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  1. By stock i mean non converted just tapco stock an forarm.
  2. How many parts do you need to be 922 on a stock saiga 12 ?
  3. Dont know the grade but does not seem to be harded file cut through easy on mine.
  4. Saiga is up an running ran 50 rounds today with 1 fte 00 buck the trigger stuck one time had to push it forward an it fired runs best on the md 20 .
  5. Thanks for the help.the trigger is hanging up on the tip of the latch. just a little oil helped out some will do what you said thanks a lot for your time.
  6. I do have the 12 mag but it did work with this mag before. It's doing the same thing with the factory 5 round. It is chambering the round 99% of the time. I will take a look at the spring. The biggest problem I have other then the trigger problem was my FTE. I have a 3 port gun and the ports were 5 64ths. I went to a tight 3 32. Don't understand why this would cause my high brass not to eject now. Thanks again!
  7. Sorry about being so vague on my previous post. I was very aggrivated after working on this gun for 2 days. I had just gotten back from the range and had to get to bed. What it's doing is, when it chambers a round it does not reset the trigger each time only every other shot or so. If I cycle it manually it will reset every time. When I try and shoot high brass on setting 1 is when this accures. It didn't do this until I drilled the ports to 3 32's. I have tried lightly polishing the bolt and rails. This did not help at all. Gun has approx. 300 rounds through it. Don't understand why it will
  8. Well after trying everything else to fire low brass on 2 i drilled my ports to 3 32 .Now it is running the low brass some what. But it is not chambering a round after the first round the next round is not resetting the trigger each time with hi or low brass. what did i do wrong?
  9. What do you think about the tapco stock on my gun flexing an making my fte on low brass i have not tried my stock stock?
  10. I have the tapco stock on mine fte on 2 with low brass are you talking setting 1 or 2?
  11. MD 20 fit right in with no fileing got lucky.
  12. Thanks guys for the help. Do you think i should make the three ports bigger or ad one more?
  13. Hi guys great site. Having trouble with my new gun. FTE on #2 setting with low brass. Gun runs fine with high brass on setting #1. Have vin of 0942XXX. After reading several post I see this may be a common problem. My gun has the 3 holes. I ran a tip wire cleaner through the ports and a paperclip. Do I need to do any other mods to get gun to cycle low brass or after break in do you think it will be ok? I see some of these guns after 4 ports. Does it take 4 ports to cycle low brass? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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