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  1. Mick: Welcome. If you need any help with your Saiga let me know. Tac 47 Industries can turn your stock gun into the "hand of god"
  2. Archangel: Thanks, I could not agree more. Cliff and I have been friends for many years its hard to say no to him.
  3. T You forgot the church. Thanks I will keep that in mind. We will be at the gun show this weekend stop by and say hello. Welcome aboard. I suggest that you hold the Tac47 events at either Treasures, The Mens Club,The Colorado, Babes, or Heatbreakers. 8" SBS, I'll be happy to show pictures before and after. Look forward to seeing the pics thank you for your business...
  4. Don't worry....that will wear off in due time. Tony Aint that the Truth.. Cliff Evans Tony Made the business. Good Luck John...
  5. Tony: I was in the exotic car business for 5 years and I still enjoy talking about cars. I hope my passion for guns is the same. How long have you been involved in the business?
  6. Yarp: Thanks it fun to go to work and talk about guns all day long...
  7. AllJacks: Thank you for allowing Tac-47 the opportunity to gain your business. Please do me a favor and post up some pictures of the finished product. We love to see the smile on our clients faces when they receive our products. What are you having done to your s-12?
  8. Good morning members. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Jon Self. Most of my friends call me Lil Jon. I am new to the Saiga-12 forums and I am also the newest member of Tac-47 Industries. I look forward to becoming an active member of this community and getting involved in as well as hosting events for the Houston / Texas area members... Have a great week. Jonathan Self Tac-47 Industries Sales / Online Marketing www.Tac47Industries.comCustom Saiga's and Saiga Parts. TAC 47 New Tactical Auto Regulation Gas Ejection Throttle
  9. Doing some research on S12's.

    1. YOT


      Plenty of info here.

    2. SaigaNoobie


      Wrong forum bro...

  10. Just signed up today. Going to check out the site. Lets move some hardware...

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