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  1. Hi, I would be even happy about some carbon built up in the gas port, to reduce the ammount of gas and therefor velocity of the piston, since my cases are flying straight to the moon. What is actually the impact on carbon built up in the upper part of the gas block and the piston. Will it reduce the amount of energy transferred to the piston or increase it? There are several factors to consider which I could think of, but which of those have the most relevance and what effect here? - reduced gas blow by at piston > increased pressure ? - reduced volume > less room for gas expansi
  2. I posted my first results during sight in this thread: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/48677-saiga-223-accuracy/page__gopid__756627&do=findComment&comment=756627
  3. Here are my first results with my Saiga MK .223 and G3 rear sight, trying to sight it in (more info here: http://forum.saiga-1...sight-on-rifle/ ). I am pretty new to rifle shooting, lots of room for shooter error here! Setup: 100m, target: black is 20 cm diameter, Barnaul 55gr and 62 gr FMJ (dont recall which for which group), laying, supported on a double mag setup against a wooden border, just before range was closing (time constraint), including running back an forth to check results. 3 Groups: 1) 8 shot group: 8,5x8 cm -> 2,9 MOA 2) 6 shot group: 5x2 cm -> 1,8 MOA (exc
  4. Update 2: I did not re-zero yet, but was using this setup in a competition. Shooting 5 reactive 12 inch radius poppers on 300m. It took me less than 15 rounds to get them down (being a advanced novice shooter that was a great experience). I actually used the 200 meter setting there due to user error. So its likely that I hit the poppers low on the narrower section. Because on another stage with A4 targets on 100 meter I was told that I had the right height but some vertical variation (likely due to my bad stability) I need to do more testing and the re-zeroing to make the sight picture a
  5. Update: I went ahead and got the G3 sight installed on the dustcover. The dustcover is still stting solid on the receiver and has no noticable play. Whether zero changes if I take of the dustcover still needs to be tested. I had to file down the rear sight drum a few mm. Actually I only realized after sighting in that the drum is so low that the inner part is now party visible. So I guess I will need to redo the sighting in and lift front and back sight a bit. The frontsight is just below the top of the site "ears". I would have wished to get post in the middle of the cicle formed by the ears
  6. Hi, I have a Saiga MK with original short AK furniture. For better Ergonomics I would like to get a longer forend on that gun. Are there any easy ways to swap out original AK foreend with a longer one (like the unconveted) without destroying the tension system of the lower foreend or removing gasblock and FS? Thanks
  7. cool, thanks! Why did put it far to front? for better looks? Also I found more information on the toppic here: http://www.ar15.com/archive/topic.html?b=4&f=78&t=85663 so in worst case the drum can be grinded.
  8. Thanks AZG, Your Drago has Gas tube mounted front sight. I am looking for evidence that HK sights will work with standalone AK frontsight, like shown on the other gun on the link you added. Anyone can confirm it works? DR
  9. Hi, anyone tried and can share his experience with it, I am looking forward to get HK rear sights on my Saiga MK .223 and I am wondering whether I have to order HK front sight as welll to get it work or AK front sight will be sufficient. I rather prefer keeping the original front sight than to put HK front sight on gasblock due to simplicity and increased line of sight.
  10. Hi jrubaker, I would have been interested, but I made some more research and figured out, that removing the retainers of the short forend in the original Saiga MK needs actually some work like removing front sight post aso. I think I dont want to go this road yet. But thanks for the offer. I will close this thread.
  11. CLOSED! Hi, I am looking for an original Saiga sporting handguard, the once which can be found on unconverted Saiga rifles. Something like this http://forum.saiga-1.../5184-100-4532/ but without the rail. DR
  12. I have the original Saiga 100 Series folding stock. With that you can either install site mount or fold the stock. Both at the same time does not work.
  13. Hi, I have read quit a bit about HK drum rear sights on S12s but could not find too much about them on rifles. Background: I am trying to get most out of my Izhmash Saiga MK 16 inch, .223 to use in IPSC competitions in Standard Division with range from 5-300 meter. American parts are not an option, as they are hard to import. My dust cover fits snug and I hope its stable enough to keep zero. actually in the beginning it was a pita to get off. I am looking atm into a setup with an original HK G3 base and drum sight welded on the dustcover for the rear and to keep the original Saiga fro
  14. Hi everyone, Saiga MKs with folding stocks are getting delivered to our region with a folding stock safety, which prevents from firing the rifle while folded, even though it is not required here. I wanted to remove my shepards spring and replace it with a retainer plate. For that I need the regular safety lever to come of, but it is retained by that stock folding safety. The safety is crimped on the regular safety lever. Just prying it open does not seem to help as it is still retained somewhere in the area where the stock is fixed to the receiver. Does anyone know how to remove that add
  15. Hi everyone, after I got the info about this set from this forum, I now just tried to order one from them for my upcoming MK, but I got immediate reply via mail that the set wont be available before end of june earliest. Just to let you guys know. DR
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