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    shopping for good deals on guns. shopping for good deals on ammo for my new guns. shooting crap up with the new ammo for my new guns. fishing a little in between shooting sessions. try to squeeze in some 4 wheeler riding on the weekends. traveling the state to gun shows when i can't go shooting, fishing, or 4 wheeler riding.
  1. how do you excuse this from happening in a life or death firefight? so when you buy any of their mags you dont know if the spring will be a good one or bad one? which mag do you grab when shit hits the fan? this is exactly why i have yet to buy any of the korean glock mags. sure they have all the bells and whistles of factory glock mags, with the exception of the spring of course, the mags weakest link. i'm not gambling. not with my time at the range, or with my life. mag reliabilty is of the utmost importance.
  2. i did something similar to this design that involved cutting a slot in the gas tube. i'll tell you what it is good for. it is good for spraying gas in your face with every shot. i recently ordered me a replacement gas tube and said the hell with this. if it aint broke then dont try and fix it.
  3. nalioth's statement above is the most honest thing i've heard in awhile! i've owned 1 arsenal ak. damn thing patterned like a shogun literally. was ALL over the paper. made mini14 groups look excellent. only thing that accomplishes is it puts a bad taste in peoples mouthes and if i would have been a first time ak owner that would be the way i'd view every ak. an ak that patterms like a shotgun for $800. or......... my $200 mak90 that shoots quarter sized groups past 50yds. i think GOUGING is an understatement.
  4. the kalashnikov USA imports were the ones that would run standard ak mags with no mods. maybe thats why they were banned in CALI. i bought one new back in 1998 and i have one in my safe right now that belongs to my wifes brother. it too runs the standard ak mags. feeds and locks in with no mods. i ordered him some thermold mags to be 922r compliant with his parts count. he installed a tapco intrafuse stock set.
  5. i removed the limiter by grinding off one side of the pin and it slid right out. i used a thick ass "buffer tech" buffer b/c it's the same thickness as the limiter. it slides over the recoil spring as any other ak buffer. it seems all the limiter does is stop the carrier from jumping off the rails at it's rearmost position.
  6. been shooting the bear ammo (GOLDEN/SILVER/BROWN) for years with zero problems. no corrosion, no duds, no failures of any kind. 20 times better than wolf. i have read that some people notice a brownish residue after shooting some of the bear ammo but it's not corrosion. guess it's just some powder residue. you haven't seen corrosion until you experiance the 5.45 and the surplus bulg/russian ammo. referring to the surplus 5.45 of course if you clean properly it's no problem at all, but damn i swear you can see the shit growing in there by the hour. i wouldn't go more than a few
  7. i've also read a long time ago that a carrier that had it's piston screwed too tight caught the rear sight block upon cycling and actually cracked the carrier. or maybe it was too loose. hell i can't remember it's been a few years. i believe it was on this forum though.
  8. ace im sure it probably wont matter b/c the saiga pistons are screwed in tight anyway, but one thing to keep in mind is as the carrier cycles it "jumps" vertically. the pistons are pinned through the "sides" so that as the carrier cycles and flexes with the receiver the piston will be able to ride in the gas tube without any interference. watch this video you'll see what i mean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p5YZLICfyM by you pinning through the top it will now have side to side play and no up and down play, but like i mentioned above, the pistons are screwed in so tight that t
  9. anybody know exactly the best way to legally ship ammo through UPS. read in their terms of use that ammo can be shipped (hell, thats who everybody uses), but ammo brought to a UPS hub for shipment will not be authorized. well how the hell do you get it shipped out? thanks!
  10. yes i know BRG3 makes some awesome wood for the saigas but for right now i'm thinking i'll just go with the factory wood. if i convert then i'll definately go with BRG3 wood. my first s308 is all black and evil. i want this one to be all classic and woody. THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS!
  11. $600 might have been a decent price. there was one floating around gunbroker a few weeks ago. the bidding got up to about $750 but the reserve was never met.
  12. check all local shops weekly if not more frequently. i just stumbled upon one at a local shop saturday. he normally doesn't move these kind of weapons. as new (only 15 rounds fired) for sale on consignment for $450! 16 inch model just like my other one. except i picked it up bout 5 years ago at about $250 NIB. the chances of it being any less than that are very very slim unless you find somebody that doesn't know what they have. GOOD LUCK!
  13. as far as a nickname i like to call it x39. don't think it can be confused with the 5.45 as there is no 5.45 saiga......yet......as i've been told. it's super quick to type.
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