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  1. Haha. Geat actor, but not great for that type of movie.
  2. I'm not versed on Pennsylvania gun laws but in any case it's always good to follow all state and local laws pertaining to firearms such as being 922r compliant, magazine capacity and transportation. Be safe and have fun!
  3. Shotgun12

    ATEi M&P

    I bet that could grate cheese like champ.
  4. Gah.. I want one so bad but i'm flat broke.
  5. I only buy from them if they have something that nobody else has (which never happens) and if they have a price lower than anyone else (which never happens).
  6. So what i can ascertain from the video is: Guy in the white shirt isn't paying attention to the black SUV behind him and begins to decrease in speed. The SUV then honks and subsequently runs his bumper into the biker's tire. From what i can hear, the SUV begins to honk his horn several times in a row after the initial bumper scuff and ruffles the feathers of the man in the white shirt. Other bikers observe white shirt getting infuriated with the SUV and in-turn are infuriated themselves. The bikers then swarm the SUV and from what i can see start to crowd around possibly banging on his windows
  7. I will be using "Rust-Oleum High Heat" spray paint. After letting it dry and placing the painted parts into an oven at 350 degrees for an hour really bakes the coat on for a strong durable finish.
  8. Vepr 5.45x39 complete build. So far i have done the full 922r conversion and installed hanguard upper and lower, pistol grip, stock, replaced the trigger and hammer, replaced the gas tube, purchased some other misc. parts. I plan to do some custom work on the barrel and swap the original front sight with an AK-74 24mm front sight with bayonet lug. I Just need to place some orders and i can begin. Also, i'm completely refinishing my WASR 10 with a new paint job and beautiful furniture.
  9. In 2011 and 2012 i was summoned for jury duty both times in a row on my birthday.
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