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  1. Sounds like your buddy didn't really have a choice. I hope LE sees it the same way. His odds of not catching a bullshit charge are better in TX than just about any state, at least.
  2. Yeah, I tend to agree with ya. Tarantino hasn't made a flick I really like since Pulp Fiction. Since then, he's been snorting too much coke and wayyyy too much of his own smug. Snatch is one of my favorites. I don't know that I've seen Revolver yet. I'll have to rectify that soon.
  3. Very random question, but it just occurred to me; Squishy, is your current avatar from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels? That looks like the pothead chick on "the Bren gun".
  4. Bastard. Yes, I'm a bit envious. On the bright side, I'll bet your ride is a lot nicer than mine. My wife gets the new car and I get guns I'm happy that way though... Probably not, but I'll not bore you with my financial woes, as the shit's my fault if I really look at it objectively. You're your own boss, so it doesn't directly apply to ya, but to the rest of the board: do not get fired in this economy. It's worse than you think, thanks Barry. Anyway, I should be starting a new gig in a week or two, in a new town. This one should be pretty profitable, so I'm looking fo
  5. Few will disagree with me that this is the most important part of that manual: From page 16: "3.4 CARBINE RE-ASSEMBLY Re-assembly of the carbine is the reverse of disassembly. WARNING: WHEN INSERTING THE BOLT SUPPORT WITH THE BOLT INTO THE RECEIVER IT IS NECESSARY TO MATCH THE BOLT PROTRUSIONS WITH THE RECEIVER SLOTS. SINK THE HAMMER FLUSH, PRESS THE BOLT LEFT-HAND PROTRUSION WITH A FINGER AND MOVE THE BOLT SUPPORT FORWARDS." The translation is terrible, like the rest of the manual, but that does work and it's relatively easy. Pay paticular attention to
  6. Well, you certainly improved that Cugir! Great work as always, evl.
  7. Sure, why not? Honestly man, I can't give you any specific guidance with your project. The only optic I ever use on my 7.62x39s is a PK-23 red dot, (no magnification). How far out are you trying to stretch that MAK90? I've got a POSP I don't really use, (reticle won't illuminate and I'm not sure how to fix it), and an older Weaver 3-9x scope that came with the 30-06 I inherited, but the majority of the shooting I do is with good ol iron sights.
  8. +10 If you wanted to emulate Russian mags, that'd work too. There's no need to re-invent the wheel here. The Bulgarians and Russians have got it right. A US-made version, (with the correct steel reinforcements), would be extremely popular. Don't emulate US Palm. An AK mag with a non-removable floor-plate is just plain bad design, and probably the worst new AK-related product I've seen in awhile.
  9. Nice! I have a SBR AR but not an AK. Awesome SBR you got there. Don't encourage him. He's got 4 or 5 of those.. it's just obscene. Nice 107F, RedChallenger!
  10. Are you sure that's a Tapco pg? The pic isn't the best, but that looks more like a MD Molot grip, (which is superior), to me.
  11. I think that particular two-tone looks pretty good. Like evl, I'm not a fan of highlighting the various lettering, though. Anyone who's looking at the weapon in person will be able to see it more than well enough without that.
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