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  1. The ones I saw actually did not have a rail, these were the only web shots I could find showing the button. They have nicely finished furniture and were just lowered to 799.00 they are here in salt lake city at a newer place called "lan world". They have a website, and usually decent prices. We bought some pistol m92s from them a few months back at 675, wish I had bought one to keep now I know more about them.
  2. I was visiting a local gun shop and noticed they had these Nice looking Zastava m70 rifles for sale they have been emailing me with falling prices since the panic wore off. But as I was looking I noticed a strange button on the rear of the reciever, that almost looked like a folding mechanism lock. It is the third nipple or looks like a rivet on the back of the reciever, and pushes left to right. You can see the top cover is notched where the button sits. Forgive me if I am ignorant but of all the ak's I've seen including my Zastava PAP pistol, I have never seen this button and I am very curios what it is for. The only picture I could find is the reverse side.
  3. Damn Brits, One of our first battles came after they took our guns we fought to take them back as they fought to control them, again damn Brits trying to take our guns for over 2 centuries
  4. I was just thinking of how tragic this incident is and how it happens in every other country, even in china a man did this witha sword and knife. My heart breaks for the children and the lost generation of newtown. The parents with empty beds and pajamas christmas morning. However I think of the millions of US soldiers, from the revolutionary war today that have given their lives to secure this basic freedom and I weep inside for the nation that has forgotten God, and history to betray the sacrifice of all those before us for our very basic right to self presevation and of securing all other rights. Everyone of these shootings happened at GUN FREE AREAS. There is no coincidence the Arora shooter had 3 theaters within 20 minutes of his house and he passed the larger one because this theater was posted asA GUN FREE ZONE. The Newtown COWARD killed himself when he heard sirens the idea of facing a nother man with a gun literally scared him to death. I think That they will reinstate the Clinton ban on all scary looking rifles with long magazines and scary black ones. Its ok they are not racist but the black ones are scarier looking. They will try to stop person to person selling of a firearm and then put a giant "WELCOME" sign on all malls and schools in the form of a "NO GUNS ALLOWED" sign that has worked so very well in the past. Then when this doesnt help since it never has. They will further sacrifice our rights to the criminals they will try and further the law to all Semi-auto guns because that is what all Hollyweird movies call full automatic pretend guns they use in the movies. Continuing to rachet down the more then 13000 gun laws that do not work and leaving us prey to the criminals and those Zombies who prey on the weak and scoff at the good people and wipe their asses with the paper these laws are printed on. Imagine the Heroism that these teachers committed the Principle rushed an armed man and screming doing all she could to stop the gun toting COWARD to be slaughtered in a hail of gun fire pleading that she leave the children alone, imagine the horror and helplessness of that scene as she knew she would die but more that many others would die.... Can you see it ? Now imagine she had a SHOTGUN .... SHE MAY HAVE STILL BEEN INJURED ... but she would have saved those kids and others. Yes my friends there will be a new set of bans and another 1000 impotent laws to ever more impotent government. Who no longer represent us our values or our safety , Just mandating how we are born how will live what we believe and how we die while they cowar behind armed men who actually carry machine guns, they strive for power and cripple the common mans ability to seek peace happiness and the american dream. Our precious republic will die as the Hoards of Facebook zombies apathetic to a dying nation and more concerned with how Kim Kardasion farts smell and Justin Beibers new haircut looks. Then to the Nation that gave them birth and suckled them with her titties and was paid for by the blood of their fathers, rots from the inside out. It may seem melodramtic but the FREE republic is being trickled intravenioussly the apathetic poison that will kill her and the world turns on. The tragedy was great and the lives taken unreplacable... the masses strike out in rage, but the killer is already dead and instead they blame the BILL OF RIGHTS, video games, movies and inanimate objects for the mental illness of an apathetic nation that let thses children down, by failing to protect them and allowing an imoral society to corrupt and train their killer.
  5. Gary I know it has been a long road for you, But She does look great, Great job with the pics as well.
  6. I think they are worth it of you can't have air. I also have used the hell out my cheap Harbor Freight one. From time to time would do a little mobile mechanic stuff from the trunk of my car while I was in College it never let me down but after a few years it seemed to loose a little umph. but I think I paid like 35 bucks and still have it and using it now if I need something in a pinch. The better brands i am sure are much much nicer and cordless would be awesome just didn't have the the extra cash at the time to spend the extra on a Milwaukee or Dewalt, and of course if Air is a better option it is much more reliable and nicer but you need a lot of other equipment and space.
  7. I have two FALs and hope to build another this year. By far the ones DSA make are the best, and Imbels are great too. one of mine is an Imbel the other a Springfeild which might as well be an Imbel since I believe they were made in the same place. My next I will build on a DSA type 1 receiver with no handle cut. I have a friend is happy to buy cheap stuff. he picked up several FALs when they were under 400 bucks one one Imbel one Century. the Century he had was so far out of specs that the only way t it was fixable was replacing the receiver. the headspacing was way off and actually blew out the mag. He was lucky and that was the only damage to him or the rest of his gun. Overall Century's are kinda hit and miss. I love these guns too very well designed powerful and now with DSA's improvements fully modernized. I just wish .308 would get cheaper again.
  8. I actually have been a member since 2008 or 2009 but for some reason I could not get into my old account a while ago and started a new one.
  9. I am more or less looking for generic info . I found some interesting information on the law but more or less trying to find out a close dollar and victim count . I have been waiting in excess of 3 years. but I am done waiting . I was asking for pm because I am not going to trash talk or anything that could be construed as threats. But will discuss options in private. Plus I want no more excuses I am a tenacious son of a bitch I won't give up till I have a fair solution. I myself will not call this a loss and write it off. This is just wrong. I wish I wasn't here but I am. FREEDOM!!!!!
  10. I am just wondering who is all still waiting on orders. I am still waiting would like find out who all is still waiting. Please PM me with info on your order and time spent waiting. No really personal info needed just basics.
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