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  1. I've been off the Saiga 12 circuit for a while, so I am totally oblivious to anything that's happened in the last couple years. I see that CSSpecs has released a steel mag for the S-12. I further saw that these can be made to fit / special ordered for the "MOLOT Saiga 12 magwell". I found one of those magwells for like eighty bucks or so. I kinda hate rock and lock with the S-12 mags, so this is mildly interesting to me. Questions: 1. Can this magwell be installed in my IZ-109? I get that some gunsmithing would be involved. 2. Does this magwell let my gun take VEPR-12 mags and drums? 3. How hard is it to modify my existing AGP mags for the magwell? Just dremel off the front lug? Sorry for being behind the times!
  2. erwos

    Best short muzzle brake?

    It can be a FH, too. But I think I've got some good options now. Thanks!
  3. erwos

    Best short muzzle brake?

    OK, let me rephrase this question one last time, since some of you seem to be misunderstanding my priority here: what is the shortest flash hider or muzzle brake for the Saiga 12? I don't care how it looks. I don't care how well it functions, so long as it does SOMETHING (which I will assume they all do, so no empirical evidence/comparisons required). Cutting to 8" is not an option. I don't want an 8" gun.
  4. erwos

    Best short muzzle brake?

    OK, so let's go straight to "what's the shortest brake or flash hider that seems to work in some fashion?"
  5. erwos

    Best short muzzle brake?

    So, I should be getting my stamp back for a 13" S12 SBS real soon now (check cashed: May 1). Right now, I have a CSS Russian-style birdcage FH/brake on there, and while it works alright, it's also pretty long. If I'm taking the time to do a chop to 13", I'd like something much shorter that also works acceptably. I'd like to be a muzzle brake, but a really good FH works, too. Any suggestions? (I chose 13" because I run Krebs sights and wanted to avoid moving the gas system. That's about as short as I can go with those constraints.)
  6. erwos


    I recently bought the MI scope mount, and i'm super impressed with it. Very stable, very low, centered, and easy to adjust the QD mechanism for fit.
  7. erwos

    Project M10.... Russian folder retrofit

    That's quite nice. I've never liked the look of the folding solid buttstocks, personally. I noticed you replaced the front-end, too. That's not the Tapco flash hider on yours, though; it's something M+M designed. Only the Gen1 M10s had the Razr flash hider. I recently bought an M10 (5.45x39) myself. I'm planning on putting a Beryl folding stock on it, along with a MI SS-AK rail with FastFire top cover. Undecided about whether I'm going to go with tech sights or SBR it yet. Not SBR'ing it would be something of a shame... it's almost perfect for that.
  8. erwos

    Kushnapup V update!

    Am I the only one who finds it rather crass to tell someone to stress test their gun until they break it? Go buy a Kushnapup stock and do it yourself. The stock ain't that expensive. Trying to save money by causing someone else to lose money... doesn't sit well with me.
  9. erwos

    Kushnapup V update!

    And some people are going to say they suck forever just because of the earlier problems with the company, which is kinda obnoxious. I think the stock looks quite nice, albeit I'd rather have one with a smaller handguard and no VFG-like thing up front (AUG/Tavor/FAMAS-style). People are complaining about the material, but if they made this thing super solid, the weight would be a real SOB. I do, however, see the problem with the standard sights. DK's video seems to have them using it with an Ultimak, and it looks like it does well with an AR co-witness-height reflex sight (Eotech). A couple unanswered questions: 1. How's the trigger linkage? Is the pull acceptable? 2. How much better / worse is disassembly?
  10. Disagree. I've got a gun with the same port config that runs pretty well. He should consider a CSS puc/piston for the boost, and maybe try running some slugs through. Might also want to double-check the lubrication.
  11. erwos

    Chaos Titan Question's

    If you want to make it a decent-looking tri-rail, you're going to need the "slats" that are included with the real tri-rail... they run about $50, IIRC. As for whether you could make it into a plain extended quad rail, no idea. I doubt it, unless you made it a one way trip.
  12. erwos

    Mako recoil reducing stock and tube, yay or nay?

    Review here: http://forum.saiga-1...tube-and-stock/ Long story made short: both of them are excellent. I've continued to use those products on my S12, and they've held up quite nicely. If I were running any Saiga conversion and didn't want a folding stock setup, I'd use that tube. I have no reservations about it, and it's priced pretty decently for what it does.
  13. Oh, he'll definitely sell them to me... I just felt like I should see if anyone here wanted to trade before I spent the fifty bucks.
  14. erwos

    Permanently attached brake; Loctite OK?

    You can't. You need to weld it. JB Weld won't cut it, either.