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  1. or you could just live in an area of the country that seems like a rainforest part of the year. But you do make an excellent point McUzi because the rounds do have the power to make things catch on fire...not that i would of ever disposed of the old couch with one
  2. furry flaming squirrels probally won't help keep the deer around..just a thought
  3. Hunter, i happen to be lucky enough to get a 590 with all the timmings (speedfeed, ghost rings and bayo lug) and i know it was close to 500. the only reason that i don't use my saiga for the house over the 590 is the simple fact that i couldn't find one like yours, personally i would ask for more than 350 for yours just my .02
  4. ya the AA-12 is the one you are thinking of i have the magazine article on it around here someplace...
  5. wow now that is some serious firepower memo to self do not anger the japanese woman with the large gun
  6. I happen to have a Knoxx kit mounted on a Maverick 88 and it is alright for range time but i wouldn't put my money on it for home defense at all since it seems to be fickle when wanting to load (at least for me ). The past two times i've had mine out when you have either 6 or 7 shells left in the mag it won't push the shells up. Might just be a spring adjustment that i need to do.
  7. Motor, i'm in for at least one maybe more depending on the price.
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