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  1. nattyiceking

    AK74 mags, 40 rd @sportsmanguide.com

    Received mine today. I was skeptical about promag after hearing nothing but negative things over the years, but I bought it anyways. That was a mistake. The fuckin thing doesn't even lock into the magwell.
  2. nattyiceking

    finished saiga 12

    Doesn't look finished!!
  3. I'll take $60 shipping included if anyone is interested.
  4. From what I've read online the Gen 2's are basically more low profile and have some other new features like a spring-locking front sight post and hash marks on the rear sight. i found a pretty good video comparing the two on youtube:
  5. I have a pair of Magpul MBUS sights for sale, like new condition. $80 shipping included.
  6. Converted .223 for sale. It's marked Legion. Almost new condition, only fired 260 rounds with it. Always kept clean and oiled. Comes with stock 10 round magazine. I've decided to buy an engagement ring for my woman so it's time to let one of my babies go. Here's the details: Modified Tapco G2 trigger assembly CSS trigger guard & BHO Tapco AK stock w/ rubber buttpad Hogue AK rubber grip Intrafuse Saiga hand guard Magpul MOE RVG foregrip Cobra heat shield UTG quick detach side mount Leapers red dot sight also included: Stock Saiga .223 fore end & butt stock (not pictured) Cobra AR15 magazine adapter (receiver needs to be fitted) 30 round PMAG asking $1000 or best offer
  7. nattyiceking

    Bump Fire 45 Rounds

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SpUcu_sVYc having some fun
  8. nattyiceking

    Photo shoot

  9. nattyiceking

    200 rounds of Winchester Universal w/ MD-20s

    "wasting ammo"? are you serious? it's called shootin' That's what I'm sayin.. what do you do with your S12? Sit at home and stare at it all day? Nice video though, balls of steel.. would be sweet if you had an old car or something to shoot at
  10. nattyiceking

    Buy or Wait?

    Thanks Tony for the intel. I was over here waiting for the price to drop down to $500. Now I'm just waiting for my paycheck.
  11. nattyiceking

    How often do you clean your gas system?

    Every couple hundred rounds
  12. nattyiceking


    Shut it down
  13. nattyiceking

    Started my conversion, have a question.

    Thanks! My job took me to the town of Pahrump this morning. I know a little shooting area in the desert, on the way back I got to test this beast, I am stoked!!! The thing runs like a sewing machine. Wally World, Fed Bulk on setting 2 - shot 100 rounds not one failure, from hip and shoulder! Put the shells in a nice pile about 5' away. Opening up the gas ports works wonders