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  1. I got mine from AGP a couple of months ago, are they not available anymore? I emailed them and waited a week before I got a response back saying they no longer offer the kits not sure if it has changed I checked a few months ago when I read about this deal and everyone was out or wanted an arm and a leg for an agp 10 mag...$50-$80
  2. I was told by agp these kits are no longer available where do you buy these kits from thanks, I had to buy my agp mags from a different vendor already assembled
  3. at the gun show today in western wa. was told I could have the saiga 12 for $750 today and pre order was going for $800 glad I bought it before all the bs went down paid $500 two months ago...just my .02
  4. I bought a saiga 12 and some 12 and 20 round drums changed trigger group...I was told i cant have a pistol grip and folding or colaspsable stock on my saiga 12. Can anyone help me with the shotgun laws of washington or is this a federal law, maybe its an AWB issue... I have looked around but havent found much info about washington state shotgun laws besides the basics.. thanks
  5. mind if i ask where you picked it up and what did you have to do to make it fit, cut off the tang, etc. thanks
  6. I was thinking about the tapco t-6 but have heard mixed results anyone have any good suggestions what to buy? Whats the opinion on the folding stocks how well do they hold up with slugs and how they handle the recoil thanks for any suggestions..
  7. finally got the 12 round promag drum love the size but is really loose locked in and lost a big chunk of plastic of the front lip when I first tried to fit it...I will see what happens when I try it out...now comparing the md and promag my vote is md drum just wished they had a 12 round compact...just my 2 cents
  8. Hi wanted to know if this is common the top of shell getting knicked after mag insertion, I have polished bolt and taken of the edges but still gets a knick..thanks
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