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  1. I use a Aimpoint on mine with no issues.
  2. For the win, you can get fire sprinkler heads and install a line and a few heads over your safes.
  3. I don't know about that I just got two 12rd Surefire mags and both FTF on the eleventh round every time. I think I saw a post where people were adding material to the follower to keep it from tilting too much.
  4. I have two Surefire 12 round mags that both FTF on the 11th round every single time. I need to do somthing about them, has anyone tried to cut them down to 10 rounders? Would this fix the issue or would they just FTF on the 9th round.
  5. Seems as though threds go off the rails fairly fast lately If you want to close this one that is fine with me I was just trying to post the info, it does not need all the commentary
  6. On Sunday, May 1, the NRA filed its formal comments on the "ATF Study on the Importability of Certain Shotguns." NRA Comments
  7. If you go this route most inground cystern tanks need to stay partially full to not collapse, there are some that are rated for being empty but I found that they were in the $1000.00 range for a 1500 gallon with a 24" man hole. The other thing you need to do is make sure it can't float out of the ground if you have a high water table by pouring concrete around the tank.
  8. What there was sound I have mine turned down so did not notice.
  9. Mine is a 4 port gun that will run Fed bulk pack 100% on setting 2 without the rail and will shoot at the most two or three rounds between FTEs with the top rail on. I am still trying to figure out why
  10. I still have not gotten mine to work either, I drilled a vent hole through the quad rail and it did not make a difference. I did notice the top rail making contact in the area of the rear sight so I have removed some material from inside of the top rail, I have not gotten out to test it to see if this will make any difference.
  11. Well good luck, mine runs 100% without the top rail on but will not cycle for shit with it installed. I guess if this latest mod does not work I will have to junk the quad rail and find a different way to mount my Aimpoint At least she looks ok
  12. Yeah the booster puck did made a difference even though it still wasn't performing half as good as it did when I had just the tri rail on there. I'm gonna have to do a new test on friday and another video. With this new mod to the quad rail and the V plug I'm confident I'll get some better results. Also I wasn't expecting magic but at the low price with the positive reviews and Mike D's garantee that it would allow me to hip fire I figured it was worth a shot. Anyway here's what I did, hopefully it works I tried that on my Chaos extended quad and it did
  13. Ok, care to share with a fellow Northwester
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