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  1. Hey fellas. Been a member for well over a decade. Glad to see the forums still alive. I've done a few shotguns and have converted my rifle but feel like doing some updates to it. I've tried using search but no luck on specifics. So like the title says, im looking for the best most rock solid folding stock options out there. Im sure theres tons of new stuff since I've last been on here. So what are yall running? Tromix tapco CSS???? What's the best "zombie apocalypse, shtf, end of the world, beat someone like a club with it, breach a steel door, use it as Thor's hammer
  2. For sale: Saiga 12 conversion by Jack Travers of JT Engineering. work included and parts is as follows: reliability package, recontoured bolt for loaded mag loading, weld on backplate,full parkerized finish w bolt finished as well, side scope mount removed, all holes welded, trigger finger speed mag release, chaos extended quad rail & rubber rail covers, MagPul CTR buttstock, Enidine shot shock, Tromix trigger group assy, SAW pistol grip, rail weapon light mount for 1in lights, Blackhawk QD mounts and sling, extra spring for low brass, 2 5 round mags & one Surefire 12 rounder. Its a
  3. Thanks, but I ended up buying a ACE AKRBU-PN to mount an Enidine Shot Stock with a Magpul CTR. I'm waiting on the Enidine, as it's on backorder. I think you will be happy with the Enidine. I was looking for a way to reduce recoil on my s12 due to it being a defensive HD gun that my wife may have to use. I didn't want to add any type of "compensator" because I am not a fan of gases being vented anyway other than straight out the front due to the extra loudness from comps. Plus I don't even know if they make any good performing comps for shotties. The Enidine definatley does its
  4. Cobra, like you I think these sound too fun to pass up. I will definately be getting one as well. Hope you are doing well.
  5. Cam, just so you know, I too would be interested in a CHAOS rail for my 762. I have bought stuff from you before including the extended quad for the s12, and I love it. You build em and Im down for one.
  6. After re reading the statement about not wanting to buy this gun just because the top rail isnt in spec, is laughable. Afterall, I own Saigas, but then again, I didn't know much about them when I bought the first one. I knew nothing of the problems they have from the factory. Having said that, now that most of the bugs have been worked out, I love my Saigas. I WILL be adding the Akdal to my weapon cache. Especially now that v2.0 will have the rail issue corrected. And I can't wait to see what the builders come out with for this gun!
  7. Not as excited about this gun as I was now that I read this. Had already decided to buy one to go with the Saigas, but not so sure now. I will wait to see if this gets fixed in later batches. I am not gonna put a rail on top a rail. Not that it isnt a good solution, but it shouldnt have to be done in the first place. The thought of having to do that just because the original one isnt spec'd just irks me.
  8. It looks like there are a couple companies working on this, but they will probably go the route of the CMMG prototype.... They are made of unobtainium lol... As in cannot be obtained... On the bright side, I seen the post from TAC47 mentioning something... I will be watching closely ( using a voice like Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons)
  9. Thanks fellas for the help. Sorry it took so long to reply, but the only time I can get on the web is on weekends at a Kinkos center.
  10. Longtime member/ seldom poster here. I did a search & could't find the answer & I am paying per minute to start this topic as I live so far out in the middle of nowhere that I don't have internet. I'm sure if I had the time to search more thoroughly I would find it but I'm in a jam here fellas & need the boards help. I was removing the sight on my old Saiga with the dremel so I could install Camerons quadrail & I cut a bit to far down & bit into the top of the gastube end piece where the sight leaf rests on top. I need to put a little weld puddle in it to smooth out the
  11. Lots of really good replies. Thanks fellas. That VLTOR is exactly the one I was looking for. Saigas are getting like Harley Davidsons. There is so many aftermarket upgrades its hard to keep up and decide on what you want.
  12. In a different thread I got a response about someone using an AR style tube WITHOUT cutting the tang. I did some searching & googling, and found one I wouldnt use, but I seen another style that interested me very much but couldnt find the manufacturer name. Anyone running a tube adapter that you DONT have to cut the tang, and can you tell me who the maker is for the one you are using? I'd post a pic of the one I like, but my internet is slooow. Its a very minimal piece that isnt the kind that has the cutoff buttstock with a tube shoved in it look. I think the one Im NOT interested
  13. Thanks for the replies Beagle12 and aresv. Beagle12, what stock adapter did you use to not have to cut the tang? I am doing a x39 next with an Enidine on it too, and if I dont have to cut it, it'd be great.
  14. I am doing a gun with the Enidine stock. I read a thread that says the Enidine along with a Cutts comp can make for short stroking. I wanted the Enidine because of the reduction in felt recoil in case the wife may have to use it (god forbid). This gun will be a dedicated HD/ SHTF gun. Anyone with JUST the Enidine that can give a review concerning whether it effects reliability? I thought this whole project out before committing to it- I went with the Enidine over a compensator because comps make guns seem louder to the shooter, as it directs some gas toward the sides, upward, or r
  15. I live in southwest Ohio. It does get humid here, but not as bad as some states. Not sure what else to chalk this up to. Go figure. As far as ammo, I shoot whatever wally world or any place to buy ammo has on sale at the time for goofin off. Whatever Buckshot is cheap from Dicks sporting goods when loaded home defense duty. ETA: I need to change my sig line & stop stealing Post Apocs' lol.
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