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  1. Depends... I've used two Bushnell Trophy TRS-25. The first one failed after a few shots. The second one holds zero till today.
  2. I plan to install single point sling attachment plates on both of my Saiga-12 and SGL-21. They offer three versions V1, V2, V3, here is a review from Milspect Monkeys (not merchant link): http://milspecmonkey.com/weapons-page/accessories/378-echo93-ak-sling-plates My question is, what is the guideline for positioning the single point sling attachment point (which will double as the rear attachment point for a 2-point sling configuration using MS3 sling)? Should it be positioned as close to the center of gravity as possible (V3 plate), since Saiga-12 is a heavy gun? Or is it preferable to p
  3. My Saiga-12 and SGL21 are both wearing the Warsaw length polymer stocks. I'm wondering whether I can reduce the length of pull further (for body armor or different shooting position etc) with a collapsible stock set up (Vltor/CAA + CTR/EMOD). I wonder if anyone could compare these options and tell: What is the range of LOP I can get from collapsible stocks (as compared to the LOP of the Warsaw stock)?
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    I had my Magpul RVG snapped from SGM Tri-rail during sighting in on a benchrest (I should've known better). Luckily, the rail seems completely undamaged. Got my money back thru American Express accidental damage protection.
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    noob q's

    The instruction of the MD Arms V-plug specifically state that "test fire from the hip" and adjust gas setting accordingly. I think although this will probably overgas the system when shooting from the shoulder, it ensures proper functioning of the gun under the most adverse condition/instinctive shooting from hip (during combat)
  6. meaning.... since the S12 extractor is spring-loaded and tapered at the front, it is designed to climb over and override the rim, so dropping one in the chamber and release the slide won't hurt a thing. Am I correct?
  7. I have to point the muzzle down to load the shell from the mag slot or I'd risk dropping it. Not very efficient in combat I suppose. That's why I always wanted to buy a Mossberg 590 just to play with the "combat reload" imitating the fancy moves in Magpul Shotgun Dynamic
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    Anyone tried the AFG on a SGM tri/quad rail? The SGM has really short rail portion.
  9. Per range rule, I can only load one shoot one (use no magazine) when shooting single trap. My practice is to simply drop a shell into the breach end of the Saiga-12 barrel and release the bolt and then fire. Last time I shot my friend's M&P 9, he advised me not to directly load a round into the pipe without using a magazine. He told me this will hurt the extractor. Now I'm worried about my Saiga-12. Will it hurt the extractor to load a shell directly from the breach end without a magazine?
  10. I wish SGM has more rail length on the bottom. I try to use a vertical grip with Magpul thumb break technique, then it is hard to be used with a flashlight mounted on 9 o'clock. I ended up mounting the light on 3 o'clock, need to come out of the thumb break method to activate it.
  11. I just removed the LRBHO lever an hour ago. It gave me nothing but headache. Not the gun functions like a standard Saiga-12.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions about different ammo. I used Brown Bear HP mainly, sometimes Golden Bear. Brown Bear is the cheapest (~$ .20/round no shipping fee) so I stock deep, and some reports show that they shoot well. Will try Golden Tiger.
  13. Brown Bear Hollow Point. I've shot 988 rounds in total with this rifle, including this trip. I've seen this cool barrel inaccuracy in several of my previous range trips also. I don't think human error has a big effect here. If my scientific knowledge serves, the square of the total standard deviation is the sum of the square of the standard deviations of several independent contributing factors. If the measured "MOA" can be loosely analogized to the standard deviation, even if my human error is 1~2 inches in 100 yards, it should only affect the average result by 0.5MOA, given a tot
  14. I benched my SGL21 (based on Saiga 7.62x39) from 100 yards, with Tapco G2 FCG dropped in and POSP 4x24 scope. 17 five-round groups are shot, the average "extreme distance" from center of bullet holes is 4.4 inches. The standard deviation among 17 groups is 1.3 inches. Also a 10-round group and a 20-round group are shot. The smallest group is 1.3MOA, largest 6.0MOA. Below are the detailed info of each group shot (in inches at 100 yards). Changed targets after every 4 or 5 groups, the barrel has time to cool down a little during this period. 5-rd: 4.4 5.7 5.2 3.8 2.8 5-rd: 4.1 3.3 1.8 4
  15. Damn, I posted in the wrong sub-forum! Sorry guys.. You can delete this post if necessary...
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