel AK mags loaded day and night, poly mags left unloaded, all drums other than open back key wind AK drums unloaded
  12. Spiritual Coverfire Incomeing, Breaking out the big guns and got my friends and family reloading mags as well.... keep your head down T.J. You'll be fine when the smoke clears bro....
  13. seen that one once before but damned if I can remember now where I saw it.... groovy mug but again if memory serves me right, you could buy the AR the handles are off of for just a wee bit more than the mug itself
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