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  1. josey88, Nice work on your Saiag .223 conversion! Can I ask what kind of scope and mount you're using? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the link, cfortune. I'm diggin' this stock set-up.
  3. Nice looking rifle ya got there! Can I ask what kind of stock, buttpad and cheek riser/pad you're using. Thanks!
  4. These mags look real nice!
  5. Meet Ivan! 22" Saiga .308 Rifle: **************************************** **************************************** Rifle Specs: * Saiga rifle, imported by Russian American Armory * .308 Win / 7.62x51 * 554 mm (21.8") barrel * Bolt carrier hand polished with Dremel tool and Cratex polishing cones/wheels * Tapco Intrafuse hand guard, modified to accept sling swivel stud for mounting either a sling or Harris-style bi-pod. * UTG AR-15 buttstock adapter * Rock River Arms Entry buttstock w/ KNS sling swivel mount, and Limbsaver buttpad. * Hogue AK-47 (USA-made) pistol grip * Standard AK-47 style front sight * Krebs Custom 800m rear peep sight * Tapco G2 single hook FCG, ALL contact surfaces polished, and hammer modified to retain the bolt hold open function. * Factory 8-round magazine * Dura-Coat "H&K Black" paint **************************************** Please feel free to offer comments, or ask questions. Cheers!
  6. I've got the 7.62x39, .308 Win. , .223 Rem. and 12-gauge. Man, it would be hard to choose just one. But, if I had to choose, it would come down to practicality. As such, I'd go with the .223 Rem. Here's why... Ammo is easy to find, and the cartridge is shared amongst several popular other rifles (e.g. AR-15, Mini-14) that you'll find in the hands of other like-minded patriots. Additionally, the ammo is lighter...hence, it's easier to carry more on your person. Plus, the .223 Rem. has very good ballistics and is (generally speaking) accurate. From a "conversion" standpoint, I'd say the Saiga .223 rifle is one of the easier models to convert, especially if you go with SureFire magazines (20-round and 30-round available). And, by the way, no bullet guide is needed with the SureFire mags. Of course, I would be remiss not to give a shout-out to the 7.62x39 model. It would be a VERY close second choice. Keep in mind, this recommendation is based solely on the fact that I only get to choose one of them. Truth be told, I'm with the others here...I'd say, "Get 'em ALL!"
  7. I also put in an order with arms of america, they had and might still have 20 inch 7.62s in stock and 5.45 (But I wanted a 16 inch). I gave them a call today and they told me that the new importer is being held up at customs, and that in the next 2 to 3 weeks they should be receiving and shipping them. I'm trying to get another 7.62x39 Saiga rifle myself. Just curious...who is the new importer? Thanks!
  8. Here's a group for ya. Everyone who thinks an AK is inaccurate changes their opinion after this one. FYI, the cardboard is about the size of a man's chest....@ 500 yds. (image removed for space) No bench, no rest. Me, my sling, the ground and a $29 Tasco 3-9x40 scope. It's an AR* fanboi's worst nightmare. (image removed for space) *I do have an AR, so I'm not totally bashing the platform, but I do know which gun I would choose to rely on for 500 yard shots. Nice shooting! 500 yards and well within zombie dropping accuracy. Again, nicely done! I've been kicking the tires on a 5.45x39 Saiga for a while now. And, these pics certainly support the feasibility as a serious contender for a spot in my collection. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  9. Spikester, Nice to see you're into the Saiga rifles. Looks good, man! Yeah, that BHO spring can be a witch. Fortunately, I've installed it more than a handful of times now, and it's not too bad. I figured out something that works well for me (I'm sure I'm not the first/only one who does this). Here's what I do... First, I put a little bend in the short leg of the spring (like they show on the Carolina Shooters Supply video). Then, I put the pin through the trigger, then the BHO spring and then the hole on the right side of the receiver...first. Next, I take a pair of skinny, long needle-nose pliers and lift the bend end of the short leg of the spring onto the "nub" on the BHO. I've found this method works easier than trying to put the short leg of the spring on the BHO first, holding it there, and trying to get the trigger pin through the BHO spring and to seat into the hole on the right side of the receiver. The short leg of the spring always seemed to fall off the "nub" on the BHO. So, one day I just improvised...and viola! The first time I did this, it was out of frustration, or maybe luck. But, then I tried it a second time, and I found it worked pretty easy. No need for dental floss, or scrunched fingers. It's still a little tricky, but I find it works well for me. YMMV. Again, nice job on your conversion!
