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  1. garandman

    Saiga 20 mags

    The one I bought worked good. Fit is a tad tight, but that's OK by me - less rattling. Feed and functioned fine.
  2. garandman

    Saiga 20 SBS back home

    I'm very impressed with Cadiz work.
  3. garandman

    Saiga 20 SBS back home

    Well sent my Saiga 20 off to Cadiz Enterprises to SBS it. Typical 6 month minimum wait for anything in the NFA world,but the wait was worth it. They did a great job, especially with the plastic handguard. Fit and finish is very nice. Shortened the gas system, and sight rail, looksvery professional. Not sure if I'm gonna put a muzzle thingy on, as I don't see a need. It would only lengthen it. I don't breach doors near as often as you'd think, and the recoil is prety mild anyway. Also not sure about a rail handguard, as it would only add weight. Tho a FVG and red dot would be nice. Here's the transformation over time, from when I bought it:
  4. garandman

    My Tromix S20

    What handguard? Very nice. Got my S20 SBS coning in this week.
  5. garandman

    Anyone try Chaos rail on S20?

    Some rails are 12 / 20 compatible. Seems like will a little tweaking, it could be made to work. Anyone try it?
  6. garandman

    Decided to SBS my Saiga 20

    Well, its a YEAR and a month later, and I should be getting my S20 back Wednesday. Here's to hoping she runs good. Pics and range report when she's in da howse.
  7. garandman

    SBS question - Saiga 12

    Thank you for that "heads up." I do intend to shorten the gas system - its seems essentail to do so. The standard length gas system has about (I'm guessing) 8-10" of barrel beyond the ports. Shortening a bbl to 12" would seemingly require shortening the gas system, as I don't want one whomping big gas port. Sometimes it costs more to do it right. But then, its done right.
  8. garandman

    SBS question - Saiga 12

    Tony's work is excellent. But already planned to send it to Cadiz. I'm 90% sure I could do it myself, but that 10% is a nagging doubt. Best let the experts handle it.
  9. garandman

    SBS question - Saiga 12

    Getting ready to SBS my Siaga 20, but since there's more Saiga 12's out there figgered I'd ask here... MY 20 runs flawlessly (19" bbl) . But cutting the barrel down to 12" will necessitate opening up the gas ports. So here's my questions - Do the larger ports gunk up the gas system faster? Also, do you know what size / how many gas ports ya got? My vodka special has 4 ports. Any help appreciated. Thx.
  10. garandman

    why no cool parts for saiga-20?

    I love my Saiga 20. With the standard 12ga mods, it runs great. Academy Sports has a good selection of ammo. I'm 6'3" 250 lbs (not a lightweight) but to me 12ga is just unnecesarily brutal. Anyone who says 20 gauge isn't a legit self defense round is insane. For parts, see here... http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/StoreFront and http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/sort-by-mfg-md-arms-c-121_578.html
  11. garandman

    20 Ga failure to eject

    My Saiga 20 runs great, so just be assured its possible. The basic idea is to (1) minimize drag, particualrly of the bolt carrier, and (2) to maximize the power transmitted by the gas system. For (1), see here.... http://forum.saiga-1...olish-the-bolt/ For (2), open the gas ports a little, get the new "twister puck" and the MDArms gas plug. Also, using no. 6 / 1 oz shot helps. Its heavier, and so will transmit more power to the piston, and only costs slightly more. High brass helps. If it is new, its needs to be broken in. Minumum 300 rounds. 500 is better. Shoot some buckshot thru it too. Also, a lighter recoil / return spring helps. Keep the gas system as clean as possible. Hope this helps. Its how I got mine running relaibly.
  12. garandman

    Decided to SBS my Saiga 20

    19" to the bolt face, 0.618" at the muzzle.
  13. garandman

    Decided to SBS my Saiga 20

    I don't know about full choked, but its def non-threaded.
  14. garandman

    s20 ruined gas block

    I don't know of any source for parts. I usually do my own gun wrenching, but I think I'd send that one to a 'smith.
  15. garandman

    Sons Of Guns Zombie choices ??

    Nuke them from orbit. Its the only way to be sure. Honestly, I thought the episode was gonna be a bust (i kinda disdain all this zombie stupdiity) UNTIL I saw the Ruger 10/22 bullpup stock. Now THAT is cool. MIGHT even be enuf reason for me to finally buy a 10/22. (Ruger's are boring, other than my AC556)