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  1. Yep, just like Vance pointed out above I’m not too concerned with the protestors as much as I am with Obama leaving Trump another last minute surprise like he did with Israel in the UN a few weeks ago. As far as the protesters….
  2. I was moving some files around and came across this file, I had this for years but I don't know if it real or not but it is pretty funny IMO. I uploaded to tinypic so hopefully it will play for you guys.. http://tinypic.com/r/2nk0yrm/9
  3. Agreed with everything above. The only person happier than Trump when he won was me the county simply could not withstand an HRC presidency. I was watching the returns on election night and when Chris Wallace said after Trump won Ohio “we could be looking at a Trump presidency” I was ecstatic. Plus I was so glad all the Hollywood elites got spoofed on this one. I’m still waiting for the ones that said they would leave if Trump became POTUS to leave, that would be a bonus. I was in Wawa a few nights back and a guy in front of me at the checkout wished the Wawa employee and another customer and myself Merry Christmas. Then both of us exited the store at the same time and he basically said he's sick of all the politically correct bullshit with having to worry about offending someone else’s culture by wishing them Merry Christmas. He said he was glad Trump won and now he is wishing everyone Merry Christmas and they are offended tuff shit. Merry Christmas!
  4. http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/category_s/1972.htm
  5. I guess when Little Johnny heard Trump saying the DEMs haven’t done shit for the Blacks in 50 years and the Blacks have nothing to lose by voting for Trump it must have resonated with him. **Mom** on the other hand is OK with the status quo and was probably too busy being stupid while listening to Jay Z. On a more somber note she clearly thinks humiliating the kid and then posting it youtube is perfectly OK . I guess there’s no “safe space” for him... Maybe the crack staff over at CNN like Van Jones (with is "whitelash" comment) should investigate this one..
  6. You just can’t make this shit up.... Why Donald Trump protesters are wearing safety pins
  7. After watching the polls for the last two weeks I thought Trump may have been done but boy were the pundits wrong again. Trump was in front all night and never trailed. The funny part of the coverage on Fox was when Brit Hume said his colleague John Stossel texted him and said some betting website changed the odds to a 75% chance of a win for Trump and then all the markets started crashing LOL. The crowd outside the studio started cheering after that, it was great. Once he won Ohio it really started looking good. For myself I would just like to say FUCK YOU to Jay Z and his wife, Mark Cuban, Cher, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Molly Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, LeBron James and the rest of the Hollywood douchebag elites who think they know better than the real people out there who actually work for a living. I think the icing on the cake would be seeing Bill Maher having a nervous breakdown. This win is great news for the 2A community but even better new for the country itself. There is no way the country could have taken another 3rd term of Obama via Hillary. Like Trump said we need to start winning again.
  8. @ GunFun it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything hardware related. That said last week I purchased another ALG AK Trigger and installed it in my #2 Saiga 7.62x39. I removed the Tapco double-hook and repurposed in my S223 with your trigger job. I’ve been around a little while and knew you had this procedure out there but never followed up on it until this week. It was pretty straight forward but took a little time. I notched out the front as in your image but took a little different approach on the rear for the pre-travel. I cut a washer in half and JB Welded it to the back side of the trigger after scratching the surfaces up on the tail piece to get a better bond with the JB Weld The reason I went that route was because I sent my S223 away for one of those AR to AK mag conversion and I don’t know if they used permanent Loctite on the trigger guard screw or not so this seemed like a decent option so I didn’t have to disturb the threads. It came out well. Thanks for the detailed write up otherwise I would not have not attempted this. I functioned tested and I’m seeing safe operational limits in both directions.
  9. Beretta 12ga Semi Auto Shotgun, my Dad purchased it for me in 71 or 72 for small game. I still have it, that one is a keeper for sure...
  10. In addition to the above I used Joe Bob’s and palmettostatearmory in the recent past, both seems to be solid vendors and ship pretty quick, that is, if they have the parts in stock which could be another issue…
  11. What’s really frightening when you open the link you posted and scroll down to the bottom you’ll see Obama has a 43% Approval rating and only a 51% Disapproval rating. Wow, this guy is clearly not packing the gear and 43% of those polled think he’s doing great, its mind boggling...
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