  10. RW, Don't fret too much over the conversion process. Actually, I find the Saiga .223 rifle the easiest Saiga rifle to convert, especially if you are going to use SureFire magazines. In short, you don't have to add a bullet guide or make a modification to the mag catch, as you do with the Saiga 7.62x39 (in order to use mil-surplus magazines). And, you don't have to modify the safety lever for it to actually "work", as you do on the Saiga 12 and the Saiga .308. If you haven't seen this video, it's a great tutorial for you to get your head around the overall process: Click here The bolt-hold-open modification is NOT covered on the video link above. However, (IMHO) it's a feature of the Saiga rifles that is very nice to have, especially if you shoot at a range that requires you to demonstrate an open bolt/chamber between firing sessions. Aside from that I think BHO functionality is a value-added feature for shooting in general and for safety reasons as already mentioned. As such, I do it on all my "conversion" projects. Actually, the bolt-hold-open (BHO) modification to a Tapco G2 hammer is fairly easy. You just need to remove the width of the BHO lever from the hammer's right side (i.e. the side the BHO is on the receiver) To do this, I use the original hammer (as a measurement guide) and a set of calipers (even cheap ones will work) to get the proper measurement. BTW, the biggest thing I go for is that the side of the hammer I remove material from is perpendicular to the hammer's axis pin. In other words, I don't want the hammer to rotate on a canted edge. It doesn't have to be "perfect", but I definitely make sure it's "straight" to my eye. Go slow and check the angle and measurement often! BTW, a stationary grinder works very well for this procedure. If you have a stationary grinder, great! But, I actually use my Black & Decker bench grinder and put it in a vise (being careful to not crack the case). I make sure it's level in both directions before starting to grind the hammer. And, as I've mentioned, I go slow and measure often. Once you do one hammer "mod" for the BHO, it's like riding a bike. And, you'll find that it's actually pretty straightforward. Remember, the calipers are your friend!! If you get stuck, feel free to touch base via a PM. Or, check around here...LOTS of good information!
  11. ZAS, Nice work! I like the color scheme. Cheers!
  12. RW, Looking forward to seeing your full "conversion". Nice work so far!
  13. Thanks for the info about threading the barrel...I'm getting there. I think I'll try this out soon on a Saiga rifle that I bought as a "sandbox" for various "mods". FYI...I got it at a really good price. Thanks for the kind words about my .223 conversion project. Yeah, I just shot it today for the first time. Wolf ammo...flawless operation. With regards to the Krebs peep sight...I love it. I have put these on all my Saiga's. I really like them a lot. Frankly, I can't stand the factory rear sight. The Krebs' peep sight works wonders for close-to-mid range accuracy. I'm sold on it! It's a little expensive, but I think it's worth it. Cheers!
  14. GG72, Nice work on your converted Saiga .223. Also, congrats on the new purchases. Dimples on both the 7.62x39 and .223 rifles. That's a plus! I am also considering doing a future 7.62x39 Saiga conversion project in the traditional "all-wood" AK-47 style. Just curious about the threading of the barrel. How easy/difficult was it? You see, I've been considering doing the same thing as you and renting the threading tools from Dinzag, and doing it myself. I consider myself mechanically inclined enough to do this job, but admittedly, I'm a bit nervous about screwing anything up. With regards to the paint, I've had tremendous success with Dura-Coat. I got a compact paint sprayer from Harbor Freight, hooked it up to my air compressor (about 20 psi), and it has provided extremely nice results. Frankly, I won't be going back to rattle cans ever again. The paint goes on easy, it dries quickly, and it lives up to its name (try getting some on your hands). Please note, Dura-Coat does take about 2-3 weeks to "cure". But, the gun can be reassembled after 3-5 days. At least, that is how long I'm waiting. Again, I've had fantastic results. Here's my latest Dura-Coat job: My "converted" Saiga .223 Cheers!
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