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  1. sadly no new car. Second daughter......these girls are killing me.....in the best possible way.....lol
  2. Hi gang.....been away for a while, new baby, job change, refocusing on my marriage.....the little things ya know..... havent logged in in months......just too much going on....... Doubt i will be on much, but free for a few tonight, thought i would say hi to my friends. be safe, vigilant, and for god sake, protect your loved ones.....things are pretty damn fucked lately..... like i need to say that......
  3. Not a 12 owner but i have x39, 223, and .308 saigas. I'm a member at the Menomonee Falls Rod and gun club. Only complaint right now is that have limited target distance to no less than 25 yards while they beef up the berm.....so my pistol shooting is a bit curtailed right now.
  4. Hi everyone, Not been on much the last few months due to child #2 and the duties of fatherhood. I'm back and am cleaning out extra stuff I have acquired. Being from the late to get on the bandwagon state of WI which just got CCW, I'm looking to sell some extra stuff i have around to fund a nice little glock to protect the family with. So for sale today are --- Ace gas tube mounted FSB with post. This has been installed and removed withing being shot. I would consider it like new and am asking $70 shipped (retails new for about that without the post) still available ---
  5. i agree with the whatever you have comment. Of what i have, my Ruger p95 has been 100% perfect (actually so has my gp100, but i'm thinking autos here) it would be my choice in an emergency. 9mm is a good choice because the ammo is everywhere, i've seen major droughts on .40 in the last few years.....
  6. I had a knoxx recoil reducing stock on my 870 for a short time. Personally i hated it. the recoil reduction the shoulder was good, the smack to the face was not, the non firm grip of the receiver due to the recoil reduction leads to partial operation of the slide, leaving it partly open and somewhat = awkward. Sold it ASAP. many love them. i did not.
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    nice gun...amusing book collection. yours?....lol
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