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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to find a more comfortable stock for my x39 (it's an SGL21) I'd like to keep a traditional look to the gun though. The Warsaw stock just isn't very comfortable on the shoulder.
  2. I love mine, shoots dead on, never had a jam (other than one time when i managed to get a .22 spent casing inside the dust cover) and it's fun.. and who doesn't like to say that it's a real Russian Saiga top quality cosmetically too.
  3. Lol... I had the AK laying on the bench to my right (which is the direction the casings were flying) and I guess one got (un)lucky?
  4. So I was at the range yesterday with my SGL21 shooting a bit, and I decided to show my little 10/22 some love and set my Saiga down to my right side on the bench. I shoot a few mags with my .22 and then decide it's time to go back to my one true love . I fire 2 shots and all of a sudden it jams... for the first time ever... At first I had no clue it jammed, I thought the safety broke because I could not pull the trigger at all (felt like it does when safety is engaged) and the safety would not go all the way to the Safe position. At this point I was getting a little worried so I field strip and investigate, it seems a bit dirty but nothing serious enough to cause a jam. I look down and see that the hammer is pinned down and stuck, working further towards the butt of the gun I look at the safety and see that there is a spent .22 casing sitting there wedged in the safety bar blocking it from moving and therefore act as if it was on safe. Sorry that I don't have pics, I was just so amazed and a bit scared that I didn't think to take any. TL;DR: AK still fired 2 rounds even with a .22 LR casing inside the dust cover.
  5. Yay, I've been saying it right.
  6. So I just ordered my first Saiga on Atlantic Firearms Wednesday. I'm going nuts waiting for it to ship I'm so excited, it's the Arsenal SGL21-61 (will post pics as soon as it arrives, which I HOPE is really soon!) Any tips I should know? EDIT: It's here, here's a few pics (sorry about the quality it was taken from my phone).
  7. At the gun show here in Tallahassee last weekend there was a guy trying to sell 2 .223 AK-type rifles for $1500 each.
  8. Sorry for the -1 Battosaii. It was purely accidental. I think buying an extra extractor is a great idea. The Saiga bolt may not be compatible with this extractor. Would ask K-Var before purchasing. "including all Saiga 7.62 and Arsenal's SGL20 and SGL21 series rifles." Directly from the description on the website, (linked in quote).
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