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  1. Just finished the Duracoat. I am not satisfied with it at all. 34 days cure before I put it back together and the stress line from the selector and the gas tube lever scratched through to bare metal. *shrug* could have been my fault, could have been the preval sprayer, who knows. It will stay this way until I replace the PG and the stock but I am over budget at this point so it could be some time.
  2. Wow, that is impressive. Four of the coolest firearms I have seen on here. That 5.45 makes me tingle in my pants. What did you finish(paint) that PSL with?
  3. COULD have been a keystroke trojan but the reason I believe it is on LCW's end is that it happened on two different computers, using two different payment methods. My school's system is what they call a "deep freeze", I know little about this stuff but you can install/delete anything you want, change any settings, and the terminal returns to normal after rebooted *shrug*
  4. AARP, that is great! The thing that gets me is, the police don't even care. Neither time would they even let me fill out a report. Good thing the CC companies didn't require a police report. I tried getting dudes info from match.com but I approached it wrong. I should have acted like him and claimed to forget my login info. The internet is de-sensitizing us all. Back in the day, you had to actually steal something, then run the risk of having them hiding in your closet when you get home from work. People these days don't have the consequence of an ass whoopin.... it is a shame, so
  5. Alright, this might take a second to explain but I wan't to be specific.... just bear with me. About 6 weeks ago I decided it was time to sandblast and duracoat my 7.62. I ordered a duracoat kit directly from Lauers and it arrived very quickly, within 4 days. The same day I got the coat, I went to purchase a few tools and whatnot and what do you know? My CC is declined and I KNOW I have at least $300 in there... I get home and deal with the bank, I got the money refunded and closed the account. (someone ordered shit from overstock, and started a match.com account) Fuck it right? Some
  6. my march '09 was round, came with threaded barrel as well.
  7. My March '09 doesn't step, has dimples, has handguard notches and is threaded.
  8. Right. But the point wasn't it's compliance. It was that the extra weight is nothing when you get used to it. Mine is still compliant and even has an extra US part.
  9. I have the full length UTG rail on my x39 and it is noticeably heavier than stock. After running around my house playing with it I don't notice anymore. I like the feel of the weight when I shoot compared to the galil or the stock saiga one.
  10. That is a nice looking rifle you have there. Do you know if those suppressors have a "life span"? Maybe an estimate of how many rounds you can shoot through them before they get loud? Or do they work forever?
  11. yo, how did you find me?

  12. This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine... t6 stock, saw grip, g2 FCG, dinzag BG, UTG rails. I filed the mag release to take standard mags. I am having a hard time finding a gas block with the sights in it like the krebs KTR. When I find one I will install it, chop the barrel and weld on a j-tac so the barrel ends just a hair over 16" Then I will duracoat it all black. I did the conversion with my brother in a couple hours, was really easy. I got it from classic arms and the hand pick was worth the $10 without a doubt. Dimpled receiver and a surplus barrel.
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