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  1. Yeah, I know... That sucks... I wanted to do an AK74 with a similar build... Now its too late!!!
  2. So I now I've been away from this thread for a long time, I've been working on other projects and what not... But here she is, she still needs the finishing touches, sling, optic, light, etc... etc... etc...
  3. So, I received my CAI Saiga 5.45 the other day and much to my expectation and disappointment, it DID NOT have a BHO... I know its not part of the original design, BUT I WANT ONE.... Good thing I'm pretty handy and a guy on AK47.com sold me one from one of his conversions he didn't need on the cheap.. So, I'll be installing the BHO myself... Thanks everyone for the intel...
  4. I have a slide on one of my pistols cerakoted, stuff is rock solid... You will like it a lot..
  5. I'm the new owner of a Titan quad rail now:) I can't wait to put my S12 back together.... Its on its way back from Definitive Arms:)
  6. Do you know if a BHO lever and spring from a Saiga 12 would work for it???
  7. I don't have the rifle yet, I just ordered it from a "Buy Now" on Gunbroker, the guy at Woodberry Arms said it had one, but he didn't sound like he was too sure about what I was asking.... If it doesn't have the BHO I hope it atleast has the hole there so i can install a BHO, I really like that feature about Saigas, my S12 has an AR style safety and the BHO is a necessity for me... I may be putting AR style safety on my 5.45..
  8. So I just purchased a Saiga 5.45x39 rifle imported and converted by Century Arms International off of Gunbroker, it had a really REALLY good price so i bought it, after looking at the pictures of it, I noticed that I couldn't see the BHO lever and that is one of the MAIN reasons' I purchased a Saiga over a WaffenWorks AK74..... Does CAI NOT install the BHO back after the rifle is converted?!? If not, is the rifle still set up to accept a BHO lever bought seperately??? thanks..
  9. Thanks Cameron, I got my shipping confirmation earlier today, I'm very excited.
  10. Just ordered my top rail today, your sight says "In Stock" so I'm hoping it gets hear before my S12 arrives from Definitive Arms:) My S12 is gonna be SICK!!!!
  11. Thanks for the quick the reply..
  12. Will it clear the tangs on a kushnapup conversion if you choose not to cut them off???
  13. capulonaIs that an AR15 magazine adaptor in that last pic???
  14. I just sent mine to Definitive Arms in St Petersburg, Florida, you might want to see if they can do it, they told me they can do "ANYTHING" why not put their claim to the test?
  15. Tang? I cut my tang off when I did my conversion...
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