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  1. with e-clips maybe not, you could put them on after everything is installed as long as you can reach the area. however if you are using the aftermarket axis retaining plate that replaces the Shepards hook, then yes, you have to mod the BHO becuse you have to push the safety end through the hole in the aftermarket axis retaining plate.
  2. anyone else have this problem? my Safety does not have the holes or divots that stop the safety from going to far up and down. it's a PITA to move from safe to fire, can I drill some divots, grind a divot? suggestions?
  3. well, I got my Saiga-12 converted, added a scorpion pistol grip, the modified tromax.tapco G2 FCG, Tapco stock, looking good
  4. I just ordered a limbsaver part#10111, it's the only one that the holes match up on my tapco stock, I'll post it up when I get it sanded and fitted.
  5. the stock is 11 inches long including the butt pad, this is NOT counting the part that goes up into the receiver. that is 11 inches of stock from back of receiver to end of butt pad.
  6. well, I went back and bought my local stores last two 5.45 mags they had, I could not believe they were still on the shelf.
  7. went back to my local store today, they had 4 promag 5.45x39 mags still on the shelf, I bought 2 of them. will get the other 2 if they are there next paycheck.
  8. kind of a mute point for a 5.45x39, their is not much "kick" to worry about, I have a standard bulgarian muzzle break and their is very little kick with just a touch of muzzle rise when I fire.
  9. try your local gun stores, mine still has them in stock, not many around here have a 5.45x39, the sad part is I only had the money to pick up 2 at $24.00 each.
  10. how many you want? I'll work with you, I'll throw out a number, how about 8-10.
  11. I have a stockpile of good 30 round USGI 223/556 AR-15 mags, I would like to trade for either Saiga-12 Mags (10 round or drum) or AK74 5.45x39 mags, I'll trade 2-3 of mine for one of yours depending on what you got. lets deal
  12. any interest in trading for 12 used in good condition (some possibly new inbag) AR-15 30 round mags?
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