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  1. Use a small gauge wire or small allen wrench to get the catch and spring lined up. There is so much slop in the holes that way you can almost do it without compressing the spring at all. Then just use the replacement pin to push the small gauge wire out through the holes. Its pretty easy that way. A little late but maybe it will help the next guy ).
  2. So how about those hot rodded Draco's?
  3. Are there hi cap mags yet? If not, why would you want to?
  4. Thats awesome your doing so well Pauly. You cant bitch about having to many paying jobs to do ). Keep it up man.
  5. Every zombie movie Ive ever seen the zombies are attracted by noise. Give me something with a silencer. Maybe even one of those AR 45 conversions. Something that is already subsonic.
  6. Bullpup? I hope you dont have a mustache, or one that you want to keep anyway ).
  7. Its doable. Mine still works great ). So much nicer than the stock unit.
  8. If it will work with my double stack mags I will buy one in a second. I would sell my drums.
  9. Cameron's rail barely inserts into that void at the front of the receiver. Does that latch mechanism totally fill that area?
  10. Sweet. Ive been meaning to Email you on when/if these were going to be available.
  11. Yeah, the bolt not moving at all means your getting no gas? I dont think I can believe that. Even with the screw, spring and vavle removed from my plug the bolt still moves a bit. Ive said it before, the Auto Plug is the best upgrade Ive added to my gun but it WILL NOT work in an under gassed or an "on the edge" of being under gassed gun. If anything, with the Auto Plug I would start with a slightly over gassed gun and then back off the gas with the Auto Plug.
  12. Try removing the spring, trigger and hammer. Manually cycle the bolt/carrier. If its the receiver you should be able to easily feel where its hanging up. I had a Draco that the rails werent exactly straight and i had to clean them up with a file. If it cycles smooth by hand then start putting parts back in until you find which one is hanging it up.
  13. If this isnt a torture test then I dont know of one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESos3gQUfyI&feature=player_embedded You think its done for but it was only on a smoke break. They pour some water on it and go again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmbIKpkQtqg&feature=player_embedded
  14. Also, when pulling back on the bolt handle you are pulling the carrier to that side.
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