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  1. I also bought another Saiga 12 at the match from another shooter just in case they get banned. I hope they don't and I wrote a letter to the ATF for public comment. Pat . I shot my R and R targets for the first time at a match this past saturday at the DoubleTap ranch in north texas. I placed 2nd in both shotgun stages out of 29. the only one who beat me was using my new Tromix S06. He only beat me by a little over a second per stage because i let him use my 20 rnd drum. I had to reload each stage. That does it, im dumping the 150 bucks for one of the 20 round mags RandR makes!
  2. What do I think? Booster puck V-plug... This made both my guns run from the hip with even the crappy winchester value packs. Even with the V plug on setting 4. I have a v plug and booster waiting for my Tromix S06 which should show up Tuesday. Definitely the way to go.
  3. Now don't do like me and misplace your magazines for it. I got mine Thursday and have torn apart my house looking for where I left the magazines at and have yet to find them. So make sure you know where they are located at before it arrives. Also if you take it apart to look it over when you put back on the top cover pull the charging handle back while holding down the cover to make the button pop out of the hole. I scratch up mine to the point I said screw this I am calling to see how they got it to pop out of the hole cause prying at it with a screwdriver was not working.. Now only if I had been smart enough to hold the cover down when yanking on the charging handle I would not have needed to call. Instead the cover keep popping off and all I could think was thats what you get for taking it apart you better break down and call before you scratch deep enough to where the metal shows. That wont be a problem. Since i placed my order back in Jan for the Tromix, i bought a couple others. Have a stock K-var which i will eventually convert, although i kind of like it the way it is. Also bought an RandR targets tactical gun. I have drums and mags laying all over the place!
  4. Tony just sent me my UPS tracking number for my S06. been waiting since Jan 3. Hope its worth the wait. I'm sure it is.
  5. Any of em better than this.. ? I doubt it. I only have the 1 currently, but she's a beaut!! I'd really like a couple more for future, (as yet undetermined), projects, as I said. fin I also have 3. Bought em a few months ago when this ATF thing first came out. I could have bought a lot more but didnt. i only want/need 3. I would consider 2 of mine better......I have an RandR targets gun and should receive my Tromix early next week. Tony is finishing it up this week. Its an S06 with bbl cut down to 18". Didnt want a perm attached flash hider, wanted the flexibility to add a choke for 3 gun. My other is an un converted K-var 19". I planned on converting it but the more i shoot it, I really like how it is now. I may send it off to Tromix later to have them work their SBS magic on it......still deciding I could have bought 4 others from kvar, and had 5 in my cart. I paid 519 for mine berfore all this silliness. then i remembered back before the elections how all the douches were buying up everything, even if not needed. I decided i would only get what i need and just bought the one.
  6. I love my booster pucks. have one in my stock K-var and my RandR targets gun, along with v-plugs. neither gun cycled the bulk pack while shooting from the hip, now they have no problems. i can even shoot the low brass on setting 3 from the shoulder with only a couple FTEs...perfect on setting 4. I even have one on order and another vplug (in the mail now) for my Tromix S06 which is being completed this week. should have it next week.
  7. Id say just add a booster piston and Vplug and be done with it!
  8. yes, especially since i installed a Vplug and MDarms booster piston. shoots the bulk pack on setting 4 from the hip 100% I know the mag chock full of #1 buck will go boom on setting 3
  9. Just order the new MDarms booster puck and be done with it. Thats all you will need.....and maybe a V-plug for good measure
  10. I recently received my new RandR targets tactical gun. it would not cycle the low brass walmart stuff reliably. I would have 1-3 FTEs per 10/12 round mag with the stock plug. Its a 4 holer and nothing is covered up. I then ordered a v-plug and a KA puck. Tried the gun with just the v-plug and same thing, even on setting 5. Popped in the KA puck and viola! Flawless since. I have tried to shoot from the hip, and no go even with the KA puck. I stumbled on this thread and just ordered 2 boosters. One for my RandR gun and one for my stock Kvar/Arsenal. Will order another booster and v-plug when my Tromix gets here (I was on the Jan build list) gun should be being built as i type this The KA did definitely help my FTE issues but will see if the booster puck will allow me to shoot from the hip. Never had issues with my stock kvar, it wont shoot from the hip reliably either.....but i figured why would I really care if it shoots 100% from the hip.
  11. They make a clip for the Saiga?????
  12. I've shot about 30 or so of them thru a stock arsenal S-12 and a sweeter than hell RandR targets tactical gun. Neither gun would run them on setting 1 with the stock plug, no problems on setting 2. I have the MD arms V-plug in both guns now and they only run on setting 5 (most gas). So they are a little weak in my opinion but cycle fine on the correct gas setting. They also dont kick nearly as bad as buck shot loads. For the price....cant beat em.
  13. My new RandR targets tactical gun would not cycle the federal bulk packs reliably. I dropped in a v-plug....a little better but still a couple FTEs per mag. Dropped in a KA puck and what do you know. Not a single FTE in the last 200 or so rounds!!!!! The KA puck helped me out with slightly undergassed gun. YMMV
  14. Well took out the RandR targets gun again yesterday with the new parts. I put in the V-plug and emptied a couple mags of remington heavy dove 7 1/2 shot. I had an FTE with each mag. I put in the KA puck and shot a hundred rounds of various low brass cheapo specials. Not a single problem. I think the KA puck definitely helped my reliability issue. Didnt need the reduced power recoil spring
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