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  1. Potus2000

    My First Saiga Conversion

    Thank's Saiganov_raz. I confess I've only shot mine under idealncohditions and hadn't considered adverse conditions.
  2. Potus2000


    The one in Owatona has them for a little more but stilla very good deal. The guy behind the counter looked at me kinda strange when I told him these were the best AK magazines. He said they have a hard time selling them. Go figure!
  3. Potus2000

    hogue pistol grip vs us palm battle grip

    l know this is an old thread but it is a good question. I use the Hogue on my Saiga, a Ergo on my AR. I like the Ergo better than the Magpul but am curious to see the AK adaptation. Any word on a release date?
  4. That's a really nice look. I've got an XD that needs a face lift. this might just be the ticket. Thanks for the post!
  5. Potus2000

    Mako uas akp folding stock

    I've been using the Mako stock for awhile now and like it a lot. I'm 6' and find the length to be very comfortable and the cheek comb being adjustable is a nice plus too. I've found it to hold up well and would have no problems putting one on a future build. I'd say go for it. I agree with the other posts that you should shop around. I bought mine from Brownells.com for $99.00 at the time. Amazon now has them for 112.87 so not bad. Check the link below... http://www.amazon.co...5&keywords=mako
  6. Potus2000

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Ok, here's my first build. Not sure what stock to use so I include both.
  7. I read this twice because it rings so true... What must be overcome: The 12ga round in an AKM is like cramming a 350 into an S10 engine bay...it can be done, but it's shoe-horned in there. The magazine well (read cutout) is maxed out from side to side, therefore, there is a limited tolerance for the magazine. There are two solutions, but only one answer. You could make it out of steel. But with the much smaller magazines of other caliber AKMs being a testament, the weight of such a large magazine would surely bring cries of agony from the less-than physically fit. The other solution is to make it from polymer. This has been done and proven, ala the 8rd Russian original. The difference in it and the American versions? Steel reinforcement. Until the American manufacturers get that right, the Russian 8 reins supreme. Now back on topic... The x39 magazine market is already flooded, but the Saiga market could easily become a cash-cow by producing a wide range of mags of various capacities at AFFORDABLE prices with the bullet guide/tab (steel reinforced) in place. Look at Tapco (no, really) they produce a great quality polymer magazine that is second to only the original combloc steel mags. And now you can get them as cheap as the steel surplus mags, which makes them a great alternative. I really wish Tapco would produce an S12 magazine... Oh, and I will be ordering one of those TEFLON-coated Keepshooting mags. I need another mag anyway and that one looks interesting. And for $10, no regrets. I think you may have pointed me in the right direction. I've been looking into it and about $45K is what it would take to get started. Anybody have any contacts with vendors that would be interested in carrying them if I took the plunge?
  8. Potus2000

    My First Saiga Conversion

    Finally got to get it out and shoot it this weekend. I liked the way the Mako feels. Right on Mr. BlahX3!
  9. Potus2000

    newbie trigger question

    Thanks Jetmatch. I'm using the JT spring. Do you recommend going back to the original spring?
  10. Help! I finally got a chance to get my 7.62 conversion out to the range and found that when I pull the trigger the first round will fire but not a second. to remedy this I need to move the trigger forward and then the next round will fire. I'm sure I mst have missed something but everything seemed to dry fire OK. Hoping somebody can help me get this. The trigger is a Tapco G2 that was modified by Tromex. For the record, I'm sure the issue is my install and not Tapco or Tromex so please hold off on the hate mail LOL. Thanks for your help and ideas everyone.
  11. Thanks for the input. I get reliable and the need for a removable floor plate. As molds are my background and not dies I'll probably stick with plastic. What do you guys think about going with a glass reinforcement? It would still be light but pretty durable. I'll look deeper into the circle ten as some of you really seem to like it. Anybody have any feelings one way or the other on emulating a Magpul with the little finger hold on the bottom? That Teflon sure looks slick!
  12. Hey Forum members, What functions would you like to see in the ultimate AK magazine? Are there things you see in AR magazines that you wish we could have in an AK? I'm a long time mold maker and would like to design and produce the very best AK magazine available. Thank's in advance your your input. Hopefully this will lead to a production run in the vendor area some day.
  13. Potus2000

    My First Saiga Conversion

    with two votes in it looks like old school classic looks are winning . I'm on the fence I appreciate the input.
  14. Potus2000

    My First Saiga Conversion

    Thanks VaiFanatic. I haven't checked Gunbroker in awhile. Do you think the Palm is that much better?
  15. Thanks for the pics. This is a really clean look!