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  1. I have the die, but the thread alignment tool is for a .223 barrel. I bet it could be made to work by wrapping tape around the diameter to make it fit in the barrel correctly. If you're interested in doing that route, let me know and I'll let you rent it for cheap.
  2. I read somewhere on the interwebz (can't remember where) of someone else trying this and using a Kel-Tec SU-16 sight. You can purchase one from them directly.
  3. I bought a UTG one that has served me real well. Seemed about the same as a Harris to me.
  4. Sorry to revive the thread, but those with the Polish mags (clear and/or black) do they have metal locking lugs and reinforcement along the spines?
  5. I'll do a direct trade with you. PM me for details.
  6. I have a nightbrake. I had nothing to compare it against and did a fairly good job at flash hiding at the range.
  7. Did you have to turn your barrel down to thread it to 1/2x28? What was your barrel diameter to begin with?
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