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  1. Brandino

    Legion USA Saiga 12s?

    <br /><br /><br /> It appears you and I are in the same exact boat... I have a new Saiga 12 with the same markings, from the same importer with the same problems. Have you gotten any information about fixing the ports and their refund policy?
  2. Brandino

    Need a lil help with my new Saiga

    <br /><br /><br /> Should I looking into sending it off for warranty work 1st, or get someone to jump right in with the polish job?
  3. Brandino

    Need a lil help with my new Saiga

    The stamp on the receiver is Legion Usa Inc. Hallandale, FL... I haven't had much luck finding a lot of info on them.
  4. Brandino

    Need a lil help with my new Saiga

    <br /><br /><br /> Thank you everyone for trying to help me out!!! Good news is with the picture above from spaniel I was able to figure out where the placement of the holes should be. And I'm embarrassed to say I found (what I would consider) 2 1/2 holes. I am learning more about this firearm, so I may be mistaken, but I believe that one of the holes is almost completely blocked. I also noticed that the other 2 gas holes are incredibly small, is this normal? I shot the gun again yesterday after finding the holes and trying to free them of any trash with the paperclip. Again, I had nothing but FTE. This time I shot only the buckshot. I plan on taking it down again today and scrubbing the hell out of it with the brush to see if that cleans out anything else in the hole that I wasn't able to free up with the paperclip... should I just brush the area with the dry brush or use something such as Hoppe's 9? Thank you guys so much for your help, sorry about my rookie questions and errors
  5. Brandino

    Need a lil help with my new Saiga

    Thank you for your reply... Sorry about the poor picture, that's the best I got
  6. Brandino

    Need a lil help with my new Saiga

    Hello board, I have been reading this board a lot lately upon purchase of my new Saiga 12, but I have ran into problems. I am reluctant to ask my questions because they are very similar to those before... I am getting nothing but FTE's with my new shotgun. I 1st bought Winchester super target, when it FTE'd i figured it was similar to the "bulk pack" so I read on the Red Jacket website to see that Saiga cycles Winchester super handicap like a champ. The super handicap FTE'd, so then I ran some Remington buckshot (4 bk) with the same result. Today I tried to see if the ports were blocked and I couldn't find them. On the middle of the gas block there is something that almost looks like a rivet and that's it. I felt around with a paperclip to no avail and was wondering if I have one of those "vodka specials" that I've read about. So I turn to this board for it's mercy (because I'm sure something like this has been brought up numerous times and that I may have over looked it with the search) and for guidance.