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  1. They are usually quite reachable by telephone during their regular hours and seem to handle things well. You just require the ability to speak on the telephone coherently and clearly. Yes, but if you don't like to talk to ppl, like me. They really are not the best option.
  2. They don't have an email. They suck at Customer service because of this. Maybe if you don't buy a gun from them.
  3. I think they also make a Draco .22lR. When I bought mine it came with a manual that said all 3 calibers on it? I could be wrong, but I have also never looked for one.
  4. I'd like a couple if you ever get more
  5. I just got some and they had a lil rust but were well oiled and the rust just wiped clean
  6. I would talk to R and R and see what they can do for you.
  7. So, this is just like the Yugo AK 47 LRBHO Mags they hold it open but when you pull out the mag the bolt releases
  8. wow.. Just reading that gives me a headache! Thx for the update Doug
  9. wow I wish I had money! Congrats on the twins! When you get the R&R lets here a review of it! I have been interested in getting one too. And would like somebody's review on them.
  10. I had went to there site early and seen nothing talking about also. So, I didn't get to excited about it. But I did get my wify to OK a Saiga earlier then we planned!
  11. Id like to get one or two if a group goes in
  12. Thank you so much on your replies! I am very interested in your platform, will you guys be close to Nashville TN anytime, so I can get some up close looks?
  13. Thank you for the response! You said the LRBHO is not necessary, why? I see your vids and it looks like you always have one in the chamber. Oh and can I mod the mags myself or do I need some special tools to do that?
  14. Hey guys, I have don't have a S-12 right now but I really want to get one, that I will love!. I've looked at the stock Saiga... boring. The one I want has to be custom! I see your (R and R) S-12 platforms and I fell in love! But I have huge questions about them. I have done some research and read Saiga fourm often, so I know a little. The reason I have so many questions is b/c the asking price is $3,500! lol So, let me start. 1. The mags, do they have to be modified to fit your magwell, and does it accept drums? 2. The mag release, it looks like a thin lever, do you guys make a more fla
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