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  1. I have New Frontier Polymer Receiver. I purchased 10 about 3 weeks ago and have decided I want to sell or trade some of them for a Ruger Mini-14 Factory Original Side Folder in Stainless. Must be excellent condition will add money. May consider Handguns from CZ, HK, Sig, S&W, Ruger, Para, Colt, Any Desert Eagles, FN. Beretta,Taurus (Judge Only Stainless 3" Chamber). I have a pic of the mags will get the lowers in the am. Price is $130ea I will include 1 20rnd USGI style magazine with each lower Shipping is $15 for all or one. FTF is ok as well. Cell is 419-512-9608
  2. SPF I am looking to sell my unfired Saiga 12. I will include a Gen 2 10rnd Magazine and a 20 Round MD Arms Drum. Would consider a AR10 in trade.
  3. I ordered several when the email came out. Like 5min after I got the email. Card has been charged and settled. So now we wait!
  4. I am looking to buy a Saiga with 8" Barrel. I would prefer to buy a tromix conversion. Form 3 is preferred. I would take a form 4 though. Let me know what you have. Please contact me. I am in ohio and a dealer FFL and SOT. Thanks Ralph pitcher1(AT)hotmail.com 419-----512----9--6--0--8
  5. Thats awesome I just bought one!
  6. Wow I had no idea cutting a inch off the barrel would cause that kind of hassle. Good to know though and thank for the heads up!
  7. So I am looking for a muzzle attachment that looks like a 4pc Bulgarian AKSU booster.
  8. That BODYGUARD IS AWESOME! What I was asking about though is this.
  9. I was wondering I have seen a few Tromix S17 with the barrel cut below 8". Does anything have be done besides cutting the barrel a extra inch? I assume tony does not cut them that short to avoid gas plug interference when wearing a brake?
  10. I want one of those long hinged rails he is coming out with!
  11. Dammit you are such a tease! So I did a google search and can't find a website selling them. Am I missing something?
  12. I would really like to buy a KROSS Hellion Hand Guard for my 8" Tromix. Any idea where I might find one? Thanks Ralph
  13. Well I bought the barrel spoke to the machinist. So I have this nodak spud rcvr. I either would like to get russian selector markings on this one or wait for the above Rcvr to become available. Who does these markings if I decide on that? I need to find a builder... Recommendations. I want a great job done. Thanks Ralph
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