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  1. topmaul - Your AFG is mounted backwards?
  2. Well the wife gave the go ahead with the AR 308 build so two weekends ago I picked up a Matched Upper and Lower Receiver Set from Rainier Arms (30-miles away from home). The build is going to take a while since I have limited disposable income; I estimate 1.5 years of collecting money/parts before I can send a round downrange. For those of you who have built an AR in anything other than 5.56 I'd be interested in see your specs/build info. Anyways, here's the first image of my build, next month I'm buying the LPK and Pistol Grip. In July I should have enough to buy Ambi Mag and Bolt Release. Build Info: Mega Arms MA-TEN Upper & Lower Receiver Palmetto State Armory MIAD Lower Parts Kit Norgon Ambi Mag Release Phase 5 Tactical Ambi Bolt Release Larue RISR and Tactical POD w/ Magpul CTR Stock Slash's Heavy Buffer & Spring B.A.D. Safety Selector Levers Troy Front/Rear BattleSights I'm still undecided on the Barrel, Gas Block, Brake/Flash Suppressor, BCG, and Forearm/Handguards. Saving the most expensive stuff for last
  3. BoKnows

    Picatinny Rail Issues

    Yes, It'll only adjust for width not the thickness. On the right side of the image below (.164 -.020). The other issue is it fits on almost everything else without adjustment.
  4. I have an Eotech 512 with a GG&G quick-release mount and I can't get it to clamp down on the Tromix HK Rear Sight Base with Picatinny Rail. It fits fine on my Rock River Arms AR and Ruger 10/22 but for some reason the Tromix Picatinny Rail seems a bit too thick. Anyone else have issues similar to this?
  5. BoKnows

    Good coating for steel magazines?

    I'd go NP3 or Roguard if you want it black. I have several mags done with NP3 and they have minimal wear.
  6. BoKnows

    mdarms 20rnd drum problems

    I had the same issue this weekend with Remington Sport Load Bulk Packs from Wally World. I read the instructions that come with the drum and it says to unwind the drum one full turn. I did that and now my S12 cycles fine.
  7. BoKnows

    1st run what ammo?

    I ran my S12 this last weekend for the first time. Make sure you get the 10-round mag to work first before you try the MD20. Reason is because I was getting FTE's so I had to unwind my MD20 one complete turn (this is noted in the instructions that come with the drum) because I was using Remington Sport Load Bulk Pack from Wally World. You may or may not have to do this so test it out first.
  8. This weekend I installed the MD Arms V-Plug, 20-round Drum, and Molot Style Pistol Grip on my brand new Tromix S06. I also bought 300-rounds of Remington Sport Loads from Wally World. Here are my results: V-Plug: Removed the Stock Plug and screwed in the V-Plug. It was a little tough getting it screwed all the way down; when I thought it was all the way screwed in by hand, I used a wrench and screwed it in some more. I then backed it out to the #1 position and fired the first couple of rounds and had FTE's. I kept firing and adjusting until I was in position #5 where it reliably cycled with a AGP 10-rounder. 20-Round Drum: After I set my S06 to setting #5, I installed the 20-Round Drum. The first 15-rounds were FTE's and the last 5-rounds shot fine. So I went to the instructions which mention when using light loads, unwind the spring by one full turn. I did this and the Drum worked great after that. Molot Style Pistol Grip: The fit on the PG is much better than the Tapco SAW PG as the neck or top of the PG where the web of your hand goes is much narrower. I stippled my PG with a wood burning kit from Harbor Freight and the fine-tipped stippling felt great after 300-rounds. All in all, MD Arms makes great products and has well documented instructions. I highly recommend. Bo
  9. I had no issues or needed to fit/file the (5) AGP 10-round Mags or (2) MD Drums I had.
  10. BoKnows

    KVAR's Titanium Nitride Gas Puck

    Titanium Nitride or TiN is used on Motorcycle Front Forks, my bike has them but they are shiny/polished to a mirror-like finish to prevent stiction.
  11. BoKnows

    Customized MD Arms Molot Style Grip

    Finally spent the time to install one of my stippled grips. The original Tapco Saw Style just didn't fit right but the MD Molot feels way better.
  12. BoKnows

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    Received my new Tromix S06 on Monday and here's a picture.... The rest of the photos and build info are: Tromix S06 Build Info & Review
  13. BoKnows

    Thank you Tony

  14. BoKnows

    Thank you Tony

    Just wanted to send a Thank You for an amazing build. The S06 you built for me is beyond words. The craftsmanship and attention to detail deserves praise. In the next few days I will have a complete write-up on my S06. I just wanted to take the first couple of days to drool over it and send some rounds down range. I do have to say, the last time I slept with a weapon was in the Army and my M203 was an extension of me, I believe I've found my new love. Thank you, Bo PS> For those of you who are on the waiting list for a Tromix Saiga 12, it's worth the wait!!!
  15. To use the hi-cap mags you need to be 922r Compliant. This means adding the correct number of USA Made Parts. As for Washington State specific laws, as long as you have a barrel length of 18" and an OAL of 26". No Short-Barreled Shotguns allowed in WA State. See bullets 18 and 19: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.41.010